Ask Yoast: redirect affiliate links

Hey! Elias Nilson emailed us, saying that he read our article
about cloaking affiliate-links and he is wondering
if the solution is still up-to-date. “Is it still a good idea
to redirect via the script?” Honestly, yes. Link cloaking which sounds negative,
because we use the word cloaking, is basically hiding from Google
that you’re an affiliate. And if you’re an affiliate,
that’s still the thing that you want to do, because usually
Google ranks original content that is not by affiliates better
than it does affiliates. So, yes,
I’d still recommend that method, the link will be below this post, so you can see the original post
that we are referencing. It’s a very simple method
to cloak your affiliate links and I think it works in probably the best way
that I know of to do this thing. So, keep going.
Good luck.


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