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Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I’m going
to show you a cool plugin called associate Goliath now this is an Amazon affiliate plugin
that you can use to monetize your blog your website your posts everything it is a cool
plugin that works really well it looks great it puts videos in there it gives Amazon links
all the information and it gets people to click on these products and then gives you
an affiliate income so you can pick up this plug-in in the description below I highly
recommend it it’s worth it try it out use it keep it and love it once you have it installed
there are some quick options that you need to configure number one would be to enter
in your Amazon affiliate key and secret key and then also your affiliate tag ID so whatever
your user ID – and then there’s usually at like a number 20 or some number after that
enter that in and you can do that for any locations of Amazon and then you can also
configure a YouTube video posting key which is excellent because then it will help you
retrieve all of those videos that are associated with the Amazon products directly from YouTube
and keep people on your site longer watching videos help you boost rank and make it more
likely that they will buy the product in addition to that you can add your spin rewriter key
if you have spin rewriter if you need that you can grab it in the description below that
will enable all of your posts to be spun so that if there are any products that are similar
or the same it can create duplicate posts and spin the content so that it looks different
every time in addition you can also incorporate a back linking service through OnlyWire it’s
pretty subpar however when it comes to linking and back linking it does work because it will
just go through the OnlyWire platform and not configure with your website so in this
case it will work you can check out my review a little card might pop up and you can see
that to see that it doesn’t work for social sharing within your website however you you
use it through the only wires platform and enter in your keys in the associate goliath
plugin then associate goliath will ping only wire only wire will ping it out to social
media sites and then it will create a backlink to your post each post that you create which
will help you drive more traffic to this affiliate website you are building so I highly recommend
doing that as well if you need to configure an only wire account you can check that out
in the description below as well so once you have all of that set up you will get to this
options admin page so you can get products by keywords or ASIN numbers let’s do key words
we’re gonna choose a popular one let’s do MacBook Pro enter and we will do MacBook Air
so that will do two products and we can either schedule a certain amount per week 137 15
30 or a hundred every week that’d be a lot what I’m going to do is publish it immediately
so that you can see what they look like now you could also save them as a draft and then
go through and publish them later manually I recommend the scheduling option and I would
do something along lines of three posts per week so that every week you will automatically
have three posts dripping into your blog building sending out to the social media back linking
and also being spun with spin rewriter so it looks like to Google into all these places
that you are creating content manually every single time three times a week so that is
what I would recommend eventually you could bump it up to seven per week which would be
one every day but don’t do that right away because it’ll just be too much I’m gonna publish
them all immediately just so you can see what they look like and then we will do up to ten
posts total let’s do five so you can see five posts you can put them in any category you
want I’m going to add a new category and call it Apple Mac computers all right and we’ll
add that category then you can see the which market place you want to put them in so if
you want to do them from or if you are in a different location you may do
any of these other locations to retrieve your products I’m gonna leave it as
and if you want specific Amazon categories you can do that for ours the electronics category
might be a good one however since there might be some computers in like the computers category
or even some in like the cell phone category if someone got a little confused I’m gonna
leave it as any category and then you can set your price range like for example a MacBook
Pro on a MacBook Air generally they’re gonna cost more than $100 so I’m gonna put these
prices to be from $200 and if I leave this blank it should be minimum 200 and we’re gonna
put it as 3,000 so that way we know we’re gonna get a decent price range we’re not going
to get any of the junk for parts $50 laptops or anything like that we’re going to get some
good laptops and then hit the generate posts button it says we are posting to two categories
so it gave us a warning we want unchecked on categorize and we’ll only post in the Apple
Mac computers generate the posts and it says to enable the price filtering please select
an Amazon category so in order to do that we would have to choose computers or electronics
since I don’t want to distinguish that I am going to leave these price things blank and
then hit generate posts all right it said it fetched 50 products and we only created
five because that’s what I selected but every time it searches it’s going to find 50 different
products and then generate based on your keywords so now if we go to our posts all posts we
can take a look at this and you see here are the posts that were created and we can take
a look at this one and see how it displays so here we go recent posts this is all theme
changeable here is what the plug-in produces so we got a nice image good title and here’s
video retrieved from YouTube now if there were more based on this keyword then it would
be populated here so there would be several review videos scroll down and you can see
Amazon price 645 that’s just because it’s a keyboard cover it’s not the laptop so this
may be important to me we’ll try with the computers Amazon category and then you could
regenerate it again in the electronics category to catch them both but you’ll see here are
all the details retrieve you some nice customer reviews and then the comments section within
that is how the plug-in works it is an excellent plugin it throws all this information in a
matter of seconds you can configure that up type in your keywords check your boxes and
in literally less than a minute you could have as many posts as you want all showing
your Amazon affiliate products and it displayed they look nice their keyword and look at these
long titles really SEO incorporated and if you’re spinning the posts and back linking
them out to only wire then you will get a lot of traffic to this blog and hopefully
a lot of affiliate sales so grab this plug-in try it out I highly recommend it along with
any of the other Amazon plugins that I have in the playlist best affiliate products for
Amazon I’d also appreciate it if you put a comment on this video let me know what you
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