Asus PG348Q Alternative – 35″ AOC Agon AG352UCG Curved Ultrawide monitor review

Product Reviews [Crunch Crunch] Monitors: 35″ Curved Ultrawide AOC Agon AG352UCG Summarized Ratings: Date of this review: April 24, 2017 Total customer reviews: 34 Comprised of: 83% good ratings, 8% average ratings, 9% bad ratings. Summarized Reviews: Pros • 35″ Ultrawide / 1440p / 100Hz on AMD or Nvidia graphics cards
• 4ms GTG / 2000:1 static contrast ratio / 100% sRGB / speakers
• Gsync / USB hub / Quick Charge / Shadow control
• Stand swivel, tilt, rotate and height adjustable
• Aesthetically pleasing with bottom LEDs and rear plastic wings Cons: • Minor saturation loss towards screen bottom and sides
• Need to toggle blue light filtering from 20 down to 0 to turn it off
• Minor dark shades get crushed / Black bars on 16:9 content
• The more overdrive – the more overshoot is displayed / no ULMB option
• Ultra game settings at 50fps without gsync enabled increases artefacts Is it right for you? • Perfect ultrawide monitor for gamers, designers and movie watchers
• Is great for multi-tasking and multiple inputs / good build quality
• Competitively priced compared to other monitors
• Has reduced overshoot and motion blur on medium overdrive settings
• A good alternative to the Asus PG348Q and other Ultrawides What are your thoughts on this product? Subscribe here. Check out the other reviews: Take a look at the other reviews.

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