Autism and Routines (she hates it)

– [Asa] Bye, can you give mom a kiss? – [Priscilla] Can I have a kiss? I got a phone call to do this morning, so dad’s gonna take you okay? – [Asa] Give mom a kiss. I’m taking you. (kiss smacks) – I love you. Here you go dad. Everybody always asks, do you drive. He does drive.
– Yes, I am capable. (laughs softly) What’s up guys welcome to the vlog. It’s Monday! Come on sport, you’re looking super cute. After you ma’am. (car engines buzzing) Go ‘head. Good job. (door slams) (door clicks) Did you get ’em? (Abbie yells) Gotta make sure we get
those shoes off, huh? Are you ready for your day? Here we go. (door slams) And we’re here, yay, school! (Abbie hums) Hey I just want you to know that it was five to zero, playing banana. It’s like you weren’t even trying. Just saying. (Abbie vocalizes) It’s me, I win, you lose. Say hi. (Abbie yells) – What’s up lady? Where’s your bag at? – Out front. Bye, love you. I have a question for you. Does your car not do the
nice little beep beep, like the lil’ two beeps
like hey, light’s green, not trying to be rude just saying hey, just getting your attention. Does your car not do that? Mine doesn’t do that. This one, it’s a rude car, I just full on blasted the guy. (makes a funny honking noise) Instead of the beep beep, y’know. (makes a funny honking noise) like hey! And beep beep, it’s like, hey. Mine doesn’t do that. It’s rude. So if you don’t know what banana is, it’s a game you play in
the car with everyone else in the car and when you see a yellow car, you yell out banana. Whoever says it first gets the point. And you can’t do work vehicles, no work vehicles allowed. If you do call out a work vehicle that’s like taxis, service
trucks, things like that, you actually lose a point. Or if you call banana that’s not a banana, you lose a point as well. The winner is the person
with the most bananas at the end of the car ride, a new game starts up the next car ride. If you see a hummer, you win by default. A yellow hummer, banana. Got one! Parenting pro-tip, if your family’s at all even the least bit competitive it’s a great way to get
them out of their phones and looking at the world around them. This is booster club stuff. I have a desk full, I am the secretary and it’s a lot of work,
I’m not even gonna lie. All the memberships have to be entered in, all the money stuff, I mean the treasurer does the money but actually document everything. – Well, hopefully we can maybe
find a membership person. Although it’s gonna be
hard to train someone now. – [Asa] It’s not hard. – I know, I know. So yeah, maybe we can find someone. – It’s not that big of a deal, doing that. – Okay.
– It’s really not. I just, y’know I have to get caught up ’cause I have a stack of memberships, so. – Right. – Okay, we gotta go though, I can’t finish this, we gotta go. – I’ve done all my
booster club stuff today. – I have not. Here’s our girl. Hello little one. – [Priscilla] You look tired. – She was sleeping today. – Yeah, that’s ’cause–
– This morning she was trying–
– she didn’t sleep well. – [Teacher] To go to sleep
during our academic time, but we were able to keep her awake. – [Priscilla] Oh, okay. She’s gotta take her shoes off, I know. – [There you go, there’s
nothing wrong that that. – [Asa] She pulled an
all nighter this weekend. – That’s what it is!
– So she’s probably catching up, yup. – [Priscilla] She slept well
during the week last week so you did well wearing her out. Over the weekend can you
come over and wear her out ’cause we obviously didn’t do a good job. – Hey they wore me out this weekend. I slept a long day Saturday, I stayed wild guys. But she did very well today. – So if you’ve been
watching the last few days, we have a backpack and shoe routine. We made a little bit
of modifications to it I got some stuff coming today from Amazon but it’s not here yet and I haven’t had a
chance to set it up, so. We’re gonna skip it today just to avoid any confusion for tomorrow and the following days, and to avoid those behaviors when they’re not absolutely necessary because it’s all gonna change anyway. Well it’s gonna change a little bit, but enough that it’s
gonna make a difference. We’re just gonna skip that stuff. – The transitions have
always been hard for her. – [Asa] Yeah. – It’s always been one of those things. – [Asa] Progressively harder
the older she’s gotten. ‘Scuse me madam. (beeping) (car honks) Did you memorize the
number, I saw you watching. You can take your shoes off Ab. Hey. (shoes clattering) (Abbie hums) (zipping) (shoes thudding) (chuckles) Little bit of attitude there. Like I hate your routine. What’s up, what we gon’ do? You’re gonna empty that, or you’re gonna see what else is in there? Is there anything else in there? (rustling) Whoa that’s confusing huh, it’s a lotta zippers,
they’re pulled this way. Pull this one. (zipping) (Abbie hums) What’s in there? Do you wanna empty it? Yeah, go put this.
(Abbie hums in distress) Yeah, you can do it. (Abbie hums loudly in distress) Oh stop, put the stuff in the sink. Gently okay? Gently. No, in the sink Ab, put ’em in the sink. Gently. (thudding) Good job. (Abbie vocalizes) Good job. (Abbie vocalizes) Do you know where that goes? You do know where it goes, don’t you? So that one actually, hold on, that goes in the other side,
that goes in the freezer. I know you never go in the freezer, but. (thuds) Nice. (Abbie hums) Good work. Yeah you can have a snack,
you just gotta pick it. Go pick your snack. – [Goally] Cereal. Nature, cereal. (chuckles) – [Asa] Yes, let’s not do
cereal, let’s do something else. – [Goally] Nature, cereal. – [Asa] Nature Valley bar? Do you want? Hey, look Ab, come here. Do you want one of those? (Abbie hums) – [Goally] Nature Valley bar. – [Asa] Is that okay? ‘Kay. There you go. Just pick something, go ahead. Stop tapping things, just
grab it, what do you want? You want those? That’s what you were looking for. You want both? You want spicy sweet chili Doritios, and a Nature Valley bar. Okay, I think they’re over there. There they are! There they are. Dude, come back over here, come back over here. (Abbie yells) Come here. (clapping)
Come back over here. Okay then you can wait. Back over here. Open that up. No, come here. Open that up. Nicely close it. No, put it back, put the bowl back. Nicely, stop. Close it nicely. Thank you. (Abbie hums) (bowl clatters) (rustling) Whoa.
– Whoa. (crunching)
(rustling) Like I don’t really need
the bowl anyway, so. Can you put those in your bowl? – [Asa] That’s too many,
let’s put ’em back in here. ‘Cause she’s having a
Nature Valley bar, too. – Oh, okay, okay. – [Asa] Junk food. This is protein though, so, y’know. Healthy. – [Priscilla] I mean, it’s
better than other things. – [Asa] It is better than other things. (soft banging) (rustling) – [Priscilla] She eats
a pretty balanced diet. – She does, few carbs after
school won’t hurt you. Part of making this a routine for Abbie is Abbie developing her own routine too. It’s not all up to us. Y’know the routines change. You guys have asked about her vest that she used to wear to
bed every single night, she doesn’t wear it anymore. It’s not because she
doesn’t need it per se, or because she has
improved in a certain area, it’s just because the
routine is different, things are different. Her room setup is different. The fact that she has a gate now, so she just comes to the
gate and yells for us when she wants, y’know when she needs to be let out of her room is different. She got on this bathroom
routine every single night, she wakes up, not every night. But when she does wake up, she comes to the gate, makes noise and we wake up, take her to the bathroom. So it’s just, just different, right mom? – Yeah, it is. My little trick here, water enhancer. I know, it probably has
some artificial sweeter, but it’s–
– Course it does. – Yeah, but, she drinks water. So we have to fill this out. This is one of the things that
I love Abbie’s school does, is every month we have to go in. She’s half day clinic, so we have to go in at least one hour per month. So they send this home
and you fill it out. Now, sometimes your
insurance requires more, so it just depends on
that, but I love this. ‘Cause that’s how we
all are on the same page and we figure out, why
is she doing this at home versus this at school. – Yeah, did you confirm
Brandy’s coming today? We may or may not have ABA, but we also, we have
respite today as well. We have open house today
at Isaiah’s school, so that’ll be cool. Put that in the sink too. Put it in the sink right there. There you go. Hey, hey, come here. I’ll tell you a secret. Come here, I’ll tell you a secret. Do you wanna listen to music? Yeah, hey, why do you like
it when we whisper to you? Do you know? You do? Should tell them about
that, okay, let’s go. (Abbie hums) She’s always liked it when we whisper, I don’t know why. It’s cute, don’t know why. Abbie we got your stuff from Amazon. Are you hiding? That’s creepy, don’t hide
there, what are you doing? (chuckles) Okay so we got the stuff to
put in Abbie’s little closet for to make her transition easier and her schedule for when she gets home to make that run more smoothly. So, that’s gonna be great,
we’ll show you that tomorrow, we have to go Isaiah’s school and check out his new classes, meet his teachers and all that. We have to get more members
for the booster club, right Cilla?
– Yup. – Booster club people, right? – Yeah, we gotta get members. If you’re from Paxon you
better be on our booster club. – Right, all right. – We have some Paxon people, I know. – We’re gonna take care
of the brother stuff while Abbie’s here with Crazy Nanny. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye.
– Bye! – She said bye. (beeps) You have another friend? (chuckles) – I have another friend,
I don’t want this friend. Maverick go get him. (laughs) Ugh! – [Asa] How long can
you hold your feet up? – [Priscilla] This
Florida life is no joke. – [Asa] It’s just a little lizard. – [Priscilla] I don’t care,
I don’t want him around me. Get the lizard Asa.


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