Auto affiliate links quick setup

Hello. To install Auto Affiliate Links plugin you need to go to your WordPress admin panel and select Plugins->Add New In the search plugins text input, type “auto affiliate links” Auto Affiliate Links plugin will appear. Click on “Install Now” link, and when it installed, clck on “Activate” Auto Affiliate Links is now installed. A new menu will appear in your admin sidebar. Click on it to start using Auto Affiliate Links. Here you can add links that will be automatically displayed. Use the form and add your desired link. Now check the website and see the added links. To add your API key and to activate Auto Affiliate Links PRO, go to Auto Affiliate Links ->API management menu In the input box enter your API key (you can get it from our website ( ) Before links start to appear automatically, you have to activate a module. Click on “Activate Amazon Module” Now, click on “Configure Amazon Module” to add your settings Enter your amazon affiliate ID, select a category and your desired amazon local store and click “Save” Now check your website to see the new links. At first load, it might take some time for links to appear. You can see the links on “Samsung Galaxy Tab” and “Samsung Galaxy”

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