AutoZon Builder Review WordPress Plugin – Create Amazon Affiliate Store Blog – Spencer Coffman

Hey guys here’s a great plugin called AutoZon
builder this plug-in is for creating an amazon affiliate store right on your website now
it’s not really a complete affiliate store what it is is it features amazon products
and creates a post for each one of those products this is so cool because you can set your website
to be completely on autopilot to start scheduling posts have them drip feed in right from amazon
like every week or every couple weeks or every couple days or whatever you want and then
you can leave it be it’s a set and forget and your website will continue to be updated
with fresh new content every single day week two weeks whatever you decide to set it now
this plugin works it’s super easy to use it’s easy to set up and it does what it’s supposed
to do and the post look pretty good now to get started just install the AutoZon builder
plug-in once you have that done you’re going to go right here to the settings enter in
your amazon tracking ID your key and your secret key once that’s good you can hit save
settings and we’ll run a test and tell you if your API key is either valid or invalid
if it’s invalid then down here at the bottom it shows you how you can find your keys set
up an amazon account reading guide everything like that so it will show you exactly what
to do if it doesn’t work now in your post settings you can select whether you want to
show images you can either have a drop-down of yes or no so I put yes and insert a YouTube
video so it will also pull a video from YouTube based on the keywords that you specify for
your post now this is huge because YouTube videos receive a lot of traffic and a lot
of search results so if you put one of them in your post now your post is going to boost
in the search results and then people will stay on your website longer because they’ll
be watching a YouTube video on your site so you can hear yes or no choose yes and a great
thing about this is if it doesn’t find a YouTube video for your keywords it just won’t post
one there isn’t going to be an error message there or some kind of broken YouTube picture
window it’ll just not display you can also choose your by it button format so you see
there are four different options select the one you like and hit save settings then you
go right here add products and now you’re going to choose your keyword so we’re just
going to select the basic keyword these you can choose whether you want to be specific
or not depending on your niche and on your keyword you want to be more specific or less
specific so for example rather than simply typing in laptop or smartphone you’ll probably
want to narrow it down a little bit and maybe go with a brand or a model so maybe choose
dell laptops or chrome books or choose like iPhones or androids or Samsung or maybe even
take it a step further just because the market is so full of those type of electronics and
choose something like iPhone 6 so for this what we’re going to do is we will select iPhone
6 and then you can hit process keyword now one thing you can do as well is post all of
these into different categories so for example let’s say you have a website and you’re going
to market smartphones so you have iPhone 6 is five you’re going to do with Samsung’s
maybe notes galaxy everything you can have a post category for each one of those posts
so for the purposes of this video we’re just going to throw them in the uncategorized section
but you could set one up and I recommend doing so because then categories are indexed on
your site map so you can choose it and make a category called iPhone 6 then right over
here you have to select this drop down and hit iPhone 6 now if you leave this blank it
was just wrong uncategorized otherwise you will want to set your category once you have
your keyword process this cool plugin pulls up all these products based on the keyword
iPhone 6 about 50 products every time that all you need to do is go through and select
the post you want so let’s just say you want all of them or maybe you don’t want all of
you want to all of them but you know let’s just say these two right here you go ahead
and you can schedule these posts on when you want them to post if you select them all and
hit add post it will instantly post all these post to your WordPress blog or your website
if you want to drip feed in simply click on the schedule and a little thing pops up current
dates and times and you can just say okay well let’s schedule one to come in you know
on Halloween click here and will schedule another one to come in here you know maybe
we want this one to come in down the line want this one to come in in down here so you
get the idea I won’t go through and do all of them but you can see what we’ll do is we’ll
post a couple of them right now and we’ll throw these schedules in there so you can
see that it will schedule post as well as posting so we’ve got three that we’re going
to post now and then we’ve got four we’re going to schedule and we’ll go right down
here to the bottom and hit add pulse and now we didn’t select a category such as a default
Rome right in the uncategorized when you’re doing this you want to put in a category so
you see now here it says seven products added now let’s say you added all 50 and you want
to do another search because you want more of them you want more posts for iPhone 6 ok
you can do it again hit process keyword and it will show you the post you’ve already added
this way you’re not going to be adding duplicate posts you see right here it says in base yes
yes yes and then there’s nothing here so now when you go through and do another search
for keywords you can see all of the posts you already have in your database how cool
is that ok so it’s so we’ve imported seven of them and you want to see him will go here
to post all posts and here you go we’ve got three posts live and we’ve got four post scheduled
and here is the date that the schedule and now I will show you what it looks like so
here it is it’s a great format it draws the picture their product features buy on amazon
and then you got an excellent YouTube video you got another Buy button now remember these
are all coated to your affiliate link so your good credit for these you’ve got a little
iframe of Allah customer reviews so people don’t have to leave your site and then you
can turn on all the comments and stuff then you this is off theme-based you know your
next post and but this is how the post looks this is what autos on does it throws in that
the nice title a great image little product features Bibles prices YouTube videos customer
reviews this plugin works and is highly worth it I very much recommend if you have an affiliate
site or if you have a site that you want other posts on to get the autos on builder plug-in
you can do so by grabbing it clicking on the link right here in the video or just check
it out anywhere but this plugin works it’s one of the few plugins that does what it’s
supposed to do and that works well and there are no errors in it till next time

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