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Hey guys this is a review for the Azon bestseller
plugin this plugin is really cool it works very well I highly recommend it if you have
anything on your website where you want to feature Amazon products and be paid for affiliate
commissions this plug-in it’s basically a sidebar plug-in which you could throw it in
a normal post or a normal page I think it looks super good in a sidebar the only settings
that you’ll need to add in this is if you’ll hear Azon settings is your Amazon affiliate
ID and then the secret key and other key so that’s it once you set that you’re good to
go then it simply runs on a short code within your site now that short code is tough to
find I posted it right here in this description so you can grab the short code there and then
just change your category ID so to show you what I mean what we’re going to do is just
create a new post and we’ll call it test and that’s the short code we’re going to use and
then you can choose how many max10 usually with best seller 10 is about your limit so
if you want to do 220 just paste the short code in there again and it’ll send through
more and then these X’s here is what you’re going to change the category ID so let’s say
you have a post on the golf gloves used in the Ryder Cup last year this year okay so
then you’re going to obviously want to throw some affiliate products on the sidebar or
maybe within your post so you want to know what the best-selling golf gloves are just
go to Google and type in best-selling golf gloves Amazon or you could type in Amazon
bestsellers then whatever you’re looking for because you see that’s how they index it Amazon
bestsellers then you can type in baby strollers golf gloves whatever then you’re going to
click on this here they are bestsellers in golf gloves you see right here that is our
ID so you’re going to copy that and paste it right here now sometimes when you find
a product it’s not this easy and there are a couple different IDs in that case just try
one and then try the other so right now here it is category ID for golf clubs hit publish
view the post and here we are so you could have thrown you know a big title up here best
golf gloves and maybe a little description and it looks great it looks just fine here
are the number one number two here are the best sellers in golf gloves so this is an
amazon best seller as you see here they have a couple more so these might not have images
with them or maybe they weren’t indexed properly but that’s what you’re going to get this looks
good now if you throw this in a sidebar instead of being full within the page it would just
be right over here and it would be a sidebar with you can throw it over here you could
put it anywhere you want you have the best sellers so let’s edit this post and try it
with the best sellers in sports and fitness paste it in there update your posts view it
and there we go best sellers in sports and fitness see so it grabs great-looking products
nice title puts the price in there Add to Cart the Azon bestseller plugin works extremely
well it’s very easy to use I highly recommend it if you have anything on your website product
related at all get this plug-in throw it in your sidebar put it at the bottom of your
posts put it in your footer wherever and use it like I said you can pick up the link right
here in the description also this short code is in the description and you just replace
all of the X’s with the category ID again to find it just Google Amazon bestsellers
and whatever you want to sell grab the category ID paste it in update it you’re good to go
until next time


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