AzonPress – Creating Credentials and Configuring API

Amazon API key is a vital part of integrating Amazon affiliate plugin on your website. Using this API product images and other relevant data will be fetched through the Amazon official advertising API. To create Amazon API Keys, go to amazon associates website Create an amazon account; or if you already have one, log in to your amazon account. After logging into amazon associate account, Copy the store ID from top right corner which is also known as your amazon tracking ID Store ID and country will be needed while configuring API in azonpress. There is two more things you wil need from here. Those are API KEY and API SECRET. To get those, Go to ‘tools’ from top navigation bar. Then click on ‘product advertisement API’. A new window will appear, click on ‘add credential’ button. From here, copy the API KEY and API Secret key. Go to azonpress plugin dashboard. As AzonPress is an Amazon Affiliate Plugin, you have to configure the Amazon API. Go to the settings of AzonPress. Set API KEY, API secret, country, and tracking id. In API Call Smart Caching section, you can specify how many minutes of the API calls will be cached. You can also configure how geo-targeting will work. From Azonpress Geo-Targeting Settings, You can redirect one countries traffic to another amazon shop. You can set the region so that users are automatically redirected to their local Amazon. By country-wise setting, take one country’s traffic to another country’s Amazon. When you are done, click on ‘update settings’. AzonPress is now configured and connected to Amazon. Build your product tables or comparison tables and boost your business.

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