Back to LA + Target Run Before the Wedding!

Good morning everyone. Today is my last day in San Francisco. I am at Hayes Valley again to eat lunch with a friend. I feel like you guys might have seen her before. Elaine, if you guys remember. Maybe But yeah, we’re gonna get some food, and then I’m gonna finish up packing at home. And then head over to LA with Joanne. I’m very excited because tomorrow is the day Christine gets married. And I like can’t believe it’s finally the day, but I’m very excited for her, so let’s walk over to lunch. We’re gonna eat over there, and it’s very gloomy today. Elaine just left me and now I’m with Joanne. I’m gonna eat lunch part two. I know you guys might think I’m crazy for having two lunches But! That avocado toast was so small so I was really excited when she wanted to join for lunch. And she was late, so it was perfect actually. Joanne: It was so good. Yeah, that pasta place is so good. I’ll try my best to link it into the description box on Yelp. Look for it on Yelp. But we’re gonna go home, finish up packing, watch Rick and Morty. She dreamt of Rick and Morty. Joanne: Omg it’s really bad. Joanne: That’s when you know you’re watching too much TV (Joan: Yeah.) You know when I used to be so into Tetris in college I remember dreaming about Tetris before I went to sleep. (Joanne: Yeah, I remember this.) Okay. I’ll see you guys at home. We’re back home, she is getting Rick and Morty ready. And we are going to snack on these. Joanne: My favorite~ Yes, so she bought it because she was like you haven’t tried it yet so… First impressions! Joanne: Alright, let’s go! Hey, it expires the day after my birthday. Joanne: Oh nice. Joan: November 7th! Wow, they’re really red. Ooh, ready? crunch crunch mmmmmm Joanne: It’s good, huh? Joan: They’re really good! Joanne: These are my favorite. Joanne: I used to really like Flamin’ Lay’s Lay’s, but I think these took over as my favorite chips. Have you tried the X2 (times two) hot cheetos? (Joanne: Yeah.) I like those. Oh, these are really good. Joanne: I like these more than hot cheetos. Joanne: Personally. She’s gonna do her makeup and then we’re gonna watch one or two episodes of Rick and Morty. And then head over to the airport. And then go to LA, eat dinner with her mom. Excited to see Mrs. Choi. And then I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I want to go to Target today. I think Target has appeared in like so many of my vlogs since I got to America. (Joanne: Really?) Yeah, it’s just so fun and so useful. I’m going back to Korea in a couple of days, and she wanted Korean food so we’re here now. Joanne: Well, ’cause we’re in LA, so I have to get my Korean food fix. (Joan: Korean food.) ‘Cause SF is so expensive, right? Yeah. Got my tteokbokki~ I have to cut my food in little pieces cuz I have TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) Joanne: Yeah, it’s good right? Alright guys we just dropped Joanne’s mom off at home. And now we’re getting gas and we’re gonna stop by Target. So excited. Right, Joanne? Are you ready for Target? Joanne: Umm I don’t know what I’m gonna… Oh yeah I know what I have to get What do you have to get? Joanne: A card. She needs to get a card for Christine’s wedding to congratulate her. And I’m gonna pick up some chocolate to take with me to Korea, and she’s just gonna… Get candy for herself Joanne: Wait, why are you taking chocolate back to Korea? ‘Cause my grandma really likes, like, Snickers and Twix So… Joanne: Is it hard to- They don’t have it in Korea? They have Twix, but it tastes different. Here we are at the best store ever. Why are you laughing? Joanne: I don’t, I don’t understand the Target obsession. So apparently there’s this clothing line in Target that everybody has been obsessed with it’s called “Who What Wear” And I’m very curious about the quality and everything. Have you seen anything? From Who What Wear? Oh, it’s over there. (Joanne: I wonder if it’s this.) It’s right there. “Who What Wear” I’ll show you guys. It’s very fancy. (Joanne: Oh wow.) Like this. Whoa~ Mel got like black shoes, I think. Ooh~ Wait, the quality is pretty good. (Joanne: Yeah.) Wait~ Joanne: I like these pants. (Joan: Yeah.) Joanne: Oh no, it’s a skirt. Are there pants though? I like the leather ones. Ooh, and this top is super cute too. The one the model’s wearing. Joan: Joanne, what do you think of these shoes? Joanne: Ooh, I like those.
Joan: So cute. Joan: And they’re inexpensive.
Joanne: Yeah.
Joan: $35. Oh my gosh. Janice for sure has something like this. (Joanne: Oh really?) Yeah. Halloween is coming up so all the candies are probably like on sale Joanne: Wait, wouldn’t they be more expensive? But they sell it in bulk. (Joanne: Oh, okay.) So that’s what I want. (Joanne: Yes.) So Halloween candy we go. These are my least favorite candy ever. Joanne: Reese’s. You just got a bag of Reese’s for the plane ride (Joanne: Yeah. Snickers Pumpkin.) Ooh, you know I like Snickers a lot but… Joanne: Oh my god, so many pumpkin flavors. Joan: Do you like pumpkin? Joanne: I do. Are you a pumpkin spice latte kind of girl? Joanne: Oh my gosh. Joan: You are? Joanne: I’m ashamed to say I like it. I got mine but… What are you? Joanne: I kinda want to try this. Am I gonna regret it? No, cuz you like pumpkin spice lattes. This is my favorite brand of chocolates, Dove. So good. Oh my gosh, should I? They’re 3 for $10. Should I? So we’ve been, we’ve been looking at snacks for the past like 15 minutes and she keeps looking at all the pumpkin ones.
Joanne: Dude there’s so many pumpkin- Joan: Look. Joanne: Oh my god, there’s one right here. Everything’s pumpkin flavored right now guys. Joanne loves pumpkin spice lattes. Joanne: Oh my gosh. I’ll never let that go. Joanne: I’m only seasonally. Look, pumpkin spice. (Joanne: Yeah, another pumpkin spice.) So much. But I got my chocolates. I think we can get- we should get a big bag of hot Ruffles. (Joanne: Oh my gosh.) Those are so good. Joanne: Oh my gosh. Alright, let’s go look for it. Joan: Okay, let’s go. Let’s go that way. (Let’s go in Korean) Wait, they don’t have it. They only have the cheese ones. (Joanne: They don’t?) (Joanne: Oh no.) They only have the cheese and onion. This is a sign. (Joanne: Oh my gosh) What? Joanne: There’s one right there. Joanne: Is this a sign? Maybe like someone was hiding it. Joanne: This was the last one. Joan: You got so excited. I guess I have to get it now because It’s a sign. (Joanne: There was only one left.) Yeah. Okay, we gotta get Christine’s wedding congratulatory cards. (Joanne: Yes.) I have to write in that card. (Joanne: Wait, I want candy.) We were just looking at all the candies~ Are you serious? Joanne: Which candy do you like? I’m actually really into chocolates. (Joanne: Oh.) But I love these. Joanne: Happy cola? Let’s get this. Joan: You like that? (Joanne: Yeah.) Yay, perfect! No pumpkin spice latte? Joanne: No~ Yeah, she’s just so fun to pick on. Her reactions are gold. Joanne: I’m just gonna not react to things now. Like on our plane ride here, we kept talking about like how fast Christine is getting married, and we’re excited for her. (Joanne: We are.) Yeah, but guys, I know you guys have all been commenting on my videos asking when my date is Not anytime soon. Okay? What do you need? Joanne: Oooh. Joanne: I don’t know, I just like looking. Ooh, they have Glow Recipe here. Joanne: Oh, shoot. Oh wait, you got me this. Yeah, oh Glow Recipe. (Joanne: Oh wow). Whamisa. (Joanne: Wait, what?) Yeah. Caolion. (Joanne: Oh shoot.) Missha. Mizon. Missha. (Joanne: That’s crazy.) Yeah, this is- this is one of my favorite brands actually And it’s very new (Joanne: Whamisa?) This is a collaboration they did with Glow Recipe. It’s pretty cool, right? Yeah~ But you can get like the routine kit. Joanne is currently looking for a mascara. I recommended the Maybelline Stiletto because those are my favorite. And then she just looks around and going tell me, help me, beauty, beauty YouTuber. I’m like, I just told you what my favorite one is.
Joanne: Yeah, but like, you’ve used that since college. Joan: I know. Joanne: I want to try new formulas or whatever. Joan: Have you ever tried it? Joanne: Yeah, I’ve tried yours. I love. My favorite mascara. Joanne: Maybe I will go with essence. Yeah try essence ones. I really like that brand. Do you want the rock and doll look?
Joanne: Everything’s like- Joanne: Everything’s like crazy triple XL Joanne: Like which one though? Which one? It’s so affordable. Joanne: I think I need like a waterproof. Yeah, you’re gonna cry at Christine’s wedding. Just kidding, knowing Joanne she is not gonna cry. Only this will make her cry. Joanne: I don’t know. Finally. Dude~ (Joanne: Oh my gosh.) It’s so glittery. Alright, so we’re just gonna Write the cards. Which card did you get? Show them. What does it say? Joanne: It says “Congratulations on doubling your possessions overnight” Joanne: And the hashtag for their wedding is- Joan: #CyunmarriesRich Joanne: Yeah. (Joan: It’s perfect.) So it goes with the theme. And then I just got this one from rifle paper And inside it there’s just money cuz that’s what you have to do. (Joanne: Yeah.) Joanne: Oh, wait, but inside it says Joanne: Several waffle makers (irons) is the key- is a secret to a happy marriage. That’s cute. And mine is just all me. Gotta write it. (Joanne: Alright.) Joanne: Oh wait. Did you buy these pens? Joan: No. It was just laying out right here. (Joanne: I was like…) But that’s it for today’s vlog. Tomorrow is the day where Christine gets married. We’re very excited for her. (Joanne: New chapter in her life.) Yes. Even though they’ve been dating for so long. (Joanne: Yeah.) They’ve been dating for what four, five years? No, no, no, three years? I don’t know. Joanne: I feel like, no. I feel like it’s been four. Cuz we’re 3 years out of college. Joan: That’s true. Five! (Joanne: Five?) Yeah. Joanne: Oh my gosh. Joanne: Yeah, since like Junior Year. Joan: I’m so excited for them. But yeah, we’re gonna go to their wedding and then I’ll film that for you guys because You all know a lot of the attendees. So Joanne (Joanne: Oh yeah). Sharon. Janice. So many of my friends are going to be there. So many of all of our friends are going to be there So it should be exciting. I hope you guys enjoyed watching today’s episode. I know it was just Going from SF to LA, eating Korean food (Joanne: Target.) and Target. And me just trolling Joanne. But that’s just how it is. Joanne: Yeah, this is real life. Here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated this vlog right here And I’ll see you in tomorrow’s vlog! Have a good day, bye! (Joanne: Bye~) Back round music Edward Avila “body”


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