BAD LIGHT can DESTROY your vlogging Tips & Tricks for filming outdoors

Ahoj. This is Zdenka. Whenever I am making videos here on YouTube, I’m always aiming for the best light
possible. I’m trying to make the videos look the best I can possibly make them
look and sometimes I get very lucky with the light, sometimes I don’t get so lucky
with the light. And I got a lot of questions from people who ask me: ” I’m
using the same settings, I’m using the same camera. How come your video looks so much nicer?” Well, I think today we should cover everything about outdoors light. So
let’s look at different times of the day and some of the tricks I am doing to get
the best possible result when it comes to video. The same principles apply to
photography as well, so let’s go. And if you’re new here, my name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a photographer since 2007. I make video and photo tutorials, tech reviews and creative camera challenges, so you
might consider hitting the subscribe button. Here in Canada, we are very much
still in the outdoors season. It is the end of the summer, but it’s very nice.
It’s usually sunny, it’s very comfortable, the temperatures dropped a little bit so
it makes it better now but the wind is starting to pick up as we are getting
closer to the fall. Different times of the day offer different light conditions
and you can do a lot to improve your videos here on YouTube when you’re
filming yourself or filming others for your vlogs. So let me take you throughout
the whole day, hour by hour. Let’s talk about different lighting conditions and
let me share some of the tricks I am doing so you can use them as well. I am pretty sure that some of you saw my
summer videos which were filmed very early in the morning. Well, I actually
didn’t have to film that early in the morning but there were three reasons why I chose to drag myself out of bed at 4:30 a.m. Reason number one. Temperatures here in Canada are super hot in the summer days and the humidity
on top of it doesn’t really help so you sweat pretty much the whole day. But when you get up so early in the morning, it’s nice and cool and it feels super
comfortable. Reason number two. Parks are completely empty. Who would want to go to the park at 4:30 a.m? You will see here and there the occasional runner, you know
people like to exercise in the morning maybe before they go to the office but
that’s about it. So some runners, some people on the bicycles, maybe one person
or two walking their dog but that’s about it. The parks are so quiet you don’t get to hear all those voices talking so it is
so much better for your microphone as well. And reason number three. You get the nicest light of the day. Very plain and simple, the nicest light of the day. So I
got up at 4:30 a.m., got my makeup and hair ready, get out of the house,
quickly swing by somewhere to buy coffee on the way and made sure I’m on that
location 15 minutes before the Sun was coming out. During that time, during 15
minutes I was usually filming the b-roll because the colors were the nicest and
when I had enough b-roll and the Sun was just about to peak out, it was just about
to come out, I’d turn the camera at me and I was facing the available light at
sunrise and I started filming myself just to get that golden first very, very
soft light. And here you can do two things. When the Sun is still just coming
out and it’s very soft in the morning, you get that golden shimmery light on
your face. So you’re gonna face the Sun but once the Sun gets a little bit
higher and it’s getting much stronger, you’re starting to squint and all that,
what I like to do I just turn around. I have the Sun in my back not directly in
my back when it comes to sunrise about a lot to the side, so I get the hair light
from the back and I see the nice shadows from the
trees in a background. It just looks very scenic when it comes to sunrise. I’m a
brunette and it looks really nice if you allow that Sun from behind to kind of
hit you from behind because it makes that hair light very nice but you have to
make sure that you have background which is very dark. If I would be using a
background like a sky or even Sun as my background I would end up with
that whole blown highlights look behind me which is just not very pretty at all.
To make things even better, I’m using this little notebook where I am actually
writing all my scripts. I know I could be using computer, I could type it all there
and just print it out but truthfully I’m trying to minimize the computer screen
time from my eyes in my case. The right eye is still bugging me so I’m the
old-fashioned. Just writing the scripts by hand, literally. So when I was filming
in the mornings, what he didn’t see sometimes when I was sitting on a porch,
I was using the white paper from my notebook as my reflector. So when I was
actually lifting my arm like this a little bit I was getting that nice
filling light back into my face… just a little invisible trick. Morning light is
seriously very rewarding and it’s super easy. And then at 10:30 we are dealing with a
daylight. The very harsh light. It’s usually between 10:30 and all the way
until 3:00 p.m. and that’s when I am usually trying to aim for an open shade
like right now. I’m standing in a shade but if you, if I show you what’s in front
of me, this is the edge of the shade and Sun is over there. So that Sun is
reflecting light back on my face. I still keep the Sun in my back because I want
that hair light but again my background is pretty dark. If I would turn towards
the light background it will be all blown off which doesn’t look very good
with my dark hair so I just turn around where the background is pretty dark. And
if you happen to film in a city and you see some nice bright wall, you can use it
as a reflector like I’m using the paper right now. So if I bring it closer to me
then you will see that I’m reflecting the light back on my face like right now.
So that will be if you are standing next to the wall. If you happen to stand next to
the wall which has even a color, you might end up with an interesting
background and the color might pick up a little bit on your face. You will just
get different tone and if you have nowhere to hide and you have to deal
with that harsh light like if you are on a beach or something like that, then you
can always for that little short period put on your sunglasses. First of all it
will hide those ugly shadows under your eyes and get rid of the squinting you
might have that little cool look for a few minutes. And then once you are in a
shade or close by the shade then you can obviously take off your glasses. And if you wake up in the morning and
you look at the weather forecast and they are calling for overcast day or
cloudy, I always say it is lottery time. That is the best day of all to film at. You can shoot in any kind of direction, you have the perfect studio light. Every time I say to bride during the wedding and she’s kind of looking all
sad because it’s overcast and I tell her hey you just won the lottery with light. They kind of look at me like I’m crazy but we all know what I’m talking about.
Right? So yes when it’s overcast it’s time to get outdoors and film for sure.
And for late afternoon and evening the same principles apply like early in the
morning during sunrise. Well, I really hope that you found the tips in this
video useful. Hit the thumbs up button if you liked today’s video, subscribe to all
future videos like these. If you have any questions, comments or you simply want to say hello, you can just do that in a comment section below. I will read it all
and I will try to respond and I’ll see my friends in the next video. Cau… Ahoj…


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