Bad Start To The Day

– What’s up guy, good
morning, welcome to the vlog. Abbie, you wanna say hi to everybody? Hi, you ready to go to school? You look super cute. Did she get her outfit of
the day picked herself? – [Priscilla] No. – Hey, do you wanna take your picture? – Go take your picture.
– Abbie, let’s go take your picture, come on. – [Priscilla] In the dark. – [Asa] Come on. It’s okay we’ll make it work, come on. (softly murmuring) Come here. Stand right here. That. All right, actually come down some. We’re gonna utilize the front door light. Okay, here, take that. Let’s go put it in your
backpack, good job. There you go. – [Priscilla] Okay, get your
shoes and your backpack. – [Asa] Get in there, look. There you go, good job. Do you have your shoes? What shoes you wearing? – [Priscilla] She can wear those. – [Asa] All right. (lightly exclaims) – You ready for school? Yeah, so the power’s out at the house. Priscilla said a transformer blew. – Yeah it sounded crazy. Asa and I were both like, uh.
(Abbie lightly murmuring) We didn’t know what was going on. Okay, guys you have to
treat it as a four-way stop. Nope, no.
– Nope, it’s not what you do, Lyft driver,
you guys can’t just go. No, lady, hello.
– Oh, my gosh. – This is not how this works. (Priscilla softly chuckling) How do people survive in the
world without technology? I don’t understand it. I mean our job relies on it,
but people can’t function. There’s a light out, chaos. Somebody’s getting in an accident. – [Priscilla] I’m just gonna
go and hope for the best. – Yeah, winging it. So fun fact, safety
video, security system, deadbolt, electronic deadbolt, all that stuff has battery back up. – Yeah, that’s nice. – Yeah, everything still works. No internet connection, but of course. (Abbie lightly murmuring) – The outage in our area says, “A fuse was blown by wildlife
contacting the power lines.” – That’s crazy.
– That’s so sad. – It is, I wonder if it was lightning.
– Poor, poor animal. I rode with Priscilla this morning, I was gonna stay home and get work done. I rode with Priscilla,
(Abbie loudly murmuring) because coffee, that’s why. To be completely honest, my other plan was to fire
up the propane burner that we use for the, you
know, the giant propane burner that we use for the Low Country Boil– (Abbie loudly murmuring) With the tea kettle– (Abbie loudly murmuring) On the patio.
(softly tapping) Boy scout style, French press. It’s not how a boy scout would do it. Say bye to mom, thank you. (loudly exclaiming)
It’s okay. Little minor meltdown to
start the day, no big deal. Power being out, she had
an accident this morning, I think it’s a lot of things that are– – Yeah. Cheers. – Complaining a little. I got roped into today, I’m a home body. We went to Home Goods. – Sweetheart, I can take you home. – Got a few thing, cause you know, you buy a house, it’s what you do. You gotta put things in it. We don’t have time to go back home. I had to go with Priscilla
’cause I needed coffee, I feel like I got suckered into this, now I’m going to a girls lunch. – You didn’t get suckered into anything, I can take you home. Oh my gosh, I don’t even
want you to hang out with us. Why don’t you sit in the car? – I can go to Best Buy. – [Man On Phone] Give
them the Ebay card number, and it will be done. After the payment, sir, they will give you the
payment confirmation number. With the help of the
payment confirmation number, you won’t receive any bills
from Direct TV till 4 months. – [Asa] Okay, so I’m gonna
buy an Ebay gift card to pay for my Direct TV,
for Premium channels. And you said it was 2
years, with no contract, at half the price I am paying right now. And I call,
(static drowns out man) And I call this number, okay?
– Yep. – [Asa] Cool. – [Man On Phone] Go, ahead. – [Asa] Does you mom know
wat you do for a living? – [Man On Phone] Sorry? – [Asa] I said, does your mother know what you do for a living? – [Man On Phone] What are
you talking about, sir? – [Asa] 17 Minutes of
your life you just wasted. It’s unfortunate, I feel bad for you. – [Man On Phone] Okay. – [Asa] Just, do something
more productive with your life, where you’re not trying to
take advantage of people. Just be a better human, that’s all. That’s it, think about it. – [Man On Phone] Okay, okay. Is there anything else
I can help you with? – [Asa] No, that’s it, I’m glad that we got to spend 20 Minutes together. Hopefully you make better decisions. – [Man On Phone] Okay. – So I ended up having a
25-minute-total conversation with the scammer. It was pretty interesting
actually. (light chuckles) I had like a heart to heart with the guy about taking advantage of other people, and doing that for a living,
and that sort of thing. Little bit of a weird convo but he was like acting
like he is Robin Hood, robbing from other people to pay for people in his poor country. I was like, dude, I can understand that, but there’s other ways to do it. Other ways to do it
than taking from others. Yeah, I had like this
whole moral conversation with a phone scammer, it was
weird, didn’t expect that. Normally they just cuss at me, after I take up a good
portion of their time, and then they hang up the phone. Priscilla’s on her way home with Abb. Hopefully she had a good day. (Abbie softly murmuring) (loudly clattering) Having a fit? – Yup, as soon as we
pulled into the driveway. (Abbie softly murmuring) – Good job, and we’re gonna open this one. And then you gotta,
look, take your backpack, and hold it like this, put it up here, remember, your hook? Remember? Push, push. There you go, all right,
now we’re gonna open it. Gonna open it. Uh-oh, it fell. Put it back up. Here, get your backpack, put it back up. There you go, all right? What else do you have
in there, anything else? Wanna get your iPad out? Go take it out. Okay, can you take this stuff, and that? Good job, hey, close this. (loudly exclaiming)
One more thing, one more thing, hey, calm down, one more thing, see your shoes? Here, want me to hold this for you? Want me to help you? I got it, take your shoes, and put ’em there, no, you gotta pick ’em back
up, let me show you. Look, put ’em nicely
right here, nicely, no. Bend over. There you go, the other one right there. – Nice! – She has to throw it, here.
– Throw it. – Look, look at what
you, stop, look, stop. She is so resistant to this activity. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – Hold that nicely, hold this nicely. Go put it on the island. – Thank you! – [Asa] So much ‘tude. There’s a lot of, yeah,
there’s a lot of zippers, huh? (softly murmuring) Here, pull that one, there you go. (softly giggles) (Asa softly chuckles) Nicely, gently, that’s
glass, put it in there. Good job, this is gonna go in recycling. Put those down. This goes in recycling. Reach in there, did your brother empty it? No, he did not. Girl, you drank that whole Powerade? Uh-oh, here, you know what? Here, just hand it to me.
– Just put it on the counter for right now.
– Yep, it’s your brother’s job. – [Priscilla] All right,
girl, you wanna go potty? – [Asa] Hey, good work! – [Priscilla] I think we should. – [Asa] Good work, kiddo, that was better. It’s getting better and better every day. – It is, it is. – [Asa] I know you just read that, but can you read it again,
just the first part. I think it’s, I think it’s awesome. It was unintentional.
(loudly exclaiming) – “Hello, Team Abbie, “thanks for transitioning
her into school this morning. “I’m glad I got to see you
all model some deep breaths “and see how pretty
quickly she calmed down. “When you all left, she was able “to complete her routine
without escalating “and the rest of the
morning went super smooth.” – [Asa] Cool! – Good job, Abb! Hey, nice job. – Good job, Mom and Dad. – Yeah, so if you guys don’t know, Abbie has a new therapist
this year at school. She’s not new to the school, but she’s new to Abbie, so–
(Abbie loudly exclaiming) (Abbie softly whimpering) – [Asa] It’s okay. – So this morning, when
Abb was having a hard time, we were able to ease her and
help her in with transitioning, and so her therapist was able
to see how we do it at home. – [Asa] Right. Do you like Mom’s makeup area? (softly murmuring)
– Yeah. – [Asa] Isn’t it beautiful? What do you think? (loudly exclaiming)
All finished with it. – [Priscilla] It’s so girly, huh? You wanna swing? You do? I don’t have a swing. (softly murmuring)
(Asa softly chuckles) (Abbie softly murmuring) – [Asa] Hey, can I have a kiss? Thanks.
– Can I have one? – [Asa] Can Mom have a kiss? Abbie.
– Maybe later. – [Asa] Abbie. – [Priscilla] I don’t wanna mess her up. – Okay, bye, bye, Abb.
(Abbie loudly exclaims) Geez, she’s like, bye, leavin’, see ya. Abbie and Nanny are
going out for an outing. Every Tuesday, they go out,
Mondays they stay here. Tuesdays they go out and
they go, where do they go? Dinner, and– – [Priscilla] Yeah, they
typically go to dinner, maybe sometimes dessert.
(Abbie softly murmuring) – [Asa] Right. – Just hang out, get her
out in the community. – [Asa] Yeah. – Nanny’s really good about that. – [Asa] Yeah. – I love that.
– Very much so. – And it allows us to be
able to stay home and work ’cause that it really hard. When we have respite, we try to leave, – [Asa] Yeah. – But there’s some days we need to work. Like right now, I have a
phone call in 14 minutes so I have to get ready for it. – Well, I have been out gallivanting all around town today with you. Shopping and going to lunch, like. – Oh my gosh, that was,
it’s old news, old news. (softly chuckling) – So now I have work to do. – When I got on the phone with her, I was like, “Yeah, I’m just interested “in doing this part time.” – She’s on the phone with Corporate. Limelife, company she sells makeup for. She’s pretty, pretty important, you know. I’m so proud of her,
she’s such a hard worker. Like, she’s on the phone with Corporate, it’s a big deal for her level, you know? She’s not super high in
the company, it’s awesome. – [Woman On Phone] You have
a great night, thank you. – Okay, alright, buh-bye. – [Woman On Phone] Bye. – (softly gasps) That’s so cool, right? – [Asa] Look at you, you’re
gonna be doing a training! – Oh my gosh, I’m so
freaking nervous right now. She’s like, “Are you good with that?” Yup, I’m good.
– Good with getting on stage? You’re probably fine with that, right? – Yeah, yeah, no problem at all. – [Asa] That is one of your fears. – It’s not in the morning, right? Can I take a shot before it? (loudly laughing) Oh my gosh! – Morning drinking, not okay? So, if you guys haven’t, I don’t know, it was just a few vlogs
ago, we were talking about Priscilla getting
up and talking to people. She is totally fine on camera, totally fine in live streams. Standing up on a stage? (both softly grunt) (Asa lightly laughing)
(Priscilla softly grunting) – So, yeah.
– I’m so proud of you! – Aw, thank you!
– That’s awesome, look at you! You’re gonna be training people. – Oh my goodness, what did
I just get myself into? I don’t know, I just kinda talk to people and be goofy, and– – You’re great with notes though. – Yeah, yeah. – If you have notes, you’ll kill it. – Yeah, thanks.
– Just preparation. (loudly inhales and exhales) – Okay.
– That’s so exciting! I’m so proud of you. – That’s with Limelife, by the way. – Yeah, I told them already. What you were doing.
– Oh, okay, okay. – Yeah, so exciting.
– Oh, my gosh. – I’m so proud of you. – Thanks.
– Look at you. – So, we kinda showed this the other day but we didn’t finish it, right? – Yeah, so now it’s finished,
I love it, it’s so girly. – [Asa] It is girly, it looks fantastic. – Somebody asked like, “Why did you put it “in the laundry room?” This is amazing, this is where I wanna be. I love it, it’s perfect.
– Well, it was kind of a spot we weren’t using.
– Right. – [Asa] We wouldn’t have
any use for this area. – [Priscilla] And look
how cute we made it. – [Asa] But it’s really well lit ’cause you have two windows
here and that’s why we liked it, and then the storage
that you have everywhere. – And it has the pocket
door so when I go live, I can shut that when I need to. – [Asa] Right. – So, yeah, love it. – [Asa] It’s perfect. – I also have a vanity
upstairs that I’ll be using, but you haven’t seen that yet, ’cause we don’t have our room
done yet. (lightly chuckles) – [Asa] Parent’s room always
gets done last, right? – [Priscilla] It does. – [Asa] What’s the matter, Scill? – I parked in a mud puddle. – [Asa] Come get in the car. – I’m just gonna let you back it out. – [Asa] Oh, you’re going
to let me back out, okay. But you didn’t let me
get out before we parked when I was on this side. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
– Uh-huh. Wet flip flops, worst thing ever. – Thank you. – [Asa] Yes, I am gonna publicly shame you because you cackled at me. – I did, It was so freaking hilarious because it’s like one of your things, it’s like your thing that you don’t like. And I didn’t even realize
that it was that bad, and you didn’t either and you just stepped out into it.
– Oh, yeah, like, completely submerged.
– And it was so funny. – [Asa] It was not that funny. – It was, your face, if I coulda had the camera, was priceless. – [Asa] (softly chuckles) Jerk. – Asa doesn’t like spills, that’s like the massive spill of– – I don’t, well puddles are–
– It’s God spilling. – Puddles are kinda gross. (Priscilla lightly chuckling) Now I got a slimy flip flop. We went and got dinner, had
to stop and get Dunkin’. Another, on the struggle bus again. We ought to have a recovery day, Scilla. Is there a nap day in our
future, a recovery day? Not this week, right?
– Is that a thing? – Maybe next week? – [Priscilla] Maybe next week. – Maybe next week, do a little. – [Priscilla] I just
wanna get in the pool. – Yeah, maybe, I think we
should do that, next week, we haven’t really had a weekend, in a few days, in a few weeks. – Few days? (softly chuckles)
– Few months, so maybe next week we’ll have a day–
– ‘Cause even though we– – Where we just hang out
outside, jump in the pool. – Yeah, even though we do
fun stuff, like all the time, we’re still working the whole time. – Well, not even, I mean we’re just going. Not even the work part of it, just going. – We have SFA this weekend though. – Yeah, that’s–
– Anybody gonna be at SFA? – That doesn’t recharge you though, yeah. Let me know down in the comments if you’re gonna be at SFA
Flagler Beach, we will be there. I would love to meet you guys on the beach, that’d be awesome. – [Priscilla] Yeah,
we’re gonna do a meetup. – [Asa] Huh? – We’re gonna do a meetup. – [Asa] In Flagler? – Yeah. – [Asa] Other than SFA? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Maybe Sunday on our way home? – [Asa] Cool. Hi! – [Isaiah] Hello. – Hi.
– Sup? – [Asa] How was your outing? – It was excellent–
– Good. – Wonderful, and great, and fabulous. – Good job.
– Good. – It was Abb-ulous. – All those words. (Abbie loudly exclaims and claps) – [Nanny] Take home a keto cupcake, how could it get any better? – [Asa] You brought home a cupcake? – A Keto cupcake. – [Asa] Ooh, a keto cupcake. – [Priscilla] Is that for mom? – Mad props, they serve (quickly mumbles) and the autism crowd, they loved her. – [Asa] Is it like a piece of steak in the shape of a cupcake? Oh, it actually looks like a real cupcake. – [Priscilla] Wow. – [Asa] That’s impressive, how is it? Is it good, are they good? – It’s excellent. – [Asa] What’s the place called? – Wicked Batter – [Asa] Wicked Batter, where are they at? – On Blanding all the way
towards, what is that? (Abbie loudly exclaims)
– Middleburg. – [Asa] Okay, Blanding
Boulevard towards Middleburg– – Yes.
– Near Jacksonville. – Yes.
(Abbie loudly smacking) – [Asa] Girl, what’s with
the smacking on the things? – Give Nanny a hug, aw.
(Abbie loudly murmuring) – Aw.
– So sweet, say, we’ll see you next week, Nanny. – Say bye?
(Nanny softly talks off mic) (Abbie lightly murmurs)
– We’ll put this in here (talking off mic)
– Bye, well! Don’t see me till next week.
– She’s mad that cupcake’s going with ya.
(lightly chuckling) Hey, you say bye, nicely, thank you. – [Priscilla] Can you
blow kisses to Nanny? – Aw.
– Did you steal my cupcake up? – Oh, is that yours, I’m sorry. I thought it was hers. (lightly chuckling) – [Asa] No, that’s why Abbie’s mad, ’cause it’s going with Nanny.
– I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – [Asa] She just stole your cupcake. – I thought Nanny said it was hers. (Nanny and Priscilla softly laughing) – The other half of hers is in the fridge, it’s hers.
– All right, okay. – Bye, y’all.
– Gotcha, bye. – [Asa] Bye, drive safe. – Thank You, Nanny, have a good weekend. – [Nanny] You too. – We’re going to Surfers for Autism. – [Nanny] Have fun, it’s
not Jacksonville yet, is it? – [Priscilla] No, not
till the end of September. – [Nanny] Okay. – Hey–
– Bye. – Do you wanna say bye
to everybody else, too? Say bye. And close it out? Okay, question, I know there’s some other, some David Dobrik fans out there. Does anybody else get emotional when he gives his friends cars? – Asa does. (both softly chuckling) – He cried! – [Priscilla] I know. – I’m a sympathetic crier. I’m not afraid, I’m not ashamed,
not afraid to admit that.


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