BA’s Dry Brine Turkey Recipe

Today we’re making my Thanksgiving turkey. [ music ] Come on in. Welcome to my home Today we’re making my Thanksgiving
turkey, and I’m gonna tell you straight up You’re going to notice or you might notice that there are what looks like two different turkeys in this video that’s because there are two different turkeys in this video Here’s what happened okay so my Thanksgiving turkey was made for our big family get-together and through a series of unfortunate events the Thanksgiving turkey got carved and eaten before I had a chance to get pictures of it Long long story we won’t go into but let’s just say that I had to make another Thanksgiving turkey so I made the same exact turkey now you wondering where this recipe came from this recipe came from bone Appetit it is their dry brine Turkey which I think we put out this year. I did do my own variations on it it’s basically their recipe I will link it down below but it’s really good and it does not dry out and I can say I’ve made this multiple times and it’s really really good and super super easy to make so let’s get started in case
you’re wondering why I’m here doing this head shot because I had to do this for a
big family get-together and had to be done … well you can understand the
roots of what but let’s get started the first thing that we have to do is we
have to make our dry brine the dry brine was easy to make you combine salt then I added garlic powder and also
onion powder your herbs I use sage thyme basil and just mix those together now
all the ingredients are listed down below and you can figure out how to mix
them up because it’s fairly straightforward
you do that but the cool part about this is there’s no oil there’s no butter
added to this it’s really good I mean it’s really simple now the tough part
the tough part was actually separating the skin there’s a membrane and between
the skin and the meat you want to get under that membrane so you can actually
get your dry brine or I personally I feel
considered a rub mixture but it’s called a dry brine I had to do some research you want to get that on to the meat so I separated it I separated the skin from
the meat making sure to break through that membrane and then it’s time to
actually get that that brine in there you want to make sure that you cover
this really well so you get the dry brine inside the turkey you get the dry
brine underneath the skin of the breast you get it on the outside of the turkey
and just coat it coat it thoroughly make sure that it is all over it front back
inside outside all over it you know what you do now you’re you’re gonna leave it
you’re gonna put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it for about a day they
say up to three days all I can tell you is i refrigerated mine for one day on
the day that your hard to cook it you want to cook your turkey for the size of
your turkey now in the bone Appetit video they used a really expensive
turkey I could not I did not use a really expensive turkey and my turkey
was so good in fact I can honestly say it is so good because today’s the day
were actually made the second turkey so yeah it is really good in fact in a few
minutes about ready to have another turkey sandwich so then I put the turkey in the oven it was set at 350 (degrees) find out for your turkey how long you should
cook it my last turkey was a 12 pound twelve
point nine three pound turkey and I cooked it for about three hours
until it was completely done you want to make sure that your turkey is done once
it’s done you will let it rest for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes then carve it
and it is so good now some things I can tell you about when you when you do the
turkey when I put it in the refrigerator don’t cover it you’re not covering the
turkey at all you are leaving the turkey exposed and you want to make sure that
it is on a sheet tray tray that has a lip on it because the juices will run
outside of the most of it looks like blood but we won’t
get into that it will drain then you’ll also notice that underneath the turkey
it is up on a cooling rack so that way it’s not down in those juices it is
amazing I thought for certain this turkey was going to be dry it is not dry
it is even it’s not even like mildly dry it is so good and it’s so easy to bake
now in their video they did not put the turkey in a roaster they just roasted it
on the pan the first turkey that I did that with I did not like that in fact halfway through it was the skin was cooking too fast so I actually ended up
putting it in a roaster anyway so the second time I did it in the roaster it
works out much better and it just is so good I mean I was amazed at how good
this is it is juicy it is tender I just absolutely love this turkey and I think
you’re gonna love this turkey too it looks absolutely beautiful tasted so
good I would recommend this turkey for everybody so if you make this let me
know you get a hold of me at most social media at @cmcolemanhome this was one of the best turkeys I have ever had it is so flavorful not dry at all and I don’t
think that you could possibly mess this one up and since I’ve now done this
repeatedly and I can honestly say no matter what the size it worked out
really really well I hope you enjoyed this and don’t forget to give this video
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