Bath Bomb Press Review – Bath Bomb Machines Product Review Part 1

hello everybody this is Ariane from
La Fille de la Mer. Thank you so much for joining me today as I will start my
review of the beautiful bath bomb press if you’ve been on my channel lately you
may have seen the video when Lee Choy, the owner and creator of the bath bomb
press visited me here in the Magdalen Islands and personally delivered this
unit. Since then I’ve had the chance to work with the press, try it out, try
different formulas, different molds and I will give you a full review giving you
the features of this machine and telling you what works best for me. First of all
I would like to say that this model is a Canadian design and it has been on the
market for seven years almost eight and I want to point out how perfectly packed
it was when it arrived to me here in the magdalen islands after traveling from
Alberta because Lee actually mailed it to me and then flew in to show me how it
upright so she didn’t actually carry it in her suitcase because it was kind of
heavy but I took some video of when I received the Box opening it and showing
you this was like in pristine packaging nothing was moving in the box all of the
parts were safe this machine is also very sturdy and it was perfect when it
arrived another factor to take into consideration when you want to buy a
bath bomb machine most of the time it will be online so you can’t actually see
the physical unit is to head over to the manufacturers website and the bath bomb
presses website is really easy to navigate let me show you so you can see
that all of the items the molds and the units are very well listed and look at
that they even have a double press so it’s basically the same as the unit one
except it has a second piston that will press two bath bombs at once on the top
left of the website you can choose your currency whether you’re in the US or you
want to pay in Canadian dollars and just so you know this item can be
shipped almost worldwide a fun fact about the bath bomb press is that they
are very active on their Facebook page and also on Instagram and they actually
help to promote their clients so if you have an Instagram business account and
you make bath bombs with the bath bomb press if you hashtag and tag them in
your posts they will repost you to their viewers and they have like a lot of
people subscribe to their Instagram account so that’s really great for
business let’s take a closer look at this unit it is very sturdy it is all
aluminum so no arresting there is a security switch here and the lever right
there and then I already have any top mold attachment hooked on and look at
all these beautiful moles that I have but they have many many other on their
website so you have the heart mold right here and then these are the sphere mold
I have three of them but they have a few others so I have the small the medium
and the large and then the square mold and the shower tablet mold the table
space that this unit takes is 12 by 6 inches wide it’s very stable but another
thing you need to know before buying a bath bomb press is that it needs to be
hooked to a compressor alright so this is a 6 gallon pancake compressor from
porter-cable it is a little noisy but it comes with
25 feet of hose so you can actually put it outdoors while making the bath bombs
or in the next room and then you will need to build up the pressure and then
raise the psi four spheres it’s about 70 to 80 and then for other shapes it can
go all the way up to 100 100 and 110 now I’m gonna put on some gloves and a
bandana I’m gonna put this baby to use for the
purpose of this review I am using a recipe that was supplied with the bath
bomb press and I will be coloring the bath bombs with a purple dye it was
actually sent to me as a gift by the fizz berry let’s try this out wow this
is red and when I put it into the witch hazel it’s like turns purple these dyes
are very concentrated so a little bit goes a long way I used point 15 gram for
this total recipe this is only baking soda and I will add the wet ingredients
first and then I will add the citric acid when everything is well combined okay let’s hook up the machine voila
check the pressure perfect and have some fun let’s see if this works
let’s just like do one test this is a lot of pressure so don’t put your
fingers in there and make sure nobody’s around that could put their fingers from
the back it’s pretty safe just make sure no kids are around this is not a machine
for kids this is meant for adults I believe okay filling to the top and trying to leave
this beautiful and with this machine you can actually press a couple times to
make sure that your bath bomb is very very well packed this is what I was and
the release is so easy and the reason why there is an indent
table that you can purchase for the sphere molds is that if you want to pipe
frosting on top it actually allows you to pipe into the bath bomb and then the
frosting holds better so if we take a closer look at this machine there aren’t
any guides on this machine it’s actually a divot and all of the molds from the
bath bomb press will fit right into his divots so there’s no need to adjust
anything it’ll just work with any mold no let’s press a heart and it pops right Oh beautiful beautiful it’s it’s very
funny because when you’re soap maker soon enough your clients are gonna ask
you to make bath bombs so you start making bath bombs and then and then when
you start making bath bombs you kind of get hooked to making them and then you
become an addict of all of the shapes and sizes of bath bombs that you can
actually make and this heart just makes me so happy beautiful comes right out oh it’s not so good I am NOT working in
an ideal position because I am working in a little table and it’s not good for
my back I’m moving away soon and I will have higher counters I promise look at this heart isn’t it cute alright
let’s just change shape I’m gonna use the square mold because the square mold
actually works with the same attachment on the top here as the heart so I can
just make hearts and squares and alternate there’s like it’s really easy
for these molds to be switched up without having to unscrew or screw
anything back on and off same thing as the heart pops right out
oh we got a beautiful square see these aren’t the same size so what you can do
is you can work on a scale put your bowl on a scale and then as you take powder
out of the bowl you know exactly how much goes into your mold so this way you
can make evenly shaped shapes you can make even shapes okay so you can press
down with your fingers and the palm of your hand and then even if the top isn’t
perfect when you put the top part of the mold it will just push everything in and
make everything come out nice and smooth I am now trying read 28 by v ferry again
it said dye that is 90% pure and look at this pink is creating amazing I love it one thing that I realized while testing
out backbones machines over the summer is that not only what equipment you are
using has an impact and the final bath bombs but the ingredients that you use
and most importantly baking soda and citric acid can come in various forms
from different brands some of them are coarse and some of them are really fine
there is food grade there’s technical grade so I find that food grade really
fine citric acid is what works best for me and also when you find a type of
baking soda that works for you stick with it because I’ve had problems with
this summer I was using a brand that was working great for me and then I got
another supplier shipping me some baking soda because I had an in order to make
for others things and I just thought you know I’ll get the baking soda there
instead it was a different brand and same recipe same machines same equipment
the Bombers wouldn’t hold so when you find something that works great for you
stick to it i scented these in cotton candy and I
think that the pink is perfect you this is the again the medium round
sphere and because these are pumpkin and I’m making them for Halloween I’m
sprinkling a little bit of gold silver and black galaxy mica from the fist re and because some things have a problem
having a round bottom when I dry my bath bombs I decided to use these half sphere
molds and set my bath bombs in them and place them back into the drying tray and
doing this keeps the shape perfectly perfectly round here’s another way I
found to stabilize my half spheres so that they could sit into the plastic
molds and dry and keep their nice round shape
I just took PVC pipes and I split them in half or actually my father’s put them
in half for me and then I just put them in my drying trays I put my plastic
sphere molds in them it keeps everything up straight so the bath bombs can dry in
there the bath bomb press is a bath bomb making machine that has been well known
and recognized in the handmade industry for the past seven years it comes with a
full one-year warranty on all moving parts and I highly recommend you head
out to their website to read their conditions of use if you want to know
more details about this as of today they have 16 different molds including the
three top indent that go on the sphere small medium and large molds if I had to
advise you on which molds to get with the unit up and purchase I would say get
a sphere mold I think the medium would be like the
best seller because it’s a really nice size to use in the tub the heart mold of
course is a big win for me I love it the kids love it so
get the heart I would get the mediums fear and I would get the cube these are
overall my three favorite moles there are other moles that I still haven’t
tried and I’m gonna put a card right up there and I’m gonna ask you which of the
bath bomb press modes would you like to see me put to use that I don’t already
have and who knows maybe we’ll see this machine comes with a pretty high price
tag I would call this an investment for your business
usually investment turns back into profit and this machine will help you
make professional-looking bath bombs in all the shapes that you love and it
should turn back into profit pretty quickly I know that personally I was
afraid to get one of these machines because of the price I had a $600 manual
press from a different brand that was not working for me
and I was scared to make the jump and get a pen Ematic press now I’m really
lucky because I was gifted this unit I bought a couple molds but most of these
were given to me by the bath bomb press so that I could make a review for you
guys to learn about their features I was scared and I was pressing bath bomb by
hands they were okay but now they are super awesome it’s really much easier on
the body to use a press because when you press them by hand it’s your arms and
your wrists that apply the pressure in this case the compressor and the machine
do all of the hard work for you so it’s really much more easy on your body and
it makes perfectly nice smooth shapes something else that I wanted to tell you
about the bath bomb press is that they are really active on social media mainly
Facebook and Instagram and there’s also their YouTube channel you can write them
through Facebook Instagram or email and they are usually really quick to reply
so if you need help on anything because you have a problem operating the unit
because if you when you switch from manually pressing bombs to a bath bomb
of course the formulas used may need to change and the way you are working and
thinking the whole bath lawmaking process may
need to change so they will help you make it work they give you a basic
recipe to start working with the press as well as a tips and tricks document in
order to use the unit with a compressor so that is super awesome in conclusion I
would say that this is definitely a workhorse this machine is so easy to
operate it boosts productivity it helps you make more bath bombs with lesser
body effort as it removes the distrain from your hands and passes them onto the
machine your products will look professional you have a wide selection
of modes and shapes if you want to know more about the bath bomb press you can
check all the links below if you have any questions leave them in the comment
section I will try and answer and I will let Lee at the bathroom press know that
she can head over there and answer your comments also thank you so much for
watching I hope this video helped you understand how this machine operates and
figure out if this is the choice for you it has definitely made an impact on my
productivity and I am totally thrilled and in love with this machine see you
later you


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