Bathroom Organization: How to Organize Under the Cabinet

Hi, everyone! So in this video, I’m going
to share with you guys how I’m organizing my bathroom
cabinet. Okay. So this is my bathroom cabinet. I’m
just going to quickly go up and down and show you guys
and then I’ll explain in more detail. But if you
saw my last bathroom cabinet and you saw that it looked
a lot different from this, what I did was I wanted
to come up with a new system for the new house and
I also got rid of a lot of stuff before we moved, just
like stuff I wasn’t using any more or stuff that I
no longer needed. So this is pretty much like all of my bathroom
stuff, with the exception of my make-up, which is
a lot smaller in this house than in my old house,
so I will have to show you my make-up and my linen closet
another time, but this is the majority of everything. So let me just show you guys what I did here.
So when you’re organizing underneath the bathroom
sink, like you’re always going to have that annoying
J-pipe underneath the sink that you kind of have
to organize around and it’s so annoying and it’s so
frustrating and you really have to get creative with the space.
So what I did was I got these stackable bins. I liked them because they’re open, like
there’s no like lid here, there’s nothing to open here,
everything is just open, so you can just like come inside
the cabinet and grab what you’re looking for and then
put it back when you’re done. They come in different sizes, so I was able
to put like the bigger ones on the outside and then
the smaller ones toward the middle around the
J-pipe, so you can kind of see that everything just
fits really nicely. And what I did underneath here,
which I don’t know if you can see here, but I put
some putty, let me see if you can just see it
over here, there you go. So I put some museum putty,
mounting putty, on the bottom of each bin so they
don’t move, so they stay in place. So these are plastic,
lightweight bins and if you’ve ever had a lightweight
bin, you know that it moves, especially when you try
and get something out and you go like that, the bin moves.
So the mounting putty just holds it in place really
securely and it doesn’t move, so that’s really nice also. Okay, so let me show you guys everything I
have. So I have my hair tools down here, so this
is like my curling iron, my flatiron, my hairbrush is
here. This one is still empty for the most part,
I think there’s a nail kit in there. Then this is everyday
things like face lotion, toothpaste, tweezers, scissors,
deodorant, I have perfumes down here, I have lotions
here, then there’s Advil, also. Over here I have
tampons, I have Q-tips, I have soap, and then facial
stuff for washing my face. There’s wipes for cleaning
around the sink, there’s razors, there’s wipes, there’s
paper towels, toilet paper, and trash bags. So up here, this bin’s kind of hard to access,
so I wanted to put something up here that I wasn’t grabbing
every day, and so this is like extra trash bags to line
my trash can, I’m not really grabbing that every day,
I’m just grabbing it every time I take the trash out. And then over the door, over the cabinet door,
I have my blow dryer and then on this side I have all
of my hair sprays, hair gels, creams, and anything
that I need to make my hair nice. So my favorite thing about this system is
how everything is just super accessible. Like I love the
fact that I can just get out of the shower, I can just
open up the cabinet doors and immediately grab like my
deodorant, my lotion, my face lotion, tweezers, anything
that I might need to get ready for the day, everything
is just so easy to find, it’s easy to grab, easy
to put back, it’s easy to maintain. And it’s just,
it’s working for me! And another thing I like about this space
is how the space is maximized. So you can see that I’ve
kind of, I’ve organized across, but I’ve also organized
up, so I’ve maximized my vertical space and
not just like my horizontal space. I also like these cute, little labels that
I made so I just took scrapbook paper and I cut it out
and I put it behind the little label holder right here
and then I just took my label maker and then I put
a nice, white, clean label so you’d know exactly what goes
inside this bin. Okay, so that’s how I’m organizing everything
in my bathroom cabinet. I hope these tips were helpful,
I hope you can use some of the things I’ve shared with you guys. If you want more information on the products
I used, you can check out my website,
And if there is something that you want to share with
us on how you organize your bathroom cabinet or just
something in your bathroom, you can leave a comment below,
or create a video response, upload it, and let us all see. So that’s everything I had for you guys,
I will see you soon. Bye! For more tips checkout


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