Hi guys it’s me ColorMeCassie and today we’re doing my June Battle of the boxes! So Guys today we’re doing my june battle of the boxes and I just got my sephora play and my ipsy today so good deal, all at once. So we’re going to quick go through what I got in my birchbox I already did an unboxing for my birchbox this month because it came super super early So if you want to see my reactions to that video I will have it linked up here and also in the description box down below but we’re just going to go through real quick what’s in there, and then we’ll get into my ipsy and my sephora play and we’re going to kinda decide which one wins this month so that should be fun If you haven’t seen me before, Hi my name is Cassie It’s nice to meet yo, and I would love for you to become friends with me on the internet How you can do that is by scrolling down and hitting that red subscribe button down below And also I’m having a huge giveaway going on right now because I just hit 5,000 subscribers so if you want to get in on that giveaway hop on over to this video right here and also in the description box down below I’ll have it linked. and you can enter to win a ton of fun stuff like a Nicole Gurierro Glow kit and and the sweet peach palette by Too Faced so Those are just 2 of the many things in this giveaway, and yeah you should go check it out Without further adieu lets jump right into this unboxing! So the first box we’re going to be unboxing today is my Birchbox. This is what the box looks like, I have already seen everything in here Please go over to my main video to see my reactions because they are priceless. priceless! Ok, so the first thing I got in my Birchbox was This SU hair and body wash The next thing I got in this box was a manna kadar eye candy priming shadow stick this came broken, but I did contact support and they did give me points to reimburse me about $5 woth of points for this guy. The next thing I got in my birchbox was This Coola BB Cream. It has a sunscreen built into it The next thing I got in my Birchbox was this Mellow Matte Liquid lip paint, and it’s this really pretty berry color. Very excited about that! And the last thing I got in my box was this marcell hydra c 24 hour energizing hydrating gel Just to kinda summarize everything I got in my box 3 out of 5 items in the box were makeup related items so I think that’s a score for Birchbox It’s not usually this good, and I’m excited about it! Next we’re going to hop into ipsy this month I think the bag is super cute this month it’s got a pair of lips on the front, and it’s kinda tan with a black bottom edge. So the first thing I’m seeing in here is this NYX whipped cheek and lip cream. This is in the color “plush” it is kind of a really pretty mauve color It seems pretty sheer Let’s see what happens when we kinda blend it out a little bit It does have kind of a cream blush consistency It just gives you a little of a wash of color on your skin. I’m excited to try that out, I’ve never seen that product before So I think that could be an interesting product Next thing I’m seeing in here is this beauty for real eye line in chocolate fix. so it’s just a little extendable pencil liner, and it is very smooth. I don’t know if you guys can tell but it’s very very smooth and very pigmented. That would be really good for like smoking out on the eye line Cool, the next thing I’m having in here is this Hey honey uncover detoxifying mask. I have gotten stuff from hey honey before and liked it So it’s kinda a dark grey mud mask as you can see right there It smells like almost a little minty, and it does have a tiny bit of grit in it, so I feel like when you ended up washing this off it would almost exfoliate your skin That could definitely be good. I’m excited about that! The 4th thing I’m seeing in here is this City Color shimmer shadow and it’s this really pretty bronze shade it’s in the shade “cheers to life” Oh, it is very creamy feeling Ooooohhhh How does it do that? That is insane! It is very soft, very creamy. It almost has kind of a sillicone feel behind it. but holy moly, that’s intense. I’m going to have to do something with that. And the last thing I’m seeing in here is this balm springs longwearing blush by the balm It’s a little pan that size. It’s a very nice tangerine-y mauve color. So guys, I was thinking Birchbox was going to be in the running this month but holy cow ipsy! 1, 2, 3, 4 out of 5 makeup items and a clay mask. How?!? ipsy was so great this month! So ipsy is going to be hard to beat this month We’re going to have to see what sephora play comes up with because that had 4 out of 5 makeup items and I loved them all, so I don’t know. Breaking out the Sephora play blox… Blox… the Box! This is what we look like inside so here’s the little bag this month There’s some girls in bikinis on the beach, it’s kinda cute, they’re wearing swim caps. Here we go, we’re opening up the top here And the first biggest thing in here is the Diva curl It’s that good, super cream, coconut curl styler So it’s a curl cream. I’m going to have to try this out because I am a curly girl. It smells pretty good. like coconut-y. Fun Stuff! That is a really good size too! Huge sample size, I’ll actually be able to use this I am so excited guys! It’s a Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick, that’s awesome! These are so expensive Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the color lovesick. I’m running out of armspace, should we switch arms here, well that’s … no. We’re just going to do right here. That is really pretty! That is a great summer color. It’s kind of a really purply pink color Excited! Next thing in here is the porefessional by benefit, and this is always a good thing it makes me a little bit sad, that I didn’t get something bigger than this because this is miniscule. Oh well, you don’t need very much primer It’s still a good product. Ok, so next thing in here is the defense refresh setting mist with rosemary by super goop. It also has SPF 50 That’s big SPF for a setting spray The mist on it is really nice I’m feeling the film of protectiveness form on my hand here Well, I’m excited to try that out and see how it does for me It’s a pretty decent size for a setting spray I am very intrigued that it has SPF in it. That seems like it’s unusual. I don’t know, well see. Next thing in here, is a Madam CJ Walker beauty cotour frizz fighting coconut and morigna oil, curl whip styling souffle. So this is my second curl product in my Sephora Play. That doesn’t bode well for me. I like to have different types of products in my boxes, so too much of the same thing disinterests me. This one doesn’t really smell like much at all. so, well see if that works out for me. Also a really good sample size, but I did get 2 curl creams in this bag And the last this in here is this Versace Bright Crystal Fragrance. So this is really fruity, really fresh. It kinda has a flowery sent to it as well. I’m never really good at describing fragrances. I’ll probably wear it, it’s not my favorite scent ever though. So overall I think that was a really good Sephora Play Bag I wish I would have gotten more makeup items, but I’m really really happy with the sizes of the hair products and I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of them So guys, that’s everything in my boxes this month Make sure you pause the video, go down below and comment which was your favorite box from my June battle of the boxes. and come back here, and I’ll tell you what I think So guys, this month I think Sephora Play Won. With Sephora Play I got these 2 very large hair care products and then I got the primer, the setting spray, and the everlasting liquid lip by Kat Von D So those are all really good brands that I got. I love that I got the Kat Von D Liquid Lip And the 2 hair care products are huge, and they will work well with my hair I know that ipsy was really really close it had a ton of makeup products in it I was really excited about it That Kat Von D liquid lip is really what weighed the balances for me I think my Sephora play was overall the better unboxing So yeah, that’s pretty much it for this month’s battle of the boxes If you liked it make sure you give this video a big huge thumbs up and if you have not yet subscribed to my channel, make sure you do so I do these battle of the Boxes every month and I also do Boxycharm Unboxings so stay tuned for that and make sure you go enter my giveaway if you have not yet already. I’ll have it linked up here and also in the description box down below That’s pretty much it! I love you guys, and I’ll see you next time! Bye!


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