Beginner Affiliate Marketing | 3 Critical Steps Top Earners Do That Others Don’t

– If you’ve been on your
affiliate marketing journey for more than a single hot minute you’ve probably hit a wall at some point. If you don’t know how to handle it, exactly what you need to do next, you will sabotage your success
and fail to reach your goals. It’s Leah Rae from and I’m gonna walk you through
exactly the three steps that top earners do when we hit a wall. And what you need to do so that
you can create more success than you ever dreamed possible. So here’s how it typically goes, you join a new opportunity,
you buy a new tool, you maybe purchase a new training product, or you just decide to really commit and start focusing on a
new marketing strategy. Now at first, yeah, you’re all excited. You’re super excited about
all the possibilities and all the possible
outcomes that may come from this new decision or
from this new opportunity, whatever it is. You create a plan of
action and you get to work. And that pumped up phase, kind of the honeymoon phase if you will, it can last for a while,
you start taking action and you often start seeing some good signs that it’s working. Maybe you’re gaining followers, maybe you’re increasing your watch time, maybe you’re getting a
higher click-through rate or opt-in rate or you’re starting to generate leads, or whatever. So you see those initial good signs and that’s exciting and that’s great but often it leads to false expectations that whatever wins that
you’re currently seeing that they’re gonna continue on at that same rate of speed ongoing. The truth is they won’t. After those initial wins you
transition into the grind phase and this, this grind phase, this is where you have to continue to
put in work consistently for quite a while before you
have your next breakthrough, before you hit your next level of growth. And it can be disheartening, you initially saw so much growth and thought that that growth
would continue or even speed up but it hasn’t and you’ve
been putting in so much work. It’s frustrating and that’s typically where people hit a wall
and what you do next determines if you’re gonna be a top earner with affiliate marketing or not. Often they start looking
at the next shiny object thinking it’s got to be easier. Whether that’s a new strategy
or a new opportunity. Or they may, honestly
I’ve seen this a lot, throw in the towel either
permanently or for a while and just give their business a break because they feel burnt out. And I totally get it, but this decision, what you do when you hit this wall, this is the difference
between maybe someday creating a business
that might be profitable every once in a while and creating a massively
successful business. And sadly most people take
the easier course here. They change directions
looking for something easier with faster results. But the truth is this
wall, this grind phase, this is where success, where it’s created, where leaders have their breakthroughs. So let’s get real and talk about what you actually need to
do when you hit this wall. The very last thing that you
should do is change directions, changing opportunities,
or changing strategy. You’ve already put in so much work, don’t let it go to waste. Here is where you should
start looking for ways to improve upon what you’re already doing. So to put this in perspective,
a couple summers ago Todd and I were running
really, really hard for a top leadership rank in an affiliate marketing
program that we work with and honestly, when we made
the decision to run for it we were really, really far
away from hitting that rank. But we wanted to hit that rank before the company had their
live event that summer. We had a crazy travel schedule for about a week before the event because of getting childcare and all kinds of stuff we were doing so we knew that we had to hit
it before that and guess what? We were only a month
out from the live event and that’s when we made the crazy decision that we were actually gonna go for it. Now Brian, the owner of the
company, put out a challenge along with a nice and juicy
reward to hit this next rank and I accepted and then
I had to go convince Todd that we were gonna do it. But we both got on board,
initially we were really excited and just pumped up just
to charge in headfirst towards this really aggressive
goal that we just set. So Todd went and cranked up
our ads to generate more leads and took point on the kids so that I could spend my
days calling our leads, this is a point in our business that for closing our sales
it was all phone hustle. We didn’t have a lot
of automation in place when it came to the
sales process back then. Well after the first couple days the excitement started to wear off. We were spending what we really felt was a ton of money on ads and we were only getting
maybe a sign up or two a day if we were lucky and honestly we actually had some days
where nobody signed up at all and we needed to average
like five sign ups a day every single day if we were
gonna reach our goal on time. So we’re really starting to get nervous. So we sat around the
dinner table one night wondering if we could really do this. Should we just chalk this up to setting just an unrealistic goal and
cut our losses with our ads? This was our wall. It woulda been totally
reasonable to call it quits. Anyone would accept our
reasoning on why we did it, but we didn’t. Instead we looked for how to improve upon what we were already doing. We knew that we needed a bit more urgency because we were getting a lot of people interested in the offer but not a lot that we’re
actually pulling the trigger and getting started when
we were making our calls. So we knew we needed something, a sense of urgency to
get the interested people off the fence and actually
pulling the trigger. So we decided to add a live workshop, to do a live workshop for
all of our new customers but in order to get access
to this new live workshop they had to sign up by a
specific day and a specific time. Well guess what, it worked. The sign ups started
rolling in which was great but then we hit another snag. We thought we had it all figured out and we hit another wall. I started losing my voice and all of this was done over the phone. How can we possibly reach our
goal if I couldn’t even talk? Well, this was another opportunity to realistically throw
in the towel, right? Did we? No, we looked for ways around it. We ended up getting a phone burner system to automate my voicemails with a recording and for anyone if you’ve ever called leads and you know a lot of the
calls that you’re making you’re just leaving voicemails. So having a recorded message
leave that voicemail for me saved me a lot of talking which was really helpful for my voice. On top of that we also looked
up remedies to save your voice and I did them all. It was summertime in Oklahoma, which if you don’t know
is really, really hot and I was walking around the house with a scarf around my neck
to keep my throat warm. I wasn’t allowed any cold water or drinks which was really hard for me, especially in a hot Oklahoma summer, and I drank lots of warm tea with honey. We did all kinds of tricks plus when I wasn’t actually
talking on the phone I wasn’t talking at all
to anyone and it worked. I eked it out, I was able to
survive, my voice survived, we did it, we got 67 new
customers at a $150 a month within 19 days, 19 days! That’s over $10,000 in sales. Now what was really cool is we actually hit that leadership
rank that we were going for on my birthday which was extra fun. That final day we actually got 14 signups on that very last day. It was a huge accomplishment and it took massive perseverance and even quite a bit of innovation to keep going through those
walls that we were hitting. But in doing so not only do we
massively improve our income, we reached an elite leadership level that only a handful of people
in the world had ever reached. And probably most importantly,
we proved to ourselves that we could really do it. And honestly now I know
from that experience that we can do anything, we
can do anything we commit to and decide to and just go all out for. So let’s break this down,
what are the three steps that got us through it, how
did we get through our walls? The first step is that
we stayed the course even though it was easier to
give up or to change directions we didn’t, number one, stay the course. Number two, we innovated. We added the needed urgency to knock people off the
fence and get the sales and we found solutions
for my voice problem. If you hit a wall with a strategy look for a way to take
it to the next level. How can you do it better? So figure it out, plug
in with more training, study what other leaders are doing, not just what they’re saying but study their actual marketing, what they’re putting
out to market themselves and then study it, learn. Todd and I have learned so much just studying other marketers. Not necessarily their training but what they’re really
doing in their business. On top of that mastermind with others to come up with some ideas, to brainstorm on what you can do better, how you can take it to the next level. I had a built in mastermind
partner in Todd which is great, but if you don’t have that
that’s a really good example of why you need to network in the affiliate marketing industry so that you can talk with other people and you can just have these sessions where you can spit ball and say, okay, this is what I’m trying to do, this is what I’m running
into, what can I do? And you can come up with much,
much better ideas doing that when you’re talking with someone else, when you’re talking it through someone who understands the industry. And the third thing that
I did that got me through, honestly was prayer and meditation. This was huge in being
able to stay the course. Now I know that some
entrepreneurs, you hear they spend hours in the
morning doing prayer and meditation and all this stuff and I didn’t have time for that. I was spending like 18
hours a day on the phone, it was insane. So I didn’t have that kind of time but what I did do is every morning before I’ve picked up that phone I would do some prayer meditation. I pray that God just brought us the people who are ready to take action,
who were ready for us, for people that we could actually help. And then I would envision God just handing us someone’s hand, someone that we could and
we bring them success, help them in their journey. And then throughout the night or day, whenever I hit a setback, whether it was, you know, just a really rough no that I thought I was gonna get
a yes on, I was feeling down, whatever it was, I was
feeling tired ’cause this was like three weeks of chaos,
I just took a moment. I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths, and I did it again, I prayed, and I put myself back in that moment I envisioned God just bringing us people who are ready for our help. And that gave me the
strength to keep going and to persevere. When you fully understand and
implement these three steps you can accomplish more
than you ever imagined. You can create a massively
successful business giving you the lifestyle that you honestly probably never dreamed possible. So take this information
and please put it to work, you won’t regret it. Now make sure to check out our great affiliate marketing training to help you know the ins and
outs of what you need to do so you can stay the course and create the success that you want. Just click the link at
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from and I’ll see you soon.


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