Beginner Affiliate Marketing | 8 Ways To Get Unstuck With The Power Of Association

– You are stuck. You’ve got aspirations to work from home to create time freedom
for you and your family, but not much is happening. You’re taking some action,
but you really don’t have much to show for all your efforts, and you’re starting to
wonder and doubt when or even if this is going to
start coming together for you. Hey, it’s LeahRae from, and I’m gonna give you eight
different ways to get unstuck, so that you can truly
jumpstart your business, start making sales, and start
creating the time freedom that you deserve. So for more videos to help
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make sure to subscribe, turn on notifications, so
that we can help you do that. Now whenever you find
yourself feeling stuck, one of the very first things
that you need to look at isn’t necessarily what
you’re spending your time on, but instead, who you are
spending your time with. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but you are the average
of the top five people that you spend your time
with, and it is true. Humans are made to adapt
to our environment. Environment has a massive influence on us. The people we are around, that’s a huge part of our environment. It’s a scientific fact that human behavior is really created by the environment. Even if your genes predispose
you to a certain behavior, but if that environment
doesn’t support it, that behavior won’t manifest. Think about someone who
has an addictive gene. Their parents were alcoholics. Their biological parents
were alcoholics or whatever. They’re raised in a different
home, never exposed to that. Their friends and their support system, there’s none of that in it. Alcohol is not a part
of their lives at all. It’s not as likely that
they’re actually going to become alcoholics, even
if they’ve got the genetics that tells them that they should be. So it’s really important
to surround yourself with people who will help
bring out the behaviors that you want to see in yourself. The people you are around, they’re gonna affect your thinking. They’re gonna affect your habits, your mindset, and then your actions. When you spend time with people, you start to think the
way that they think, and when you start to think
the way that they think, guess what, you also start
doing the things that they do, and then you can start achieving the things that they’ve achieved. So think about this, how do
drug addicts rehabilitate? They remove themselves from
the unhealthy environment, the unhealthy relationships,
and they put themselves in an environment that will
help bring about the mindset and the behaviors that they desire. They go into rehab, they go
into a healthy environment with support that they need, so they can achieve the goals
that they want to achieve. Think about the show The
Biggest Loser, same thing. The people are completely
immersed into an environment that’s all about being
healthy and losing weight. The environment of the show
encourages the right type of thinking that they need, which is encouraging of
the right type of actions, and then they get the right results. They start losing weight, but what do you see when
people actually return to their normal lives after they’ve been booted off the show? Well, most of ’em gain if not
all, some of that weight back, because their normal environment, their normal people that they
surround themselves with, it doesn’t support that healthy behavior. But what if you’re not
quite in that situation? Your environment isn’t
necessarily unsupportive, but it’s not really
super supportive either. Think about the people
that have that great story, the comeback story of hitting rock bottom, being in a super desperate situation, and then that situation gave
them the kick in the butt that they finally needed to just create massive, massive success. But what if you’re kinda comfortable in whatever situation you’re in? There’s no urgency, there’s
no motivation to take action. The answer is that you
need to put yourself around others who have
much, much more than you. Your environment is
keeping you comfortable, and it isn’t encouraging change. If you’re always the smartest
or most successful person in the room, that’s not a good thing. It keeps you comfortable
and you don’t grow. So if you want to make
progress in your business, you need to surround yourself with people who are much more successful than you are. Change your environment,
change your associations, put yourself in an environment where the five people you
spend the most time with are all smarter than you. They’re all more successful than you, and you’ll start to become much more motivated to take action. Now we’ve worked with a lot of people, either plugging them
in to training or tools to create their online business or even with an opportunity itself, and we can really tell how
successful someone’s going to be almost immediately after they’ve purchased or joined something or become active, because of how they
either become very active in our community groups and
live interaction sessions or how they quietly
fade away into the night without ever doing anything. In other words, the more
they associate themselves with other people in the community, with us and other folks who
are on the same journey, who are supporting each other,
the more success they have, and the reverse is true. The number one sign
that someone isn’t going to make it in building a business is that they fall off the
radar almost immediately. They never plug in with the community. They never change their associations. Life gets in the way, it gets busy, and they just get sucked
right back in to the behaviors that kept them where they
are and nothing changes. So, what can you do to
improve your associations? It’s honestly much easier said than done. Well, the first step is to remove or to limit negative influences. What should you do with toxic people or people that just aren’t helpful? Well, personally, we’ve
had people in our lives that all they did after work
was have fun and socialize. They had no goals, they weren’t
working towards anything. Their plan was to live the exact same day every single day for the next
72 years and call it a life. They were comfortable in their lives, and they had no desire to change anything. Well, we didn’t understand them, and they didn’t understand us and why we were always working
so hard on our business, because honestly, they knew
we had really good jobs, even better jobs than them,
and they didn’t get it. They would call to gossip or to drop in for a visit unannounced, and we’d be on our computers or on the phone building our business, and so it actually caused some tension in those relationships, and it started to drain our motivation
to get anything done. You need to limit your
time with these folks. You have to understand that
they are part of an environment that is unhelpful to your
success, especially with family. You’re not gonna cut
them out of your life, but if they call and want to BS, and you’re sitting there
trying to work on your business or get some deadlines done, talk to them, be real with them, and schedule a call to call them on Sunday
afternoons or whenever you have your designated
personal time or family time. And if ever the conversation turns sour, and it goes into gossip,
to putting down your goals, or belittling others, anything negative, then give yourself permission to cut off that phone
call or end that visit. Now, on social media, you may honestly have
to stop following them, those folks that are just negative Nancy’s and causing controversy all
the time or just complaining. Now, you don’t even have to unfriend them if they’re you’re family
members, you don’t, but you can choose to unfollow
them on Facebook instead and just unplug from all
that negativity and drama. Now on the flip side, how do you increase a helpful association? Well are you active in
live training groups or mastermind groups? You should be. Take any opportunity to engage
in an interactive training, online, offline, whatever, but surround yourself with people who are also growing
and learning with you. Do you have a coach that you meet with on a weekly or bi-weekly basis? Having a personal coach is by far one of the most effective ways to
get ahead in your business, and to connect with someone
who’s more successful than you and can help you expand how
you think and lead the way. Are you regularly communicating with people who are on the same journey? Have you found others who are looking to create their own businesses? Find them through Facebook
groups or wherever and support each other and talk regularly. Now you can also take this one further and find a business partner or just an accountability partner. Someone who is on a similar path with you, and you actually set up appointments to talk a few times a week or even daily to make sure that you are both on track and to hold each other accountable. Now, when was the last time that you attended a live
event for your industry? You need to do it at least
a couple times a year, but preferably going quarterly is better if you can afford it. Now these events are just priceless, not only in the great information that they’re supposed
to be providing to you, but also in allowing you to network and make valuable
connections and relationships with fellow entrepreneurs that
you can stay connected with ongoing after you go home. So again, if you’re not having the success you want in your business, if you aren’t making the progress that you feel you should be making, then start looking at the people you’re associating yourself with. Remember, even if you are
genetically predisposed to a certain behavior, if it’s literally written into your DNA, if your environment doesn’t
support that behavior, it’s never gonna manifest itself. So look at your environment and start disassociating
yourself from the people who are not supporting the
thinking, the behavior, and the goals that you wanna achieve and start associating
yourself with people who will. Now if you wanna plug in
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