Beginner Affiliate Marketing | How To Get 10X More Traffic For Free

– Whether you’re just exploring or you’ve just gotten started with affiliate marketing, one of the biggest
challenges that people face is getting enough traffic to their offer. Traffic simply is a fancy word for people checking out your offer,
clicking your link. Now the good news is that there is a crazy profitable virtually
unlimited traffic strategy that you can start using
in your business today so that you can multiply
the traffic to your offer. Hey, it’s LeahRae from, and stick with me throughout this video because I’m gonna walk you through how to drastically multiply
the amount of traffic that you’re getting to
your offer for free. Honestly one of the best places to do affiliate marketing
today is YouTube. YouTube really frankly crushes all other social media platforms. When you think about
Instagram or Facebook, they’re really more about networking, and you might get a fraction of the people who already follow you to see your content, to see your post unless you’re doing paid ads. Compare that with YouTube where it’s actually a search engine. People go to YouTube specifically
to look for information. So you can be seen and found by people who’ve never seen you before every single day through your videos. So the first step is to
really know what benefit your offer provides its customers. What’s the benefit or what
problem does it solve for them? So for example, say, you’re
offering a dog training program, your problem that it solves is for people whose dogs
just don’t stop barking. It can help them. Or they just can’t potty train their dog and they’re having accidents
all over the house. Those are problems that your
offer could solve for them. Or if you’re an affiliate
of a training program, that training program can
provide step-by-step instructions on how people can start
making money from home, creating time freedom or just relieving the
mounting pressure of debt. Now once you have a really clear picture on who your offer helps, the next step is to figure out what they’re searching YouTube for. And there’s a great tool you can use for free to help you do this. It’s called Keywords Everywhere. They offer it both as a Chrome extension and as a Firefox, Firefox,
Firefox extension. To find it, just type in
Keywords Everywhere Download. Here we are. And here you can easily
quickly install this for Chrome or install this for Firefox. Now I already have this on my computer so I don’t need to go
through this process, but make sure that you do this right away. Now this tool is super helpful
because inside YouTube, if we head over here, it’ll actually show us how many people are searching YouTube for specific terms. So if we go with that
dog training example, let’s just type in dog training. And it’s telling us, this information in gray right here is from Keywords Everywhere. It’s saying 165,000 people per month are searching dog training. If you click on it, it’ll also provide the
information down below. So that tells you there is a ton of people looking for this information. Let’s look up how to
stop my dog from barking. The volume, 3600 a month, that’s still a lot of
people looking for that. So Keywords Everywhere is gonna show you what specific things
people are looking for. Really important so that you know what to create your content about, what kind of videos you should be creating that’s gonna build and engage audience where people are actually gonna
look for you and find you. Now truthfully this is
only a part of the story. You need a little more information to make a really good decision on what kinda content you want to create. Now the second piece of it is actually knowing how competitive it is to actually get to show
up for that search. So how many YouTube creators are creating videos on that topic? The more competitive it is, the harder it is to show up within the very first handful of results. So we recommend a tool called TubeBuddy. It is an awesome tool that
you can actually use for free. Now I’m gonna show it to you on my screen what this looks like, and what is important that I’m gonna show you is totally free, it’s with their free option. I do have a paid option so you may see some additional stuff that’s not included in the free, but the important part
that you need is free. I do have a link to get
signed up for ToolBuddy. It’s our affiliate link
in the description. Even if you’re gonna use it for free guys, go ahead and grab our link, because the further you go in YouTube, you may, like us, want to use some of their more advanced features as you become a more advanced creator. So you get signed up for TubeBuddy, you download the extension for Chrome, and now you’re gonna have more
really helpful information to help you know what
kinda content to create. So on YouTube this information right here is super valuable. This is actually telling us how competitive it is to rank videos, to show up at the top
of the search results. So for this search in particular, how to stop my dog from barking, 3600 people a month
are searching for this, and it’s actually got a really good score. So this is something I
would definitely go for if you are in this niche. The higher the score, the easier it is to rank. The lower the score, the harder and more competitive it is. Now we actually go for some
pretty competitive keywords, but if you’re first getting started, it may be a good idea to mix in noncompetitive and more competitive so that you’re getting your stuff ranked maybe for some lesser volume but you can get right at the top, and then you’re mixing
in some of the searches that maybe have crazy amounts of volume but are pretty competitive so that you can start working your way up to really ranking for those higher things. And every once in a
while you hit a jackpot. Like this is actually a really good term where it does have a good
volume of searches per month, and it’s gonna pretty easy to rank for. Yay! Now these two tools, Keywords Everywhere and TubeBuddy, they’re gonna essentially tell you what content you should be
creating for your niche, so get out the camera,
start recording some videos, give some great information,
some great content, and you don’t have to be an expert guys, we all have the internet, you can just look up stuff on the internet that pertains to your niche
and share it with them. But whatever it is, it should make sense that at the end of the video, you’re offering them your affiliate link to take the next step with you. YouTube is a goldmine because
when you’re creating videos that people are actually looking for, you’re able to create unlimited traffic. It is awesome. Now honestly there’s
a lot of little tricks and things you can do to
get your videos to rank at the top of the search results, but the biggest things to start
off with, just the basics, is to know what that search term or phrase or whatever it is is, make sure to include that in your title, and also list that as a tag on your video. If you do those two things and you create a great
video that people like, that’s really all you
need to start ranking especially for some of those
not as competitive keywords. I’ve honestly seen some videos that were in a really competitive search that were ranking one, two, or three, and didn’t do any of the advanced SEO kinda stuff you can do for YouTube. So creating great content
and doing those two things, putting your search term in the title and listing it as a tag, those two things are really
all you need to get started and to start generate some
traffic to your offer. If you’re brand new to this,
don’t let it scare you off. It might seem daunting
but it’s really not. Just take it step-by-step. After you do a couple videos, it’s actually gonna get a lot easier. And one of the best
things about this is yes, you have to put in the work
to actually create the videos, figure out what the content is gonna be, then create the videos
and get it uploaded. But these videos are gonna continue to bring you leads, to bring you sales for possibly years to come. It’s like you’re building online assets that’ll serve you long term. It’s essentially passive income. You do it once, you work on it, and then afterwards you’re gonna continue to get paid for it. Nice. Now one thing to know too guys is that YouTube is gonna reward you for the more content that you create. So get consistent and
create a lot of videos. You might start off at once a week but then try to work that up to maybe three days a week to maybe once a day. It is a great platform and they’re gonna reward
you for taking action. And by reward you, I mean simply showing your
content to more people. Now not all affiliate
offers are created equally. If you wanna check out our number one recommendation for making money online, click the link at the
top of the description so that you can get to full-time
income as fast as possible. Again this is LeahRae
from Know that we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. If you’re new to our channel, say hi in the comments so that we can welcome
you to the community. I’ll see you soon.


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