Beginner Affiliate Marketing How To Make Money With Video & NOT BE ON CAMERA

– So you understand that you
need to start leveraging video to build your business, perhaps on YouTube or other social media platforms, but you’re not quite ready to put your face out
in front of the camera. Well hey, this is LeahRae
from In this video I’m gonna
give you four different ways you can start leveraging video to build your specific business that doesn’t require you to
be in front of the camera. Now some of these will work better for different business models depending on what your offer is and who your niche, who
your target audience is. Get started with doing some things that your face is not involved, but depending on the
industry you’re looking for, you may have more success when you allow. Eventually you get comfortable enough to get your camera face
in front of the camera because it builds a know
like and trust factor better, and you need to have know
like and trust factor before people are ready to make purchases. So if it makes sense for your audience, you do want to work towards that. That being said, there
are lots of people online who’ve made a lot of money with videos that don’t show their face. So it’s not required to, in order to start bringing in money and to create a solid business. So number four would be hand only videos. These are really great for tech reviews, when you’re working
with a physical product that you’re reviewing. Often, you see this lot in tech videos. But really any kind of physical product that you are reviewing
or taking a look at, it works great where
you have the camera set to just your hand, so
your face is not involved. You can also do this nicely
if you’re promoting anything that’s related to food or food prep so that you can shoot videos of recipes, teaching people different
recipes utilizing the tools or the types of foods
that you are promoting. It works really good. I don’t know how many
videos I’ve sat and watched and it’s simply a camera
looking down at a bowl. That is the shot, and it’s
just hands moving in and out, mixing, adding different ingredients, and it works really well. Number three is PowerPoints. Now this is really great
for basically any sort of informational type video. So you can create a PowerPoint that gives the information
that you’re looking for. You can have screenshots in there. It can be just text-based. You can have pictures in there. Whatever you want. And then you’re basically just recording, going through the PowerPoint with your voice talking over it. So it is a great way to
give fabulous information in a way that doesn’t show your face. Number two is simply screen sharing. Obviously, very similar
to say doing a PowerPoint, however, you’re not
actually using PowerPoint. You’re sharing your screen. You could be showing
off different websites, doing tutorials, maybe
video editing tutorials, Photoshop tutorials, whatever
you want to work with. You can share your computer screen and use it as a teaching platform or a way to introduce people to different websites or resources. This is a great type of video, and people honestly love it. You can give great value that builds that know like and trust factor, builds your audience and
leads people to make a sale. Number one is voice only, kind
of professional style videos. Now, these are honestly great for any type of
informational type content, and I’ve recently started
playing with this myself. I found a great a new software
that I was introduced to, and it is super simple. Basically, you can use your own photos, your own videos, or stock
photos or stock videos, that will be playing on the screen while you can add some text, if you want, you add your voice over, and you can actually
create a really cool video. I’ll make sure that
there’s an info card here. It shows a video that I’ve recently shot that gives you an example
of how this works. It’s really super simple. So if you’ve heard of something like Canva for photo editing or graphic design work, the software that I found is really like Canva but for video editing, allowing average people to really create professional level videos. So if you are interested
in this sort of thing, I think it’s really
cool, I played with it, I really enjoyed it and it was
all so simple and intuitive which is always a go-to
because I do not have time to go through like extra tutorial videos or anything like that.
I need to get into it, and it just needs to make
sense. I need to just use it. So if you want to check it out, I’ll make sure if you
open up the description, you’ve got a link in
there that you can click and get access to the software. There is a free version. You can try that out and
see if it’s something that makes sense for
you and your business. Now for more help, to help
you really pull together the entire online business process, help you to grow and to scale, I do have some training,
top link in the description. You can click on that link to get access to that awesome training for you. Now please know that
we are rooting for you. We’re here on this channel,
we created this video to help you create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So if this is the first
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