Beginner Affiliate Marketing | STOPPING Shiny Object Syndrome To Make Money ASAP

– Hey everybody, this is
LeahRae from And with us today is Suzanne. and Suzanne is a fledgling entrepreneur interested in making full
time income from home and has a lot of different things, irons in the fire if you will. On what’s happening, where
she’s currently building, how, and different income
streams that she’s got going on. And that this is a really
really good case study, if you will, to help folks. ‘Cause we see this a lot and I think there’s
gonna be some really good conversation here to help you understand how to really streamline what you’re doing and pull it all together and have a really solid game
plan for moving forward. So thank you very much Suzanne
for being with us here today. – You’re welcome, thank you for having me. – Awesome, awesome. So, just we’re gonna go a quick summary of kinda what you’ve got
going on for the listeners, for the audience today. But you’ve got several different business opportunities, correct? – Correct – Okay, so couple in the
network marketing world, some different affiliate offers
that you’re working with. And you’ve got various
platforms and strategies that you’ve been working, right? – [Suzanne] Right. – Okay, so this is really
really easy to end up doing, is getting started,
learning some cool stuff and then just kinda, just
kinda going crazy with it. And I think what we’re working with here, I don’t wanna say shiny object syndrome ’cause I know you’re sensitive to that. (laughing) It’s a little bit of
shiny object syndrome. So we really wanna
streamline what you’re doing. So there’s a couple of
network marketing companies that you’re actually pushing product for, right?
– Hmm Hmm. – There’s also affiliate
marketing opportunities that you’re offering people. And there’s training and
things to teach marketing. And that’s great. What I think we need to
do, really really do, is focus only in, on one target audience. One target audience. And so that can be
people who are interested in making money from home which is great. And then almost all of those
things could fit into that. Okay, it could fit, you know maybe they’re looking for a network
marketing opportunity, you could share with that. If they’re looking, if
they just wanna learn how to make money from home, I’d really steer them towards probably one of your affiliate
offers, affiliate programs that you’re working with, that’s gonna teach ’em how to do that. But understand if you can
focus on one audience, your front end work is
gonna be all the same. ‘Cause right now what you’re doing, you’d have to be creating
content and building different brands for all
of these different things. On different platforms
or different accounts. You know, in oils, in you
know wellness or whatever, and in home business
and affiliate marketing and there’s no way you’re
going to create real success trying to do all of that, okay. You need to simplify what you’re doing. You should brand to you, to Suzanne. Build your brand as someone
who can help people learn about making money from home. Share valuable content. Share valuable content
that can help them do that, generate leads and then
you can steer people towards different training,
different programs, different opportunities based
on what they’re looking for. Does that make sense? – Hmm Hmm – Okay, excellent. Now when it comes, did you have questions about that target audience at all? Or the type of content or information or anything that you should be creating? – Erm, I don’t think so. I mean I have, I have
all of your stuff, so. I have my target audience and I kinda felt like
I was directing to them but there are so many different platforms. The thing is is that I switched
from Twitter to Instagram and then from Instagram and now I’m trying to
build Facebook audience. But the reason why is
is because of the leads that I was getting on
the other two platforms, didn’t feel appropriate. (laughs) – So, getting more people who, just time wasters essentially. – Yeah
– Time wasters who are just there to waste your time, okay. What I would probably do is, now on Facebook are you
working with paid ads? Are you working with just
networking on your profile? Or what’re you doing? – Erm, so I’m on my personal profile. I have two separate business pages, that are at about a 100 to
150 followers at the moment. And I kind of just, I need to get in groups, I know that. But groups, I know it’s a
good way but it almost feels like a time sucker, I don’t,
’cause I’m not creating. I mean I guess I’m adding
value in a roundabout way but it, I feel like I
get trapped in those. Maybe because I’m too
social, I don’t know. – Yes, and that’s why Facebook hustling, like what you’re talking about, isn’t our favorite way to market at all. Because, it’s you’re always plugged in. You’re always working, you
can’t like go on vacation and still be making money. You’re always doing that grind and personally that’s not why
I’m doing a home business. Like I’m doing an internet business, – Yeah
– To get out of that. I wanna be able to unplug. You know yes, you still have to work, but you know you work ahead
a little bit, like this week. I’m actually doing
twice the work this week and I’m starting my vacation on Wednesday. I’m having family come down and I’m unplugged for an entire week. And our business is still
gonna run seamlessly. Because of the types of
strategies and methods that we have in place. So, I would not suggest for
what you’re trying to do getting into the Facebook hustle. Okay, you got so many
other things right now available to you. You’ve got your Instagram, Twitter and now you have a
YouTube channel as well. And no, just don’t. You know there is a place, it does work, I have friends that are crazy successful and I have had a lot of
success on there as well. But I only ever used
Facebook hustle as a layer I could add on when I
wanted to work harder. – So it would be,
because one of the things I had kinda been thinking
of was running some ads to drive traffic and
followers to those pages. Erm, and I mean I don’t
have a large amount, so it would just be a
small amount each month, but if what you’re saying then
I just don’t know how to get, how to attract the ones
that aren’t interested in just hi, hello, how are you. (laughing) Now I say hey I’m running a business here, I just kinda say I’m running
a business on Twitter can I help you with any? And you know I offer whatever
I can help them with. Whatever post that they, or
tweet, that they responded to. And they just give me a oh thank you, and then that’s it, so – Yeah, so what I would
probably do is use Instagram and Twitter only as a syndication or distribution place for YouTube. So you can use, and you
know, If you’re getting a lot of time wasters and stuff, yes we can look at your content
and what you’re posting, but it is what it is. Personally I think the
biggest long term growth plan. The biggest bang for your
buck is to focus on YouTube. – Okay. – Because with YouTube
it’s a search engine. You learn how to set up
your videos and we’ve done, I’ve done a whole, like
a four video series teaching all of it. – Yeah
– So you can create your videos, set ’em up so that new people are finding you through those videos. Crank out videos, just — – And then I would put all
the videos on all this stuff. – Yeah, so you can, you know once, ’cause you’re half way almost to 10,000 followers on Instagram. Once you get to 10,000
followers on Instagram, every time you put a video up on YouTube, create a story and have them swipe up to send off to the new YouTube video. Let, you know, you’ve got some great tools and automation stuff that you can plug in for Twitter and for
Instagram, leverage it. Get that puppy automated. Don’t get sucked in to
all of the conversations and the time wasting. ‘Cause I know that you also work from home doing other things and you
don’t have a lot of time. So, I would focus on as much of the leveraged activities as you can. So, like what I do, ’cause
we still work Instagram but I’m not in Instagram a lot because our primary focus
right now is YouTube and we’ve got VAs and stuff
that help us out on Instagram. But what I do on Sunday evenings, I create all of my
posts on Sunday evenings and I schedule them for the week, and I’m good to go. We have some other automation
and some things in place and we have our VAs checking comments and interacting a bit for us. But that’s, you know, so it’s
kind of set it and forget it. I take a couple of
hours on Sunday evening, get that out of the way, because it’s not my
primary focus right now. Our primary focus is
YouTube because the growth. It takes hustle, it definitely does, but it’s a long term game plan that can work for you
for a very long time. So then for the, you
know, after that point, then I switch my focus
just totally on YouTube. And then whenever we publish a video we add it to our Twitter. You know we tweet it out, we
get it in to our Twitter stuff and Twitter’s already,
it’s automated and growing. And so we use those as really nice, at this point in our business, at different points in our business they were our primary
strategies which was fine. But knowing, like the, the
high end affiliate programs and the different things
that you’re involved with, I think YouTube is a really
really good place for you. – Even if I do grow this. I’m gonna be five times
as busy as I am right now, and so much of it is on automation. And thinking I’m not
gonna gain time freedom. But hearing you say that and not being on those
platforms so much interacting, is gonna be a huge difference. – Yeah I would focus just,
use the, whatever you can in the leveraged aspect of
those platforms, use it. And then spend your active
time creating content, creating content on YouTube. And honestly you can even
pay someone who can like, embed your, if you don’t have time, if you have time you can do it, but you know you can embed
those videos into your blog. ‘Cause I know you’ve got a blog too. – [Suzanne] I do.
– But right now I see there’s like so many things, that you’re spreading
yourself out too thin. And if you’re spread thin, you’re not gonna have
real results anywhere. And so what you need to do, is try to eliminate all
of your other activities that you don’t need to do. – [Suzanne] Okay. – You know you’ve got audiences already on a couple of platforms
so don’t abandon them, but
– Right. – But automate and like use it as a way just to promote your
content and other stuff. And then really hone
in on creating content. Creating videos that are gonna speak to your target audience on YouTube. Set ’em up so that they’re
searchable, people can find you. And get to work. Now the amount of videos. I’ll tell you the best case scenario and then you can adjust for your life. (both laughing) But, I highly suggest
doing a 90 or 100 day run of daily videos. I’m not gonna lie, and say that
that’s easy, ’cause it aint. I am half way right now, to 100. I’m doing a 100 day run that ends May 1st and I’m half way there and it’s rough. And yes I have family
coming in on Wednesday so I’ve been really hustling
my butt doing double time. – I know you’ve, I had
heard you in something else of you doing your 90 day to 100 day run, and I was like oh there’s no way. (both laughing) – Sorry.
– And now that’s what you’re telling me. So guess what I’m gonna try and do? – And they don’t have to be really long. And I’ll tell you when we first, when I really started pushing on YouTube I started with really short videos. Because I wanted to
get good numbers first. I wanted to be able to create videos that kept peoples attention, that had a good retention rate, over 50%. And you know, we were
getting, we were seeing good feedback from our audience
and they were doing well. And then I gradually made them longer. I’ll tell you, when I’m doing
twice as many videos right now they’re actually getting shorter, just because I’m trying to
crank it out to get on vacation. But in general you know, we’re growing the length of the videos. ‘Cause we do want longer videos, if we can keep people on them. If we can keep —
– Right. – [LeahRae] At about 50% or higher. – And I keep my lives
and even my videos short, because I don’t like to get
on there and watch long things so I’m like, I’m keeping mine short. – Yes and that’s really fine. If you’re doing like a
three to five minute video on YouTube, that’s totally fine. You know, getting started, if you just got some bullet points that you know you’re gonna talk about. You can do a script, it does
take longer with a script, you know because you have to sit there and you have to write out the script and then you have to
set up your teleprompter or whatever you’re using. Or if you’re doing it on a webcam and you got it up on your computer. However you do it, it works,
but it’s a time thing right? And so right now, you know,
you’re gonna kind of stink at the beginning of the
video and that’s okay. So don’t put in so much effort, work, when you first begin
you want to really work on learning how to be energetic because guess what? I can wave my hands
around and be all crazy and in real life if you
were standing next to me you’d be like that woman is insane. Like it’s so out there, but on a video it translates as less. Like —
– So how you guys do that is, is you just do like, couple of minutes worth of high energy and then do another couple
of minutes of high energy. – Well I, yeah, I edit a lot of my videos. I only do you know, short bursts, erm. – Right. – A few sentences together
and I’m cutting it all up. Because I actually found that when I edit and do jump cuts and stuff, it keeps people’s attention longer. Because there’s a good old change, like whoa.
– Right. And I’ve seen a lot of,
I’ve seen a lot of those that you send through Messenger. – Yeah, yeah, so having,
work on your posture, work on being able to talk to the camera like you’re talking to your best friend. And being able to get yourself hyped up. Because it translates to way less energy. Now get in, it’s funny ’cause,
even just a few months ago before I was doing daily videos and I wasn’t as in practice,
you know, with shooting video, it felt like I had plenty of energy. And I was talking to the camera and I was, you know whatever, and now I look at those videos and I’m like, feels like I’m sleeping. Those are horrible. So tricks to get yourself doing that. Stand, if you can set up your workspace where you can stand, – Right, hmm hmm.
– That’s great. You know, I like haah, get myself, like wiggle it out and
like psyche myself up, then I start going. You know, so that I have more energy and I can really project
my voice and be engaging. Because if you’re watching
someone on a screen, the worst thing in the world
is watch someone like this, no ones gonna stick
around to watch the video even if you’ve got great content. So
– Right. – So you wanna get out there and really, you know, be
you times 10 if you will. – [Suzanne] Right. – Okay, so the main takeaway, and we can get in to
some specifics with you and answer some questions. But the main thing that
I want you to focus on, the main takeaway from this conversation, is that you are stretched way too thin and you’re not gonna
have results doing that. – [Suzanne] Okay. – You need to streamline,
streamline your activities. Automate what you can on
your existing platforms, focus on creating evergreen content. And promoting that content
out to those platforms, okay? – [Suzanne] Okay. – When it comes to opportunities
and what you’re doing. I hate to say, but I
would not focus on all, I wouldn’t try to handle all of that. It just doesn’t make sense. If you’re building network marketing you have to be really really
focused on network marketing. It’s, and we’ve built very
large teams, we’ve done that. And it’s, and you have to be
like, really really into it. And it has to be your focus. And so with kind of the
direction that you’re going in with some of the affiliate programs that you’re working with, that do have really great
income opportunities. I would suggest thinking about just focusing on the affiliate side and having a good opportunity
on the affiliate side, having good training
on the affiliate side, having good tools. Because if you’ve got tools, you’ve got training,
you’ve got opportunity, that’s really a complete package
that makes sense together. Does that makes sense? – [Suzanne] Hmm Hmm, Hmm Hmm. – Because, and I’ve told people before. With network marketing, people refer people to a lot of products, but never try to build more than one team. It just doesn’t work, you have
to be 100% committed to that. The affiliate side has a complete package that really will make
sense for your audience and you’ll have more success with it. Does that make sense? – [Suzanne] Yeah. – Okay. – Now what about emailing, like people that you haven’t contacted right at the get-go. – Right, and we actually
have some of those. We’ve got some people in another system we’ve gotta transfer out
and they’re gonna be like, who the hey are you. And so I get it. What I would do, so if she has emails. I’d email a list of leads that she’s generated months ago, and has not started emailing them yet, because of some technical issues that she had in the process. So now she has them and she
can start emailing them, so what should she do? Well, I would re, you have
to re-engage with them. The biggest thing with your emails is having a good subject line that’s going to grab their attention. So, ’cause right now they
probably don’t remember you. And that’s okay, but we
have to grab their attention with a good subject and then
tell them who you are, so. – Like remind them where they opted in at? – Yeah, like hey this is Suzanne, super, all my technical issues are done, I’m excited to talk with
you today, blah blah blah. And I would, you know the
easiest way to do this, is shoot a YouTube video, publish it and then you have content to send to them. Right, so happy I’m finally able to share with you some more great information, you know, blah blah blah. And send them off to your video. – Okay. – So it’s not super important to apologize for the time delay or really
acknowledge it too much at all. It’s more important just
to give them information, just to help them. – [Suzanne] Okay. – They don’t really care about you not emailing them for months, they don’t really care. What they care about is, what are you gonna do for me right now? – [Suzanne] Right. – So you know, I dunno how
you generated these leads but I would kind of
probably, if it made sense, I’d remind them how they,
you know, how they found you. You know, what they, great
training they checked out blah blah blah whatever. And then you know,
finally got this set up, I’m super excited to share this with you. Here’s a video on how to do ABC. You know, and shoot it off. Spend enough time on your subjects. I’m guilty of this myself because I have a ton of work to do and I’ve got two little
ones that I’m juggling. So I try to like cross things off my list, boom boom boom boom and just keep going. And it bites me in the butt sometimes because I don’t spend enough time thinking about my subject lines on my emails. Your subject is your most
important part of your emails. It has to raise curiosity
and get them to open. Okay so just remember that. Take a little time, breath,
don’t try to rush through it. Okay, does this make people curious and want to open this email? You should always —
– Hmm – Ask yourself that question. – And did you just start using, ’cause you don’t have this
in every landing page, capture page for phone numbers. How did you start getting phone numbers? Are there only certain capture pages that you use for the phone numbers? Or do you go to Messenger?
– So. To get people on to our Messenger, our Facebook Messenger bot, we offer a freebie that
they have to click a button that goes through Messenger to get. So that’s usually on the thank
you page of our opt in pages. So,
– Oh okay. – We have a thing with
email on the thank you page, hey here’s your free PDF
download, they click the button it delivers through
Facebook Messenger bot. So that’s how we do
Facebook Messenger side. When it comes to phone numbers
and calling your leads, that is, and for anybody who is interested in learning how to do
this, here’s a card here, ’cause I just like today, published a video on
how to call your leads. It’s a really important skill and the fastest way to make sales. We, on all of our capture pages, when we were at the point of our business that we called leads. Every single capture page, we set it up so that it
asked for phone numbers. – [Suzanne] Okay. – So if you’re using done for
you stuff, I know that you use the attraction marketing
system we recommend, My Lead System Pro. You could actually just,
there’s a box to check, you can have it ask for phone numbers. – [Suzanne] Right. – So just make sure that’s on there. For other things, like your higher end affiliate marketing program, you just wanna create
your own funnel page. You can basically be inspired by what comes with the system. Use you know, My Lead System Pro pages, whatever you have access to. Which you obviously do
because you’re a member there. You can —
– Right – [LeahRae] Create your
own funnel with that. And you can put a phone
number field in it as well. – Okay. – [LeahRae] Okay? – Alright. – Awesome, do you have any questions? – [Suzanne] I think you’ve answered them. – Okay good, my biggest thing for you is to really help you understand that you’re not gonna
get anywhere spread out. Focus, you just try to
really really be focused. And with your busy life and
the things you’ve got going, let’s focus really on
leveraged activities, okay. – Alright. – Awesome, well I wanna
thank you for your time. I think this has been
a helpful conversation for you guys at home as well, because so many people get distracted, or get spread too thin trying
to do too much at once. Focus your energy and you can
have massive, major results. That’s how it works. Now if you wanna learn how to be become an
effective affiliate marketer. You heard that term thrown
around here a lot today, I’m gonna have a training for it, top link in the description. Go ahead and click that
and you can check out some great training to teach
you affiliate marketing and how to be successful. Now please know we are routing for you, we are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So you gotta subscribe so
that we can help you do that. Make sure to say hi in the comments so we can welcome you to the community. Again, this was LeahRae
from and I’ll see you soon.


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