Besan ka churma recipe | Besan churma ladoo recipe । बेसन के चूरमा लड्डू

Welcome to Churma is served with batti in Rajasthan. We have already prepared wheat flout Churma. Today we will make tasty besan Churma. Let’s start with the procedure of making besan Churma. For this we are using Gram flour – 2 cup (200 grams) Semolina – ½ cup (80 grams) Boora – less than 2 cups (250 grams) Cashew nuts – 20-25 pieces Almond – 20-25 pieces Green cardamom – 10-12 Ghee – ¼ cup (for kneading flour) Ghee – for frying besan balls Firstly knead dough. Take a big bowl and add besan, semolina and ghee into it. Mix ghee in flour nicely. Dough is ready. We have used 1/3 cup of water for kneading this much quantity of dough. Keep aside the dough for 20 minutes and then make balls from it. Cover and keep aside the dough for 20 minutes to set. Meanwhile cut cashews and almonds. Peel cardamom and make powder. Make 7-8 pieces of one cashew. Make sure they are not too fine or too thick. Like wise make 8-10 pieces from one almond. Peel cardamom and make powder. Dough is ready now. Now make small dough balls same as required for making chappati. We have made 10 parts from the dough. Now make dough balls from them. Meanwhile preheat ghee. Roll and flatten like this. Give them shape of a peda. There is no need to smoothen the dough ball, just roll and give shape of a peda. We have prepared peda from the dough. Ghee should be medium hot. Drop one dough ball to check. Ghee is not sufficiently hot, increase the flame. Ghee is now sufficiently hot, bring the flame to medium and fry the dough balls. Drop 4-5 dough balls at a time. Fry on medium flame until they turn golden brown in color. Flip the sides and fry until they turn golden brown in color from both sides evenly. Dough balls are ready take them out in a plate. Likewise fry rest of the dough balls. It takes 6-7 minutes for frying dough balls at a time. We have given them shape of a batti but you can give any shape you like. Allow them to cool and then we’ll make Churma. Now we’ll break them with help of grind stone or with your hands. Now we will strain the mixture. We are using sieve used for straining rice. Place the sieve over a bowl and strain the Churma mixture. Grind the thick grains again with help of grind stone. Grind rest of the thick grains with help of mixture grinder. You can use either ways for grinding the Churma finely. We have nicely grinded the Churma and now we will strain it. We have grinded and strained the churma and now we will roast it a wok. Add 2 tsp ghee and churma in a wok. Roast it more to enhance the flavor. We have roasted churma for 5-6 minutes on medium flame. Churma is ready and is smelling delicious. Turn off the flame, churma is ready. Now take out churma in a separate bowl. Mix rest of the ingredients in churma. Add boora, cardamom powder, almonds and cashews. Mix all ingredients nicely. Churma is now ready. If you wish to make ladoo from this churma then add more ghee into it. Mix nice quantity of ghee to bring binding in the mixture. Let’s use little amount of churma for making ladoos. Add little amount of ghee in churma and mix well. Mix nice quantity of ghee to bring binding in the mixture. Now make ladoos from the mixture. Make small, big or medium size ladoos as per your preference. Take little amount of dough and make ladoos like this. Likewise make all ladoos. Lip smacking and tempting Besan churma and ladoo are ready. Store the besan churma in any container once cooled and relish for 8-10 days. Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with See you soon with another new delightful recipe.
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