Best 3 Dirt Bike Mods!

hey what’s happening guys got a quick
video for today I’m gonna be talking about the first three modifications I
would do do it or bike besides maintenance items so this is all
kind of personal preference but I got a feeling a lot of you would agree with it
so let’s jump right into this video so personally the very first thing I would
change out are the grips the grips I prefer are these OD out lock on ones so
they actually bolt onto the handlebars and there’s zero chance of em slipping
so no need to use any glue or wire and the grip compound is really good
absolutely love these things and I’ve actually had these same grips on this
bike for about two years now obviously you can see they’re getting pretty beat
up on this end of it you’ll need to replace them soon but they’ve held up
remarkably well for grips so on this side the throw side the grip is actually
molded into the thrall tube so you get the grip the throttle tube and then on
this side the flange it’s actually part of the grip and that just clamps onto
the handlebar really really slick idea I’ll put the link to where I bought
these grips down below in the description box so the grips are a
pretty cheap modification and the next one up is a little more expensive so the
clutch lever is something I’m really picky about especially on a two-stroke
with a two-stroke you’re always abusing the clutch so it’s super nice to have a
clutch at work smooth and is adjustable here for the cable tension so this lever
is a works connection one have this one for many years now and definitely my
favorite one of all so it’s got a bearing here in the pivot and that makes
the clutch action super smooth and over here like I mentioned it’s got a cable
slack adjuster so say if you’re going over a jump you can just whack this
thing and adjust the cable slack super critical to have on a two-stroke or
four-stroke for that matter and then the last thing I really really like about
this lever is down here you can see that little screw I’ll zoom in on it yeah
right there there is a little allen and that adjusts the lever reach from the
handlebar so that changes how far the lever sits from the handlebar so it’s
you can really fine-tune it to your liking and one last thing I really like
about this lever and perch setup it’s got a plastic sleeve here between the
handlebar so that enables the lever to pivot out of the
way upon the crash and that’ll save you a lot of broken levers so pretty
important to have as well the third modification here if you want to call
that is actually free if you have a tape measure so that is setting the
suspension sag and so setting the suspension sag really balances out the
bike and kind of customize it for your weight and it’s easier to do this with
two people so in the simplest terms suspension sag is how much the
suspension compresses underneath the weight of the rider and that could
either be the rear of the bike or the front oh shoot it’s a zip tie missing
should probably fix that but today we’re going to be looking at the rear of the
bike and the reason for that is the rear sag makes the biggest difference in how
the bike handles I actually put together an article on how exactly to set your
suspension sag so hit that link down below in the description box to access
that free article and before I go I need to pick the winner of this clutch cover
giveaway from the last video so let’s go ahead and take care of that right now
all right I’ve got the Instagram random comment picker page pulled up here URL
is punched in so this giveaway was actually over on
Instagram and if you want to enter more giveaways like this make sure you go
follow my page it is at cameron neem allah
i’ll have the handle written right here at the bottom of the screen so like i
said got the URL punched in just going to hit the start button and that’s gonna
pick a complete random comment from that instagram picture all right you guys
ready for this it’s a lot on the line here
got this clutch cover whoever whoever’s comment pops up is going to win this
clutch cover all right we’ve got Garrett James and he says wrap so just like I
said in that giveaway got a comment braaap on that picture so Garrett James
I will be sending you a message over on Instagram get your shipping address and
send this clutch cover swing right here over to you hope you can use it the last
and perhaps best mod of all or stickers so go copy your prime of X stickers over
at prime MX comm link will be down below hope you guys enjoyed this little list
and actually I would like to hear what your favorite modifications are so drop
them down below in the comments section looking forward to hearing from you and
I’ll see you in a future video keep it Prime guys

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