Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

You are the 5 people you surround
yourself with. And I’ve personally found that surrounding myself with other
people that are in the business I want to go into has helped me exponentially.
And that’s why I’m going to be discussing the best affiliate marketing forums in
this video. Because forums have helped me out massively in my success of affiliate
marketing to the point where I make now millions of dollars per year. So, take
this seriously. Check out some of these forums. I’m going to explain a little bit
about each of these 5 forums here and how they can benefit you and who they
specifically are going to cater to within the affiliate marketing community. So, wicket fire is the oldest forum on
this list. It’s been around for God knows how long before I was even in affiliate
marketing. And this caters to… I don’t really know who. I think it caters more towards people who do SEO which is like blogging
and whatnot. Because it’s been around so long that it’s really lost a lot of its
flavor but you can still go into wicked fire. And see just thousands and
thousands and thousands of posts from people who have been marketing for many
years online. It’s still active. There’s a lot of information out there. And you
might want to check it out just to see what sort of information you can glean
from other people. Now, the next forum is Warrior Forum. This
is a very popular forum. Very active today. But it really caters more towards
people who are just like brand spanking new to affiliate marketing. I mean, if
you’re like, “What is a link or like where do I find an affiliate link?” Or like, “What
is a webpage?” You know? You might do well on Warrior Forum. But one
thing to keep in mind is that on Warrior Forum, they have tons of different
products. Everybody seems to be selling their 5-dollar guide to making butt
loads of money through some tactic. And one thing to kind of beware about is
that if people are selling their information for 5 dollars and they’re
spending a lot of time marketing themselves. On a forum,
which is not scalable, it probably means they’re broke. You know? If… You know,
people spend so much time on graphics to reach a very small audience to make 5
dollars from a hundred people. It’s not a lot of money. You know, you have to look
at yourself when when you’re on any of these forums. You have to watch out for
you know who’s selling what products. Because you have to ask yourself, “Does
this person have what I want to have?” And in choosing a teacher, you have to ask
yourself that. Does this person have what I want to have? Really understand who
you’re going to learn from. It’s not worth your time to spend money on a 5-dollar guide typically. Because oftentimes, you’re just gonna get misinformation. You know, I found that when I was beginning my internet marketing
journey, I bought the cheapest you know I’d either I’d either find free
information or I bought the cheapest information possible from marketers
who’s whether they were successful or not, it was kind of a you know I wasn’t
sure. So, the point is just because it sounds good and looks good. If the person
is not very successful, don’t learn from them. Because you don’t… That won’t
help you. So, there’s a lot of that on Warrior Forum. So just watch out for all
the people selling stuff on Warrior Forum. Now, this third forum is based off of a
book that I highly recommend everybody buy. It’s called The Millionaire Fastlane
by MJ DeMarco. This book has helped me grow as an entrepreneur so much. If
you’ve seen other videos of mine, you hear me talk about Tim Ferriss’ book,
The 4-hour Work Week and how that influenced me to go down this path of
starting an internet business. Well, the second book that would be your close
runner-up behind that that helped me really define my business and get on a
big growth curve has been The Millionaire Fastlane. And that’s what
this next forum is a derivative of. Now, the Fastlane forum is not specifically
on affiliate marketing. It’s really just on making money working for yourself in
general. But that being said, this is perhaps the best overall forum I found
on the internet. Because it’s created by MJ DeMarco and there’s so
much cool interaction there. It’s really cool to check in on
all the different ways people are making money whether it’s in real estate or
sales or stock trading or affiliate marketing or e-commerce. There’s people
making money a million different ways on the Fastlane forum and seeing the
success stories, seeing the trial and error. Seeing the real stories from real people
on this forum is just so cool. And there’s a lot of it. And it it’s it’s a
great forum. I highly suggest you check it out. Again, it’s not very focused on
affiliate marketing. But it is focused on success working for yourself. And I found
that getting into the mindset, that’s probably the biggest hurdle for most
people that are trying to make it online. Now, if you’ve been trying a number of
businesses, trying to become successful but you haven’t been successful in any
one of them, it’s not likely that you’re unlucky. It’s likely that you just don’t
have the mindset or the wherewithal or the commitment or the dedication. For
whatever reason, being in a place like this will help you get in to the right
state of mind. So, I put a massive star next to this forum. Great place to be. So,
stack that money. Get that money, stack it. Stack that money is a
pretty good forum for aggressive marketers. Stack that money is purely
focused on affiliate marketing. And within affiliate marketing, it’s almost
purely focused on ad buying. Now, I joined this forum in 2011. On my profile,
it shows I joined in November in 2011. And this forum really helped me get to
my first big successes online. I was a regular on this forum just
checking posts every single day. This forum really helped me through and
become very successful. Now, there’s a lot of highly successful marketers that post
on this forum. Many guys making millions of dollars a year from affiliate
marketing. If you joined this forum you’ll see all the tactics. I found that
the forum doesn’t have as much good information anymore on this cutting edge
stuff that’s happening now or the same sense of camaraderie that it used to
have. But you know… Maybe that’s you know just me being an old geese
these and saying “Oh, things changed.” There’s a lot more people selling stuff
on the forum now. One thing to note is that on the stack that money forum, I
think it kind of changed once they started selling their own training
course on the forum. Now, forums are in my mind, supposed to be a place to just kind
of discuss amongst people. Not to kind of push people in a certain direction to
take a particular training. It’s just supposed to facilitate discussion. And
what I didn’t like is that you know, I went through the training course, you
know, when when they first released their own training course. And honestly, I
didn’t really think it was a good training course. I mean, less than
mediocre. I wasn’t impressed with it. But that being said, you know… That’s when
I think it started going downhill a little bit. But there’s still a lot of
good posts in there. There’s a lot of gold. One thing about the stack that
money for them is it is $99 a month, okay? So, keep that in mind when you’re joining
this forum. This is a paid forum. But that being said, you get higher level
people when you have a price tag to things. Mad society. This forum, mad society
is a really cool forum. It started by a really awesome lone wolf
affiliate marketer Malin de Ross. Who also lives out here in Los
Angeles. He lives in Hollywood to be exact.
But he’s a big CPA marketer. He advertises… You know, he’s a huge online
marketer or affiliate marketer. And he spends a lot of money on ads. So, I’ve
actually found that Mad society is one of… I don’t know if it’s still available
this was just sort of like the brainchild of this guy. You get access to
really high level people. And for everything that stack that money once
was, I joined Mad Society last year. I think
it’s still around. This is an awesome forum. And I believe… I believe mad
society is also $99 a month. Or it has some price tag to it. But the level of
people and level of knowledge that you could access to in this forum is really,
really, really top notch. And I really like the kind of camaraderie and the
willingness of people to help each other out in this forum. So, if
you’re looking to get to the next level, I would check this out. But again, this is
not necessarily from newbies. It will, if you are new to affiliate marketing and
you join this forum, it is going to be like breathing through a firehose. You may not
understand a lot of the stuff people are talking about. But that being said, you
can Google these terms and all that stuff. So, those are the 5 forums I
would look into. They’re really great resources to kind of bring together different people and give you yourself a sounding board of other
people, other affiliate marketers to bounce ideas off of to post case studies
to post diary campaigns, etc. What I highly suggest you do when you join one
of these forums is do a follow along. Okay? That’s… Follow along means monitor
yourself. Keep a diary, keep a daily diary within the forum. A thread if you will.
And post about what you’re doing in your affiliate marketing business. That’s what
I did to get good at this industry. I posted every single day exactly what I
did to my ad campaign. And I posted my stats and I posted pictures of my ads, I
posted links to my landing pages. So that people could see the public on the forum
could see exactly what I was doing each day in my affiliate marketing. And what
was really cool is people would comment on it. And people that were smarter than
me in affiliate marketing would look at my marketing campaigns and say, “Hey, I
would change this. Or hey, this is the reason why this is going wrong.” If you…
The more you share, the more you will get back. And what I found was being
completely transparent with what I was doing in affiliate marketing.
Posting my images. You know, my landing pages. Posting the products I was
promoting. Posting how much money I was losing or how much money I was making.
Most of the time, I was how much money I was losing that people are naturally
willing to help. But you need to share the actual data, the actual images the
actual ads and everything with people. And that is my big hack to becoming
successful in this field. Share everything, okay?
Don’t just say, “Hey, my ads aren’t working. What do… What am I doing wrong?”
Share everything that you’re doing in post images. That’s my special hack to
becoming successful in these forums. Now, thanks for watching. And let me know in
the comments below if you are going to end up joining any one of these forums.
Just write in the comments which forum you’ll be joining? Wicked fire, Warrior
Forum, Fast Lane Forum. Which are all free? Or if you’ll be joining one of the paid
forums such as stack that money or Mad Society. Let me know, I’d love to hear
which forum you guys are most interested in there most of field by. And also, if
you want to see more videos on affiliate marketing, make sure you subscribe to my
channel. Hit the notification icon and you’ll get a free 10 video course on
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watching and see you in the next video.


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