Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners 2019

are you a beginner and you’re looking to
learn more about affiliate marketing in this video I’m gonna share with you the
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below that you’re new to the tribe I’m really excited to share with you what
are the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners let’s get right
into it number one we are going to talk about
Amazon it’s pretty much a no-brainer how many of you have purchased something
through Amazon this week I’m pretty sure you’ve bought something through Amazon
and if you have it’s an easy no-brainer program to sign up for if you want to
begin your affiliate marketing career you basically go on to scroll
to the bottom of the website and you can sign up to become their affiliate it’s
very very simple to get started and they pretty much approve of anybody so it’s
an easy way to get started you can sign up they’ll give you a link and you can
promote it the thing with Amazon is the Commission is not so much you can make
between maybe 4% to 10% depending on the product the thing again it’s the product
has to be shipped and it’s usually a physical product and with physical
products the percentages is not soup not too high but that’s a great program to
get started number two you want to check out share sale calm ShareASale calm has
a ton of different merchants that are very reputable companies some of the
programs that I like to promote our software companies there’s one called
ECAM Live where you can go and use a live streaming service as a staff
software you get a one-time commission when you promote those type of products
and you can pretty much go for it with airing any niche that you’re in you can
go through their advertiser list and see what companies that they have available
and become an affiliate affiliate for them you can also get a ton of great
resources for these products whether it’s email copy or
honors to put on your website they give you a lot of different resources to help
you as an affiliate marketer so make sure to check out ShareASale com the
third one I’d like to share with you is called Rakuten marketing Rakuten
marketing it’s kind of a funny name I’m actually not really sure where it’s from
but it’s one of the best places for beginners it’s also been one of the
longest affiliate programs out there and they have a ton of great companies as
well that you can look through and find and become an affiliate marketer for
them so it’s a great place small network of companies I mean you have a great
chance to get approved on Rakuten marketing last but not least if you want
to learn more you want to actually try some of the links below this video you
want to actually look at our affiliate marketing in a box the affiliate
marketing in a box is a great place to start because you can take a look at
some of the programs that we love to promote number one click funnels click
funnels is one of the best affiliate marketing programs out there especially
for you beginners because click funnels is a program that has a reoccurring
revenue it’s a reoccurring revenue product and it’s something that you’re
going to need throughout your affiliate marketing career you’re going to want to
make sure that you capture the leads so one of the biggest mistakes I ever made
in affiliate marketing is not capturing my leads
I would actually send people straight to my affiliate link without capturing your
customers so what you want to make sure is that you understand click funnels
grab that software so the affiliate marketing in a box we’ll share with you
how to use click funnels to to promote their program or any other business
it’ll help you learn how to grow your business as well as you can become an
affiliate for them as well too so you be able to make 40 percent reoccurring
Commission if you want to make this an actual career you want to pick a program
that has a great foundation has good customer service and has reoccurring
revenue so you can create more of a stable income in your life so you can do
whatever you want to do right the second program you’re also going to learn with
the affiliate marketing business of affiliate business in a box is Aweber
you’re going to need to have email follow-up system gonna have to have an
email email autoresponder so number two a weber is also a reoccurring revenue
product you’ll be also be able to make Commission’s promoting aweber so within
the entire affiliate marketing in a box you’re going to learn how to use click
funnels how to promote it how to how to use Aweber and how to promote that as
well as well as click magic this is also a product that you’re going to need if
you’re going to start an affiliate marketing business you’re going to need
to learn how to track your links so there’s another program called click
magic that you also can generate reoccurring revenue with as well and you
also will need this program as well to learn how to track where your traffic is
coming from and make more money by scaling that as well too and last but
not least you’re also gonna learn how to drive traffic and one of the ways you
can drive traffic quickly is paying for solo ads so there’s a company called
udemy and you to me will you’ll be able to rent out your or pay for traffic rent
out someone else’s list and they will send traffic to your business in a box
and have other people go through this entire program as well so if you want to
learn more about how the affiliate marketing business in a box works if
you’re a beginner this is the best place for you to get started check out the
link below this video and you can get started today if you want to learn more
make sure to watch other videos on this channel we look forward to helping you
make more money saving more money and making a ton of income that you want
within affiliate marketing alright thanks for watching this video and we’ll
see you on the next video

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