Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy Guide for 2018 | The 5K Per Week Strategy

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should be using so let’s get into it if you haven’t already done your research
affiliate marketing has been around since the early 2000s here’s Clickbank
back in 2005 here CJ affiliate a video from 2007 and here’s a blogpost from
2006 just about twelve years ago so affiliate marketing and 2018 has
dramatically changed there’s new terms and conditions and new policies has been
added which makes things a lot more competitive as opposed to before when
people were printing money out on Google by just ranking number one on SEO that’s
why if you really want to become successful in affinia marketing you
really have to put in the time and the effort into succeeding but don’t worry
guys with the amount of searches done on Google with the amount of searches done
on YouTube people on Facebook there’s still plenty of traffic to get
into affiliate marketing and generate real passive income now I’m here to show
you the seeker strategy to becoming a successful affiliate marketer so since
the early days of marketing there has been one saying always passed down by
the top marketers and that is the money is in the list which essentially is
email marketing in 2018 this still holds to be the best strategy for affiliate
marketing and if applied correctly it can be very powerful and generate you
plenty of passive income so I’m here to break it down for you and make sure you
understand this method so you can become a successful affiliate marketer so to
break this down for you I want to start off by going over the classic sales
funnel so a sales funnel is basically a series of pages that you take a customer
through to show them the offer you are promoting and at the same time collect
their email address so how does this work
you start off by a landing page this is page one in this page you will give
their customer or your client your lead valuable informations and ebooks
something of value in exchange for their email address once they submit their
email address they will go onto page 2 of the sales funnel and so real quickly
to recap page 1 all you’re doing is putting out valuable content in order to
collect an email address so for example if you are promoting a basketball offer
maybe you can write an article on page 1 that shows people how to jump higher at
the end of your tips to show people how to jump higher you will ask for an email
address for more tips to play better basketball or maybe you can ask for an
email just to have a video sent to them to show them how to play better
basketball you just want to convince the client to give you their email address
so back to page 2 there are several different ways you can do page 2 of the
sales funnel the first way is by simply sending the subscriber to a thank-you
page after they subscribe in the opt-in page in this Thank You page all you’re
simply doing is giving them a thank you for subscribing to your list maybe you
want to tell them what to do next which would probably be to go check their
email address or whatever you’re sending them but all you’re simply doing is then
giving them a thank-you the second option you have on the second page is a
pre sale page in a pre sale page you want to give the customer or the
subscriber more information on the offer you are given so for example if you were
promoting a basketball for maybe you could tell them why this basketball
career is so good in a video on this pre sale page all you doing on the
Paige is given more information on the offer you are promoting that’s the
second way to do the second page after the pre-sale page you then direct them
to the sales page which is actually the third way you could set up the second
page after they opt-in to your to your first page your opt-in page the first
one you can direct them straight to the sales offer you are promoting this
sometimes where guys to get straight right away sales it’s really just giving
it a try testing everything out and seeing what works the best for you so
you really want to just really look into these give all of these a try guys set
up different Bono’s set up different landing pages and test everything where
you are collecting a healthy amount of leads every single day what you’re
mainly trying to do here is give the person more information on what you’re
offering on the sale you’re promoting but mainly you want to go ahead and
collect their email address on this first page so if you’re not collecting
email address back and work on this first opt-in page to make sure you get
those emails and so that’s basically how affiliate marketing works guys you set
up a good sales page you set up a good opt-in funnel you drive traffic
number one is traffic is drive traffic to these funnels right here and hope you
get sales all right now that we’ve gotten this classic sales funnels out of
the way let’s go ahead and get back to the money is in the list and how this is
gonna make you a lot of money alright guys so you got an offer you want to
promote you set up your opt-in page or collecting emails you set up your sales
page people are getting there but the only problem is nobody is buying
from your offer you set up a great sales page people are landing on it people are
clicking but nobody is buying now usually this is where most marketers get
discouraged this is where most marketers stop they don’t see no results you’re
putting ads up on Google people are landing on your sales pages people are
opting into your bundles but there’s just no sales going
you have not gotten one sale now guys what you have to remember here is that
you were actually never trying to get a sale from the beginning with this
strategy right here all you were trying to do is collect a email address okay
because now you have their email address and you could promote that offer over
and over and over again through email statistics show again and again that
someone needs to see an offer at least 7 or 12 times before they are committed to
actually buying ok so don’t get discouraged guys if you put up a ad and
it does not sell what you’re trying to do is collect a email address once you
have collected all these emergences what you want to do is have a great
autoresponder setup and great email marketing setup so it could constantly
be sending emails to your subscribers like I said they need to see this offer
again and again and again before they can commit to buying it so what you will
do is go ahead and separate a list from the people who are buying your offer and
the people that are not buying your offer you want to go ahead and remove
the people that are never taking action on your emails and only keep the ones
that are once you have a good list of people that are always taking action on
your offers you know you can always generate passive income by sending out a
single email and that’s the basic strategy behind the money is in the list
guys because people will almost never buy on the first time they see the offer
you want to go ahead and collect their email addresses add them to your list
and keep the ones that are opening your emails and converting on your offers
alright guys the money is in the list don’t ever forget that
so start building your email list okay so now you have a huge email list you
made plenty of passive income but you want to take it a step further this is a
second strategy to this already great proven strategy you got a huge email
list you know the people that are responding you know the people that buy
your offers what are you gonna do next to make more money with affiliate
marketing so what you want to do next is look into becoming a solo ad vendor a
solo a vendor is somebody who has a huge huge
list of subscribers and is letting other affiliate marketers use that list to
promote their offers for a price of course
you’re basically charging other affiliate marketers to use your list so
they could promote their offers and see if they could generate any sales you can
become a solo ad vendor by creating your own website setting up your services
where other marketers could come in and buy your subscribers list or you could
look into or joining our ad network like udemy and becoming a solo ad vendor on
there it’s honestly the best way to create passive income through affiliate
marketing and as an affiliate marketer your ultimate goal should be to become a
solo ad vendor at this point you will not have to create anymore landing pages
you will not have to look for any more offers to promote marketers from all
over the world will pay you to use your subscriber list as long as you have a
good list that’s opening their emails that’s responding to them that’s opting
in people from all over the world will pay you to use your list of subscribers
so it’s very important that you start collecting emails which actually brings
me back to my original point and the original method that I’ve been wanting
to show you which is the money is in the list guys email marketing is still the
number one way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer so start generating
leads start collecting emails start building opt-in pages do whatever you
can to go ahead and collect that email and build a good automation to start
generating sales and so that’s it for today guys I hope you enjoyed today’s
video on becoming a successful affiliate marketer I guarantee if you follow this
method you will start seeing results just have patience put in the time and
the work that’s needed and you guys will start seeing success thank you guys for
watching today’s video at the ATM market don’t forget to subscribe below and I’ll
see you guys on the next video


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