Best Affiliate Program Online For Entrepreneurs With 100% Commissions

hey guys it’s Nathan Lucas so you’re
probably on this video cuz you’re looking for the best affiliate program
online in how to grow your business and make more money with one of the best
affiliate programs right that’s what you’re looking for well I have something amazing to share
with you guys and something that I think you can get the biggest bang for your
buck how you can become a professional affiliate marketer network marketer or
whatever business you have how to market online in what to look for when you’re
searching for an affiliate program to market your business online so first of
all here’s number one Elena give you guys some tips that i think is gonna
help you kind of guide you and show you what to look for when you’re searching
for an affiliate program and I’m gonna show you exactly what I use on how I
make money online and how I get the training all the software although you
know into the weeds I’m not gonna do that but everything that really you need
I’m gonna show you in what to look for so you can make an educated decision
when you actually diving to start making money right so the first thing you need
to do is look for an affiliate program that hot has high payouts now something
basic like if you’re an affiliate of like Amazon or something the payouts are not going to be a
hundred percent and that’s just the way it is but you can look for programs that
have higher payouts ok and I want to share with you one that has you know a
hundred percent pay out so I want you take a look at this and what you see
right here is products right here that are actually given to me or given to you
or whoever decides to be an affiliate to go and resell right you they have the
rights to resell these products as their own their pre made their old done for
you but look at this these are 100% payouts up to almost $300 you have
another one almost $500 right and then you have smaller ones that can actually
leading to bigger sales but here’s the best part as these are 100% alright so there’s no percentage here
these are given to you through this system for you to go in cell as your own
to make money in you get 100% so that’s one thing to keep in mind is the
percentage of the payout with the program that you’re using so now let’s
take a look at the next thing which is look for an affiliate program that pays
you residual e haha this is a big one because a lot of people may go out there
and you know there hustling there maybe even making some sales but they make the
sale and then that’s it it’s a one-time in done thing so look for a program that
will actually pay you over and over and over again and that is residual income
which you know is an amazing thing you know it gives you an income then to
continue to grow your business so I will show you right here the pale of the
program that I use looks just like this now keep in mind that this is not taking
into account the products I just showed you so you can still go out and sell
those products and make money this right here is if you choose to be an affiliate
of the program in refer people to it this is the type of payout you get so
let’s just look at these are the leadership levels right here lol 1
through 7 now let’s just to jump down to number three so as a master remember you
bring in seventeen people you get paid monthly $1500 now I want you to to think
about the type of effort that would take to sponsor seventeen people because that
takes training it takes time and it’s not overnight so by no means am I
telling you that you’re gonna get insane results right away you’re going to
become rich it’s all good click the link below your done no
absolutely not this is this is a system in affiliate program that actually
teaches you how to go out which will lead me to my next point in market this
system see a lot of programs out there you can be coming affiliate of and you might be able to
make this kind of money but then they just leave you on your own and you have
no training on how to market so sorry I kind of went on a tangent there but look
at this here so seventeen people you $1500 a month that’s an annual income of
eighteen thousand dollars now obviously this tire kickers are people out there
who are going to join and they’re going to quit and that’s just how it is right
people will quit so now this takes into account people quip you have nine people
still active right we’re still making seven hundred and fifty bucks a month or
nine thousand dollars annually so you can go through and look at the rest of
this screenshot if you want but now I’m gonna go in and move into the next part
which I kind of touched on but you want to look for an affiliate program that
has the training on marketing and that actually helps you build your business
right so like I said there’s plenty of programs out there where you legitimate
Lee can make a significant amount of money you know in the network marketing
industry as an affiliate online but a lot of times they just allow you to be
an affiliate but they don’t necessarily give you the exact training on how to
effectively market your business online and that’s what I want to show you next
and this is exactly why I recommend this program as number one because look at
all this training guys anything you could ever need to learn how to market
online in grow your business in brand yourself right it’s all within here so
they have a blogging platform analyzer which is actually a lead
capture creation to you can actually create lead capture pages there is done
for you capture pages in here Customer Relationship Manager this is
key guys because the Fortune is in the follow-up and if you don’t know how to
follow up then you’re not you know you’re not building your list you’re not
effectively communicating to your list and the training is in here for that too for social networking facebook facebook
live which is brand new right now I Twitter marketing periscope interest
snapped guys almost any platform social platform you think of the restraining
back here there’s training to help you grow your business or at your not just
left you know how in the dark there they actually take you by the hand and help
you grow your business a lot of content marketing blogging video YouTube like so
you’re watching me right now learn how to make videos to grow your
business and that’s something I highly recommend if you do have some cash flow
to market your business here some paid marketing this training on all this
guy’s and also I want you to take a look at this look at all these categories
back here as a master member you guys get access to training that goes back
since 2008 and look at all these categories here i mean they’re just
training on almost everything you can think of and that’s why I absolutely I
love this platform guys and I highly recommend you know take into
consideration these types of things when you’re looking at programs affiliate
programs to try and make money online so let’s look at the next point and that is
look for an affiliate program with a low entry cost and that has a money back
guarantee so guys what I’m sharing with you now even what I showed you that
hundred percent payout if you were to go out and build all of those programs to
sell them yourself that would take months if not years to create all those
products and then to market those products guess that’s thousands of
dollars worth of product that you get a go out you’re just given this to go out
and sell right and all that training there’s thousands and thousands of
dollars worth of training marketing training to help you grow your business
so how much things cost the system to try out to get in and get your foot in
the door even find out if it’s for you $1,000 $500 guys to test this out it’s
only a $10 trial right it’s only 10 bucks to see even if it’s for you and like I
said I’ve got so much value out of this I know that if you’re looking to build
your current business maybe you have one maybe your network marketing you’re
already an affiliate marketing you want take it to the next level and learn how
to effectively market guys this program is amazing and like I said there’s a
disclaimer I’m not saying you’re guaranteed results overnight but what I
am saying is you will get the training in the only variable in the equation is
you you will get the training you need to learn the skills to effectively
market your business and grow your business online within this system which
leaves it on you ok are you gonna take the action to grow your business all right let’s let’s jump to last point
here which is an affiliate program with ongoing training this is another reason
why I love this program guys a lot of affiliate programs out there you can
join them you can go out and try and market but the training is limited if
any at all in this system here not only allows you to create an income quicker
as an affiliate but it also gives you ongoing training to help you do that we
have weekly webinars every single Wednesday that help their affiliates and
help people brand themselves online become an expert
in market their business online it’s one of the best things I love about this
affiliate program and also think it’s Monday to Friday they have calls every
single morning inspirational calls motivational calls marketing calls to
help you understand that you can do this alright people are making a living
online through the network marketing industry through affiliate marketing
it’s actually happening guys and I want to help you do that by suggesting this
platform to you so I will leave a couple of links down below this video click
check it out for $10 you can sign up in even see if it’s for you which I really
think it would be connect with me and let’s get you going to really help
you build your business online also if you’re interested I invite you to the
next marketing webinar which will be this Wednesday coming up we have them
every week and then you can kind of see for yourself what kind of training they
do on their Wednesday webinars it’s really amazing by six and seven figure
earners coming to you directly with training right so if you guys like this
video go ahead give it a thumbs up if you want more training entrepreneur
training go ahead click the link below subscribe to my channel I will be coming
out with more training videos as I do almost on a weekly basis to help you
guys grow your business and I will see you guys on the inside and I will also
see you on the next video take care

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