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hello Jo Anne Mbonigaba here from So are you Canadian like myself, I live in
Ottawa Gatineau Canada, whoop, whoop! and you have heard about affiliate marketing and you
want to understand what are the best affiliate marketing programs here in
Canada for Canadians are perhaps you are a current affiliate marketer here in
Canada and you just want to know what are some new products that perhaps you
haven’t heard of that could help you to grow your income online? If that’s the
case this is the video for you! In this video, I’m going to talk about what is the
best so what does that really mean, I’m going to talk about what makes an
affiliate program great, I’m gonna give you my top six and I’ll also end with
some keys and tips to being a success as an affiliate marketer as well, people
love bonuses and so for those of you who stay to the very end, I’m gonna give you
some amazing bonuses so you’re gonna want to stay tuned. Alright, just really
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you find that content of value alright let’s get started- so what does it mean
when I say best I really want to talk about that because the word best or
highest or… these are subjective terms and so for me in this video I am going
to share my opinion with you at the end of the day the best affiliate marketing
program for yourself depends on your preferences depends on your skill set
right it depends on you so I wanted to really start off with that, you know I
see a lot of people say best and they get their rankings it’s their opinions
and so this video is me giving my recommendations that I believe will be
of a lot of body to you but at the end of the day it is my opinion and you need
to make your decision based on your situation and your preferences all right
okay so what makes an affiliate program great so I’m switching from best to what
I believe makes an affiliate pulldown great
well purse purse -first I believe what makes the key to an affiliate program
being great is the product or service that you are referring people to
personally for me what I recommend is dealing with products or services that
you know love you know you’ve experienced or tried yourself it comes
across in your content be it a blog post be it a video like this when you are
authentically excited and recommending a product because you’ve personally
experienced it and had amazing results or an amazing experience so to me that’s
the first key the first key is buying a product that you love and personally no
I’m not saying that you can’t affiliate market or refer people to products that
you may not have touched or used but I’m saying what I recommend for the best fit
and the best results is when you’ve personally had an experience I can share
authentically that experience with others all right the second thing is
what makes an affiliate program great is when the company itself that you are
referring customers to provide excellent customer service regardless the Vista
product or service is great do you agree if you
a hard time knowing we were dealing with our getting in touch with questions that
that creates a bad taste in your mouth well then if you want to give the best
value and have repeat customers and clients you want to make sure that you
refer to two companies that give great customer service to those people you
refer to and also great customer service to you if you have a question you know
they respond in a timely manner and they give you good tools to use to market
their products all right so great support is number two
number three it’s the product has I have some notes or just so I want to make
sure I give you the great content the product has to lend to a marketing style
that you’re comfortable with do you agree that some products can be marketed
better with different techniques so for example some products lend well to video
some products lend well to newspaper articles and aside from that in terms of
the product and the right marketing style or tool fit
there’s also difference in preferences and comfort level for different people
so myself I’m very comfortable on video and that’s why I love doing these kind
of videos to share this content with you but perhaps you are not comfortable on
video and you prefer blogging well the product has to lend well to you marked
in on a blog and you have to be comfortable and relatively well skilled
to market it marketing using blogs all right so first personal knowledge and
experience I think it’s number one great support be it that that company gives
great customer service and they also support you as an affiliate and three
the marketing strategy that best sells the product has to be a good fit for you
and the product all right before the final
is I really recommend looking for to work with companies that have several
products around the product that you’ve shared and in that product line there is
also high ticket products now why is that you want to have several products
that address different budgets and different preferences right and then you
know you can spend the same time marketing a product that costs $20 and
get $2 commission or you can spend time marketing the same time marketing a
product that costs $2,000 and get titles commissioned right so if you can do your
marketing and share the company and the various solutions and then the person
who is watching or receiving your advice can choose the product for you
or better yet the company has what we call a funnel and honestly I would say
this is the key that the company has a well-constructed funnel that
consistently resells to a client that you refer to them and that they pay you
Commission on each sale being the very first sale you referred to them or still
from that same customer ten years down the road all right so that’s what I
believe makes great affiliate marketing programs so what are my top six I want
to share my screen with you and I said top six and I want to put a caveat in
there I’m not going to give you just top six programs or company I’m gonna give
you my top six sources for for finding these programs and the very first one
you may already be aware of and that is Amazon I’m hoping that my screen is
showing correctly amazon is a completely got all these
ones that I’m sure are completely free programs and the great thing about
Amazon is that you can pretty much find any product on Amazon and it’s a really
quick and easy program to get started with they’re still in there’s still some
skill set I would say that’s needed all right
the second one is a affiliate network called Rakuten I don’t know if I
pronounced it right but similar to Amazon they have a variety of products
and companies on here right so you can come and search a product or company and
see if they’re on here for yourself and then sign up again all these these top
six that I’m sharing with you are completely free I think the top six all
right the third one is a company called pepper jump and I’m going to include all
these links in my blog post for this video so you can feel free to click the
link it’s going to be on the face of the video or in the show notes below to my
blog post to get the exact links but the third one is pepper Jam right and again
it has a wide a wide wide selection of products and what I consider to be great
support as well fourth one is jvzoo so the first one Amazon is more retail the
other ones that I’m sharing with you are primarily companies that work with other
companies to mash them with affiliates so they have a wide range of companies
and that’s a wide range of products okay so the fourth one is jvzoo and again you
come here search I find what I’ve seen on this site in particular that they
focused primarily on informational products this might be my perception but
again they still have a wide range I just find that babe really focus on
tools and software and informational products
the fifth one I want to share with you is c.j Affiliate this was formerly known
as Commission Junction and again wide range of services products and support
okay and the last one I thought I had the
page up but it is clickfunnels and that one is very familiar I believe so
I will stop sharing my screen and you will stop seeing those ten thousand
windows pileup alright so those are six Amazon affiliate rocket and pepper Jam
jvzoo CJ which is formerly known Commission Junction and click run all
six now what I recommend if you want to go on and look for companies or products
that you know now let me let me ask you a question I want you to guess some
companies are on these affiliate networks you’re going to be surprised I
don’t know a name a few names Canadian names that you may not even know they
have affiliate programs and you use them every day and you can refer to them
alright so first one let’s send them the sense that I think is on pepper Jam but
you can basically go on these sites and look up these names and then finally I
said it has it right the Senza kind of post the canadian mint yes do you
believe the canadian mint that makes those collectible coins or silver bars
of gold bars they have an affiliate program Canadian main let me to other
ones edition now and so many more what I recommend is quite a few of these sites
you can go and look up my country but I would recommend if you really want to
deal with Canadian companies ie Canadian companies who are on Canadian soil is to
look at my currency because when you go look at my country it will give you all
all companies that allow affiliates or have an ability to serve custom
in Canada but if you want to be committed to the True North strong and
free and support your Canadian retailers then I find it’s best to filter on
currency Canadian because that will give you affiliate companies that paying
Canadian dollars which are then lucky to be Canadian based companies all right
okay so here is I’m on my last stretch and I want to talk to you about how you
can really succeed in being an affiliate like what I think are the keys to being
a success and as an affiliate so I think that’s just us enough in the video but
I’m gonna harp on it a little bit more and that is I really believe that you
gotta look for brands that you know trust and love it shows a hundred
percent you can people can feel it in your content people can feel it and
meaning you’re rich and connect people can see in your video you know so really
recommend number one look for brands you know trust and ideally love so say for
example you’re a big final Essenza and you know christmas is coming up you want
to do a you want to do a video on a sensor and get in a great gift for your
husband which could be for yourself to who knows right then go search for
lavenza if you love it and and shear that content okay the second one is I
really really believe that the best way to something I share this with you ready
is to partner with companies that have high ticket products within their bucket
and who also helped you with the remarketing and have a long have a long
term focus in terms of when they acquire customer it’s not just to sell them one
so the customer runs away but to build a relationship with that customer be added
to their email list or have them in a funnel where they’re sharing lists
different advice and products and that you get paid for every purchase not just
the first one but any others after that because then
you mark it once that customer buys in multiple times over years and you still
get paid all right the third one is I really believe
particular if you’re new you want to recognize that it will take some time
yes some people can get results quickly and it really depends on it can be luck
it can be their farmer skillset it can be a wide range of things but like life
they’re always going to be outliers and then there’s a lot of us in the middle
so you have to recognize that if you want to have good or great results so be
more of you know in the top 20 or top 30 you have to recognize you’re gonna have
to invest time or resources ie financial resources to acquire training and tools
to give you that extra edge no here’s one of my bonuses for those of you stage
– this – this long if you’re watching in my videos you’ll know that I love a
couple of companies and tools and here’s – I am a member of a great online
community and mastermind called six figure mentors and what it is is that I
have access to mentors who have all earned six figures or more online and
they are still earning that 250 so then I know not only have they had the bumps
and bruises that I want to avoid but that they’re current right now I often
share about their free seven-day video training which is great but they also
have an amazing course called six months – six figures and I want to clarify it
isn’t promising that you’re going to make six figures in six months what did
the promise is is that you’re going to avoid a few road bumps and totally speed
up your progress and this training isn’t publicly as well
known that it is no.3 yes it is free so I want to share my screen again I show
it to you and then really walk you through how you can get it free okay let
me share my screen so keep this secret okay alright let’s go so here is here is
the screen on that training and so the training is through a dashboard and
again it’s completely free and it goes through how to make money online it goes
through you know from A to Z how to get people to come to see the content that
you’re sharing and opt-in the key elements of being successful with online
affiliate marketing and it shares like I think it’s over I think I forget so I
don’t wanna but I think at least it’s over six hours of content and what it
was is that this was a session they did live people paid I think roughly around
two thousand dollars to attend and they recorded it initially it was available
only to people in the community but now it’s available to anyone free of charge
and this is how you’ll get it now this is really great content so to get it
free of charge you have to enter in some information about yourself and it comes
with a free test drive of the six-figure America’s community I want to highlight
that yes it reacts for the credit card and whatnot because we want to avoid
BOTS we want to avoid tire kickers but you can see here with the refund policy
so you can really be clear this product is a hundred percent free and does not
require any type of refund and you will never be charged it’s a completely free
account and when you go through these steps and go through this thing you go
and click the link in my show notes I mean on my blog page you will then come
into a poor like this will have says to this amazing video course you
press play I say grab a pen and paper because I took mad notes I was like
blown away with the value that was given when it was free and it was pretty gonna
believe it so anyway I wanted to share that we stopped the second thing I
wanted to share is one thing that I really come to recognize as important
particularly if you’re brand new into the space there are a lot of heavy
hitters so you don’t want to go target common phrases and topics because you
might be going up against oh no this is million dollar earner on Amazon you
wanna what I’m talking about is keyword research I’ve done tons of videos on my
channel about this so if you are an affiliate marketer existing marketing
you know the importance of keyword research be it naming your blog post
naming your videos whatnot and my most favorite tool for keyword research if
you’re willing to invest a little bit in giving yourself an extra edge is
longtail Pro now if you are really not sure about this or you have an
experienced longtail Pro okay now this secret there’s always free trials right
so you could literally go on the longtail Pro YouTube channel watch some
videos to prepare yourself in terms of how to use it I think Alif is a free
trial or a 7-day trial for a dollar and you can literally prepare yourself and
then maximize use over those seven days for that dollar in terms of finance and
really good keywords and you could literally set yourself up for a keyword
content around the subject or different products that you’re gonna be not
marketing five months right but it will take an operation and it will take a
certain concentrated effort during the time you have that product free but
honestly once you get into that product and you and you try it free and you see
the results you get from execution because execution is required from using
those keywords you found and following their training
they have some really great training particularly online e-commerce sites on
how to really get visible and get sales and whatnot then you’re gonna you’re
gonna want to upgrade them actually look paid but if you’re really tight for
money take advantage of the free trial but use your time well prepare yourself
and then I mind buying in that seven-day period
I would likely do it actually in a five-day period so you you request and
cancel well in advance that given the time so it never gets processed on your
credit card alright so there you have it I hope this was a value to you I welcome
to check out my videos on keyword particularly keyword research I’ve done
a ton and welcome to check it out should have the link in my show notes oh
I’m gonna give you another bonus so for those of you who think of it very I’m
doing these days that’s why I love video and I this is one of my primary methods
okay so the other ones I wanted to share is that I have been doing this guide on
high ticket affiliate programs now I gotta be honest I’ve been dying it might
be a bit on it or just procrastinating a bit I was supposed to release it in
summer and then I’m no aiming to release it in October but why is it kicking me
this long I really want to make sure that anything I include in that guide is
a brand that I’ve touched or have a really good recommendation on and I’ll
be clear I personally use it or not but also in
the guide not only am i sharing these high ticket affiliate programs and any
high ticket affiliate program this uses some front and low purchase so again
funnel involved or at least they have a clear marketing strategy that will help
you to make that sale you know on your home and so in my guide not only am I
gonna share my top recommended I’m looking for credible companies I’m
looking recommended only companies that I
either touched I know someone who’s worked with them and had fantastic
results and sharing high-ticket where they either pay you for a lead and then
pay you on the sale after and most importantly in the guide
I’m gonna share with you examples of how that particular program has been
effectively marketed to save you time and energy all right so look out for
that guy I’m hoping I get my act together and I release it before Black
Friday so that you can take advantage right all right John Bonnie got a hair I
think I’ve talked enough if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave
them in the video below and let’s go to Nora I’m an immigrant I love Canada
if only I could get rid of winter though I still struggled 23 years I think I
tell you was 22 years it’s 93 years not 23 over 20 years here in Canada and I
still struggle with winter I came to kind of bury young okay I’ll tell you my
age all right remember as always it’s quality versus quantity it was fun
subscribe to my channel for other great content and most important take action
see you later


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