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– [Todd] Hello, everybody. This is Todd Getts from, and today we have another
awesome affiliate program to tell you about. This one is so cool. This is one where you can make money by giving away Amazon rebates, and these are deeply discounted items, rebates as much as 80, 90, or even 100%, where you can actually get items for free when you claim the
rebate here from this website. But before we get into this, as always, if you have not yet subscribed to our channel, you will
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button and also make sure that you click that little bell so that you turn on notifications and you get notified every time we come out with an awesome video just like this here on YouTube. So the name of this program
is called RebateKey, and they specialize in
doing Amazon rebates. So these are a little bit
different from coupons. Coupons are where you get
the instant discount right as you check out on Amazon. Rebates work differently, where you have to make the purchase first at full price, and then after the
return period has passed, at about 35 days, then you can claim your rebate, and these rebates, as you can see, are pretty big. Typically you’re gonna find them in the 60%-plus range, and a lot of ’em are even 100% rebates. And the reason why sellers will do this, these rebates are actually offered by the Amazon sellers
through this website. The reason that they do this is because this is what helps them to launch their products
if they have a new company, or a new brand, or a new product that they’re launching and they want to really gain a lot of traction, get a bunch of exposure, and also hopefully get some good reviews for their products so
that they can rank higher and sell more on Amazon. And so that’s what this program does is it matches these sellers with people who want really deeply discounted stuff. Now, to claim one of these rebates or to qualify for one of these rebates, you do have to sign up as a member, and signing up for this is totally free. And so to sign up, you just go up here to the upper-right corner where it says Sign Up
and you click on that. And then you can sign up as a seller. If you are an Amazon seller yourself and you want to be able to offer rebates through this website, you
can do that right here. Or if you just wanna buy stuff or get stuff for free, you
can do that right over here. So I’m gonna sign up as a buyer, and there are a few ways
that you can sign up. You can use Facebook, or Google, or just your name, and your
email, and also a cellphone. They use your cellphone to verify your account, so they’ll actually send you a text message with
a confirmation code that you’ll need to enter in. But over here on the right-hand side is where they explain how it all works. So you can read through this and it’s pretty straightforward. It’s pretty simple. They also have a frequently
asked questions section. So if you go to their FAQ page, you’ll get some more
details, or you’ll be able to get some more of
your questions answered. How does it all work? How do you claim a rebate? And a bunch of other stuff, too. Another cool thing about this is that there is quite a high threshold for the number of rebates
that you can take. You can get as many as 50 per month, and like I said, this is
a totally free program to be a part of, so it doesn’t cost you anything to get these rebates. The Amazon sellers are the ones that actually pay to be
able to offer rebates through this program, and I’ll explain more about how that works once
we get on the inside here. So once again, on the inside, this is what it’s gonna look like. A lot of these rebates are 50% and more, and you can get rebates that are as much as 100%, so you’re
basically getting a free item. Now, the awesome thing about this is that, for every person that you refer into this program, you
can make as much as $20. So if you referred just 10 people into this as buyers, you could
potentially get up to $200. And so to sign up for
the affiliate program, you just click up here where
it says Affiliate Program. This is where you’ll get
your link, right here, so this is our affiliate link. If you wanna read the
details about the program, it’s right here. But you’ll see your number of referrals, any commissions that are pending, next payout date, and everything else. And this is something that
we just signed up for, so obviously we haven’t promoted it yet, but their affiliate page is pretty simple and straightforward. You just have one link that
you use to promote it with. And so this is the link
that you would share with your family, with your friends on social media, or wherever else. And basically the way it works is that, the more rebates that people claim, the more money you get, and the reason it works that way is because the sellers on this platform pay money every time someone claims a rebate. So for example, let’s go ahead
and go back to the dashboard. So for example, something
like this MCT Oil, this is something that’s sold on Amazon. It’s 100% rebate, so you
basically get it for free, but what’s happening
here in the background is that the seller not only
gives you the 100% rebate, but they also pay a fee to RebateKey for every rebate that is claimed. So that’s why the more
rebates that people claim, the more affiliate
commissions you can earn. So that’s how that works. Now, the way that I like to do this when I’m actually shopping for a rebate is I will sort by percentage rebate, and this will show me all
of the 100% rebates first, and then it’ll go down to 99%, 98%, 97, and so forth and so on. Most of the things on here are
gonna be 50% rebates or more. A lot of the stuff that’s
100% rebates is gonna be stuff like supplements and things like that. Obviously the 100% rebates tend to go pretty fast, so that’s why you see a lot of these that are expired, or they say no more left, and you can actually sign up for notifications whenever they have more rebates available. Once you start getting
into the lower rebates like 70%, 80%, 50%, sometimes 30, 20%, that’s when you start seeing
more variety of stuff. So here’s bedsheets. Here’s a snorkel mask. There’s kitchen knives,
tweezers, things like that. And so here’s one. It’s 100% rebate for selenium. This is actually a supplement that we use, so this is one that I’m
actually gonna claim. So to claim a rebate
on something like this, you just click on the one that you want. It’ll open up a little window where you can see more pictures of
it and all that good stuff. It’ll give you some more details like where it’s actually sold. So this one is on Amazon. Others might be on Shopify, or Walmart, or some other place, but
this one’s on Amazon. Rebate is 100%. Normal price, $16.95. Your price will be zero dollars
after you get your rebate. They’ll tell you how many more
rebates are available today, and for this one, there’s
nine more available. If I wanna see more
information about the product, I can click here and it’ll give me some more information here. If this is a product that I wanna buy and claim the rebate on,
I just click Buy Product and it’ll take me to
the instructions page. Now, in order to claim this rebate, you have to follow this process. If you don’t follow this process, then it’s likely that you
won’t qualify for the rebate. So you have to make sure that
you follow these directions. First step is to click Buy Product. You need to click this link down here, where it says Go to
Marketplace & Buy Product when you’re ready to buy the product. You also must buy the
product at full price, and if you try to buy the product with another discount code, for example, if you used an Amazon
coupon, that purchase will not qualify for a rebate. So you gotta make sure that
you buy it at full price. After you’ve made the purchase, you will have one hour to come back here to RebateKey to enter your order ID in order to claim your rebate. At that point, once you come back here and put your order ID into RebateKey, you will be automatically pre-approved and your rebate will be on hold for 30 days, and like I mentioned before, the reason why they
make you wait 30 days is so that you don’t return the product or get a refund on it and
try to abuse this system. ‘Cause not only would you get a rebate, but then you also got your money back, and that’s obviously something that they don’t want you to do. So the rebate is on hold for 30 days to make sure that you don’t return or refund the product,
and then after that, the seller will have five days to approve or dispute the rebate. The only reason a seller
would dispute the rebate is obviously if you did
return it or got a refund. So if you didn’t do any of those things, you should qualify for the rebate. If the seller doesn’t do anything during that five-day period, it’s
automatically approved. Now, the way that this works is that, in order to offer the
rebate in the first place, the seller has to deposit
money in RebateKey. So as soon as you make the purchase, your rebate money is actually
already in RebateKey. It’s not like the seller still has to pay for the rebate later on. So RebateKey kinda
works as the third party here to make sure that
both sides are holding to their part of the agreement. And so once you kind of understand all of that, you just go down here. You check this box where it says, “I have read all the instructions,” and you accept terms and conditions. And then you click Go to
Marketplace & Buy Product. So clicking that button will usually take me straight to the purchase
page for that product. And again, I wanna make sure that I’m not doing the Subscribe & Save, I’m not entering any coupon codes, or I’m not claiming any coupons. I’m just doing a one-time purchase and I’m purchasing at full price. So I’ll go ahead and click Add to Cart, and I’ll go ahead and
purchase this through Amazon. After I’ve made my
purchase, what I wanna do is I wanna grab my order number right here. So I’m gonna copy that. Then I’m gonna go back to RebateKey, and here you’ll see it
automatically brings up this page. So it’s telling me that
I have 57 minutes left to enter my order ID. So I’m just gonna click in here and paste that in there, and once I’ve done that, I will
click Confirm Purchase. It’ll ask me for some
additional information. It basically wants to
know what mailing address I want my rebate check to be sent to. And so I’ll go ahead and fill that out. And once I’ve done that, it’ll say, “Your mailing address has
been successfully saved. “You can now continue claiming rebates.” So it’s gonna tell me right here that my next check is due
on May 29th for $16.95. But that’s basically it. It’s a pretty simple system. It’s super cool, and like I said, with the affiliate
program, the more people you refer into this, the
more money you can make, up to $20 per referral, depending on how many rebates that they claim. All you need to do is share
your affiliate link with them. So if this is a program
that you’d like to join, click the link in the
description of this video. That is our affiliate link, and I would really appreciate it if you use that to join, and if you want to learn more about how to actually
make a full-time income as an affiliate marketer and how to build a successful online business, we’ve got a free training
that you can attend. Again, the link for that is gonna be at the very top of the description in this video, and that training will show you how we built our online business with our three main sources of income and how we did that with
absolutely no experience, starting from scratch, and
building a seven-figure income within less than three years. So be sure to check out
that training, as well. If you got some great
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Getts from, and I will catch you next time.


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