Best Affiliate Programs: Top Highest Paying Programs, Offers and Networks

today we’re going to talk about the best
affiliate programs and the best affiliate networks I currently use some
of these affiliate networks and programs to make over six figures a year for my
business my name is Greg Kononenko you might also know me as the Caffeinated
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updates as soon as I upload my next video alright now let’s get into the
details when I was creating this list I wanted to present to you guys the best
high paying affiliate offers as well as the best networks and the things that I
really kept in mind were what are the high payout offers what are the offers
that provide you with recurring commissions and how do I cover as many
niches as possible of course there are lots of different affiliate programs out
there are lots of niches so I couldn’t possibly cover everything but I really
hope that you enjoy this list okay so the very first offer that I wanted to
talk about is legendary marketer okay and that is in the online marketing
niche the reason why I like legendary market is because they provide a
recurring commissions there are a lot of high ticket offers and you get lifetime
Commission’s on any customers that you refer so let me show you what I mean
this is the Athena referral plan overview page and as you can see you
have two choices you can be a pro affiliate or a basic affiliate it costs
nothing to be a basic affiliate if you’re a pro affiliate you need to
actually pay $30 per month but regardless at both affinity levels you
can make good money so the basic membership to the legendary
marketers club is $30 a month okay and that’s really really good high-quality
training about online marketing traffic generation and so on so the offer
converts really well and you can make anywhere between nine and $18 commission
for every person that you refer to legendary marketer but then as you can
see there are lots of upsells and once you’ve provided a customer to legendary
they then work to upsell this customer and if the customer that you refer buys
any of these upsells you can make a lot of money up to four thousand eight
hundred Commission on each of these purchases so you can see you know it can
be very very good a lot of people do buy these upsells and you can make a lot of
money one thousand dollar Commission’s three thousand dollar commissions five
thousand dollar commissions or a lot of these upsells so it’s really good very
profitable and very high-quality training in a very profitable affiliate
program the next one is click funnels so click funnels is an excellent
affiliate program to promote because it’s a useful tool it’s a tool that’s a
leader in the market it has huge demand and all you need to do is just mention
this tool somewhere with a link and people will buy this the prices start at
$99 a month and it’s a monthly recurring product right so every month that the
customer makes a payment you’re going to be collecting a $40 payment and $100 a
month that’s $40 a month you know if you’re a 300 customers you can build up
recurring revenue stream of $4,000 per month just like that very very easily so
it’s a software that allows other people to build funnels and landing pages and
so on it’s a lead there in the marketplace so it’s almost a no-brainer
you know a lot of people will buy it it just it converts so so well so it’s an
excellent affiliate program to promote the other one that often gets overlooked
is autoresponders so I personally promote both Aweber and convertkit and
the autoresponder that I personally use at the moment is convertkit now for
those Auto responders both of them actually have really good commissions so
it’s a recurring $30 commission autoresponder services are not cheap for
marketers that are established you know it’s not unusual I’m paying $200 a month
at the moment with convertkit so if you referred me to convertkit you would be
getting $60 a month $30 commission right so $60 a month just from me and
obviously if you have a hundred like me that’s six thousand dollars a
month just in your commission and I’m not going anywhere you know these once
someone is signed up to an autoresponder it’s a very sticky customer people stay
for years and years so a weber in convertkit are not the only affiliate
programs for autoresponders there are others but these are just two examples
there’s obviously get response there are MailChimp and various other
autoresponder services that you can promote next is hosting hosting most of
the hosting services are not recurring they just pay one-off but they are high
paying so for site ground and Bluehost which are the two programs that I’m a
bit more familiar with you get anywhere from $50 and more per cell so I’m gonna
show you here this is inside my site ground affiliate account and as you can
see I’m making quite a lot of sales they are actually paying me in Australian
dollars because I’m based in Australia unfortunately I get ripped off but if
you were in the US you will be getting 50 US per sale at the lowest here and as
you make more sales your commission per cell is actually going to go up so if
you hit 21 or more sales per month which I currently am not hitting but you know
I’m hoping that I will soon you would be getting 125 US per sale which is pretty
amazing you know if you’re making 20 sales a month at 125 per sale that’s to
my math is gonna let me down now I think it’s two and a half thousand US per
month right so it’s really really good for such a
small number of sales so they pay out really really well the right actually
before we move on the right hosting programs out there that pay recurring
monthly commissions as well they generally for more high-end hosting VPS
and and and higher hosting dedicated hosting so you can research those but
hopefully you know this gives you at least an idea that hosting services
actually can be very very profitable landing page and conversion software
would be in the next category of affiliate programs that I think are
really really good to promote so a couple of them that I’m familiar with
are optinmonster and thrive themes so let’s go through them one by
so optinmonster is really good high quality service that allows you to
capture people onto the email list and they pay a twenty percent commission on
every cell now I’m personally on a hundred and forty seven dollar a month
tier with optinmonster sorry one hundred and forty seven dollars a year okay so
it’s a yearly subscription but it is recurring so it’s lifetime so if you
referred me to optinmonster and I signed up through through you I’d be paying you
approximately thirty dollars per year in commissions just from referring me okay
per customer so you can see basic plan that sells for 108 ok 2168 cetera but
they are recurring ongoing commissions the next one that I’m familiar with is
thrive themes very very high quality suite of software that have WordPress
themes WordPress plugins various services and they sell
subscription-based services as well that convert really well you can make a $35
per month commission and recurring what sorry 35 percent initial Commission and
25% ongoing recurring Commission so very profitable there is a large suite of
products that you can promote so I highly recommend that you check out this
I feel at the program now SEO software is another great example of stuff that
you can actually promote for very high commissions they do offer recurring
monthly commissions a couple of examples are SCM Russian kW finder I promote ACM
rush myself personally and it’s really good because they paid quite a lot so
SEM rush is managed by well I guess it’s just they’re rather name of their domain
in to be rush it’s gotta be rush affiliate program you can earn forty
percent recurring commissions on sem rush subscription sales the good thing
about affiliate programs for SEO software is that once people buy
affiliates sorry SEO software they generally tend to stay for many months
or years to come so if you sell a plan for sem rush which I think the cheapest
at the moment is 69 dollars a month you would be earning 40 percent Commission’s
so 40 times 70 is 28 to $28 per month recurring every single
month just from one customer obviously if you do this for many customers that’s
you know that’s going to result in quite a nice ongoing recurring revenue stream
kW find there is another one and there’s lots of other ones but hopefully it once
again this jogs your memory and jogs your brain and gives you some ideas
the other interesting one that I’ve recently discovered is a link building
service joke so Fat Joe Co is a very good provider of link building services
and outreach services and infographics promotion services etc and they offer
lifetime commissions of 10% now these services are not cheap generally one
order would be you know $100 of $200 or more and once you’re a fir customer to
Fat Joe then on all subsequent orders you’re going to get a 10% commission and
often the customers who what are these kind of services this but spent
thousands a month so you can earn hundreds of dollars per month if you
just refer one person to Fat Joe and that person is an active customer so
it’s a brilliant I feel a program brilliant opportunity if you are in the
online marketing space do not overlook the Fat Joe affiliate program it’s
really really good very powerful now another very interesting one that I
started working on recently is it’s kind of like a bundle of software and
business and it’s called Builder roll so builder roll itself is actually a final
building tool okay it lets you build funnels and pages and it’s got a
built-in autoresponders it’s a really useful tool pretty much anyone who does
online marketing they need something like this if a person cannot afford
click funnels then build the role as kind of like a cheap version of click
funnels because the access to click funnels II I think is 2990 at the basic
level but if person wants a business level then they go for 4990 so it’s
still a lot cheaper than click funnels and you can make good money promoting
builder all there is you know explanation on build a real page about
exactly how this work etc etc but essentially you can make
up to forty nine ninety per person up front and then thirty percent or more
recurring commission depending on which option they decide to purchase and so on
so it’s actually really really powerful very very good program to look into
Ethier in their software or online marketing space now all of the programs
that we’ve talked about so far they’ve been in the online marketing niche so
let’s talk about some of the other programs that you might not be familiar
with in other niches so a good choice for an all niche program is Amazon
affiliate program Amazon you’re probably familiar with Amazon Amazon has products
in literally any niche they write even some digital products like ebooks and so
on and you can promote these products in a variety of ways that’s one of the most
famous I guess affiliate programs in the whole world there are products in
literally any niche and you can earn anywhere from two to ten percent of the
gross sale price of the product okay you can insert the links to even an
individual product of the product categories on your site you can insert
images with affiliate links on your site it’s super powerful very very flexible a
lot of people are making a lot of money with the Amazon affiliate program so
this is definitely something that you guys can look into if you are in a niche
other than online marketing the next program is ebay affiliate program I’m
sorry I’m updated this slide but I’m just gonna jump into ebay affiliate
program here and essentially the way that they pay is different so of course
you’re familiar with eBay I’m sure you can promote any listings any products
from eBay and you will get paid per click but your effort it will depend on
your rate of earnings per click is actually going to depend on how the
traffic that you refer to eBay performs it can be quite good I’ve actually
earned as much as 40 cents or more per click that I referred to eBay so it can
definitely be very very profitable the good thing is that it’s available in any
niche you can use it in addition to other monetization methods that you are
using on your site because you know eBay so flexible eBay of
eBay listings are available in so many different categories so definitely
recommend that you check it out okay now the next one is Clickbank so
Clickbank is also a really really good option to promote Clickbank actually has
products in a variety of different issues but mostly it would be in the
health and mana niches okay I’m just here inside Clickbank i
use Clickbank myself to promote and I’ve done a search in preparation for the
video I’ve done a search sorted by highest gravity and you can see that the
highest gravity products and gravity just means how many affiliates are
successfully promoting it in at any given time you will see that flat belly
fix that’s a health of power efficiency so that’s obviously not health his
secret obsession so that’s kind of like a relationship Ted’s Woodworking which
is woodworking but then there are a lot of health officer fat decimator red tea
detox a numerologist lean belly breakthrough and so on
organifi so there are a variety of different products you can promote on
here but they do seem to be mostly focused on health and money all right
other multi niche sort of networks that I personally have used or amusing myself
I see Jay Commission Junction comm so they’re actually really large they work
mostly we’ve it appears to me I would say with mostly higher end brands so
there are a lot of very good very established brands and a variety of
different issues that run their affiliate programs through CJ Commission
Junction so definitely recommend you check it out
sherry sale is also really good I actually am actively promoting a lot of
things right now and sherry sale they have a variety of different issues
variety of different programs from online marketing to business to printing
and just you know a lot of random stuff and the next one is clicks galore also
has a lot of different products and a lot of different niches that you can
promote products in I’ve used click clicks galore before they’re very good
you know very reliable with payments and they’ve got a variety of different
offers for you to check out online marketing news networks so I
wanted to quickly talk about those I’m very active on jvzoo and we’re a plus
you might have seen my other videos I actually have made about 250,000 us and
combined from jvzoo and we’re a plus so definitely recommend for you guys to
check it out if you are in the online marketing niche if you have not looked
at those networks before there are a huge variety of different issues to
promote but they do seem more focused on promoting offers that are not evergreen
okay there are some evergreen offers there but mostly we’ll find that people
launch things on jvzoo or warrior plus they have a massive launch you know
there’s a lot of money that’s being made and then after a week or two things kind
of died down for that particular product in terms of the ongoing sales but they
do have a huge variety of existing offers that you can look at there are
tens of thousands of offers on jvzoo and we’re a plus that you can promote the
next thing I want to cover is I feel it Network and affiliate program search
engine that’s called offer vault so you might be aware of offer vault or maybe
you don’t know it if you don’t know it then I definitely recommend that you
check it out and add it to your arsenal of tools so there are currently 71
thousand different programs on offer bolt and no matter which niche you’re in
you can find a great affiliate offer in here all you need to do is just go to
offer Bolcom and then type in the name of the niche or the product or kind of
like your what your website is all about so you can type in perhaps something
like travel and if you hit search for travel you will find all of the offers
okay it’s just searching at the moment you will find all of the offers that are
1,009 to two different offers in the results you can go through them some of
them pay per lead some of them pay per sale and so on so you can see for
example there is Airbnb you might have not thought of finding Airbnb if you’re
just thinking what offers can I promote on my website it’s to to dot are you and
so on trip com so it’s got a huge huge huge variety of
different affiliate programs and affiliate networks for us
to check out lastly a very good tip that someone gave to me years ago you
actually find or learn how to find private email progress because they are
often the most profitable and kind of least known least saturated the way to
do this would be to go to Google I’m gonna give you an example in just a
moment and then type in affiliate program and then put your niche in
quotation marks so for example if you are in the massage chair niche you could
type in affiliate program and then put in quotation marks message miss sorry
massage chair so let’s go here that’s what it is affiliate program and then I
put you know quote master chair I’m quiet and then the results as you can
get we’ve found these for example massage
chair deals comp so they’ve got an affiliate program there is no way you
would have found this any other way that’s it this is my roundup of the best
affiliate programs and the best affiliate networks if you enjoyed this
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