Best Entry Level Mirrorless Camera 2017 -Sony a5000

Best Entry Level Mirror less Camera – Sony a5000 ..are you wondering if the sony a5100 teen
and he’s been my main camera for the camping on my youtube channel on this
video I’m gonna share with you my experience of the Sonia $5,000 that I
like anything that I don’t like now keep in mind that it’s not going to be a full
comprehensive review of all the specs on this camera there’s already plenty of
videos out there and YouTube what is up guys my name is Mario and if you enjoy
tech reviews consider subscribing to this channel for weekly video now let’s
go check out the 25,000 camera the flip LCD screen what’s the most important
factor that motivated me to go for this camera being able to see yourself when
you’re shooting a role is very important as a content creator to ensure you can
see what you’re recording it comes with a three inch LCD display and the
resolution is not the best but you’ll still get a decent display quality when
you’re recording live also if you’re shooting some b-roll being able to
adjust the LCD screens angles make the shooting session much easier and more
productive another thing that I really like is that it comes with a pretty good
16 to 50 millimeter stack lens the included power zoom kit lens will be
great for someone that is starting to create video content and even take some
still images it has a zoom manual rocker on the side with the manual focus
controls it will rock a 20.1 megapixel sensor also will have a pretty good pair
of built-in microphones teragrams be part of the camera this will be the
greatest sound quality especially if you’re recording in a room with a lot of
echo now this is going to be another scientist from an area where you’re
going to get a lot of echo right now I’m in a bigger larger room which is going
to have higher ceilings so you’re going to get a lot more echo here and does not
reflect in the audio of the camera but it will be pretty decent compared to
other similar and more expensive cameras now you’re getting a sample from the
microphone inside a closet but there’s not going to be a lot of echo so as you
can see as you can hear it’s going to sound pretty good not too bad next I
really like to compact the sign of this camera this is a very compact camera
with a lot of pictures this camera is so small you can easily carry with you
inside your pocket a little fits in my pockets on the top you have the
concealed pop-up flash which stays hitting and out of the way when you
don’t need it on the left hand side you have a cover that conceals the memory
card the HDMI micro Jack micro USB terminal and a charging light indicator
moving towards the right hand side of the
to this screen you’ll have multiple buttons such as a control wheel the play
button the menu just to mention a few my favorite button is towards the top of
the camera now this is going to be a dedicated recording button that is going
to allow you to start recording and stop recording right in the spot also on the
top you’ll have the on and off button shutter button and another zoomin and
zoom-out liver even though I have large hands I’m still able to get a pretty
good grip of this compact camera thanks to the mold design in the front and the
thumb clip on the back I personally feel like I can always get a good grip of
this camera even though a lot of people wrote don’t really like because of the
size it will also get a smaller battery but you should still get a pretty good
decent amount of time as I usually get about an hour and a half of recording
time now this is going to be a great entry-level camera especially if you’re
just learning to use a DSLR or mirrorless camera the automatic settings
is going to allow you to start on the go and as you start progressing and get
more expertise you’re going to be able to start going into more of the manual
settings it will give you all the automatic settings to ensure you get
good quality video and steel pictures as you learn how the manual settings for
example you can just set the camera to pull the arrow and just start recording
as you start becoming more familiar with the camera you can start using some of
the preset settings for aperture priority or shutter priority you can
always just go fully manual if you’re ready to start experimenting or view
become a pro you can get very good shots on well-lit scenarios also if you have
some low-light scenarios you can still get some decent shots on this camera
doesn’t look like it’s any dark at all right now I only have a kitchen light on
which is all the way on the far end I have this little light in the back so I
can actually see clear on the LCD screen and then what I can see if I’ll just
look around so low-light scenarios this camera does
an awesome job it’s not going to be the best but it’s going to give you a very
good clean shot now let’s talk about the things that I
don’t really like about this camera as you start getting more professional
using the camera you’re going to have to use a lavalier mic or shotgun mic
especially maybe using this camera to block or just just make some video video
content for YouTube the problem is that this camera will not have a microphone
input you hear me right there’s no microphone input now as a workaround you
will be forced to use an external storage device to save the audio and
later sync it up in the video during editing this can be a problem because
you have to remember to turn on the audio recorder
you start recording from the camera and trust me you’re going to forget there’s
going to be those scenarios where you’re going to get all excited because you’re
shooting your video and you start the camera and then boom you forgot about
the audio what are you getting warm now you’re keeping me this is I’m about to
start talking about how I hate this camera getting warm and shut it down and
I just got a message right now telling me this camera is getting warm because
I’m shooting for long periods of time so like I was saying when the camera
overheats usually that’s when I take a break and I go for a drink and wait for
the camera to come back alright so it seems like the camera cooled down now so
let’s get back to this video overheating problem so this camera is going to
overheat if you plan to shoot for long periods of time so for example for this
video I’ve been recording for about 20 minutes 25 minutes and you already told
me to take a break but I guess this is not a defect because when you check in
the back of the camera between the LCD screen and the body of the camera it
actually tells you that this camera tends to overheat so it’s more of a
feature not a defect so I guess it all comes with the compact design but
usually I shoot my videos on parts of every 10 minutes then I take a break so
for me it’s not it hasn’t been a problem today I decided to shoot at longer
videos and you decided to be a problem for me so anyways moving on another
thing is that the LCDs may not have the touch screen so it when you first get
the camera this is going to be probably one of your pet piece for me was trying
to get used to it transfer navigate around the menu I mean it was a hassle
it’s really hard to actually manage the menus if I since I’m looking at myself
right now and the LCD screen I could actually change the settings if I was
able to touch the screen but since I can have to actually play with the buttons
and sometimes when you’d go left you’re supposed to go right and you know what
that means and it’s a hassle so it takes some time getting used to it now I also
want to pick up this camera for around $300 in early 2017 I picked it up from
Best Buy they had a good deal this camera originally it sells for around
450 dollars now I don’t recommend you pick up this camera for
for 150 dollars if you find it for a good price of maybe $250 $300 definitely
go for it if you’re looking for an entry level camera to start learning how to
use DSLRs or mirrorless cameras as I mentioned this was my first camera I’m
still using it for the contact on my youtube channel and I’m pretty satisfied
with it now I want to know your thoughts questions opinions on this camera is
this something that you think is going to help you do you currently own one let
me know in the comment section below I would love to hear what you have to say
about this camera or what you think about this remember if you enjoyed this
content make sure to smash that like button also if you need to this channel
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