Best Free Landing Page Builders 2019 (Forever)

welcome to freedom wealth project, this
channel is for everyone this starting their own online business online
entrepreneurs out there I have been doing this for a while now and I have
spent so much time trying to find three resources that I could use because in
the beginning you know that you cannot spend a lot of money so you got to find
all the free resources you can and utilize that so today I have some free
landing page resources for you that you are probably not familiar with so my
main ones are right here I have landing lion comm and then we’ve got I am
creator calm we’ve got you craft calm and then you all probably know about Wix so we at the landing lion I’m just gonna jump into this right away
it’s really straightforward basically you just sign up this is their
description so you just sign up for free and then you will be led to this page so
you create your account here and then once you do that you will see this page
with all the different landing page layouts then you can choose from so this
is quite a lot and they don’t look too bad and then you can also choose from
blank templates as well so once you pick one for example I picked this one
from all these samples this is the one I picked so this is the preview it’s
actually no this is not this is the let me go back so if you hover over this you
can preview this page it’s taking a little bit to show so basically you can
preview this or you can click on edit the page and this is the page you’re
gonna see so basically you can edit all the different elements of this page you
can add section roll column form a button image or you can just get rid of
a section or whatever element you want it’s pretty straightforward
so once you have created this you can basically save this let me see here so
it’s actually gonna take a little bit of time to get used to the interface but
it’s not too bad so once you save it they let you choose your extension here
so I just chose test and once you save it this is the landing page you’re gonna
see basically I didn’t modify anything from the template basically it’s exactly
the same as what you just saw but with this free version you will have this
little landing lion icon which is not too bad I mean it’s kinda out there but this is the way that you can use this
for free which is great and you can actually make a limited number of
landing pages so what I do is usually this is the domain that you can use so I
just take this because it’s a little bit messy
you go to bitly dot-com I just tell us the wrong one
I just um get a shortened link here copy and use this for whatever campaign I
need to use it for so that is landing lion if you look at
pricing this is the one I was using so with this one you can have many
different landing pages as you want it’s free forever I’ve used this this is not
bad I recommend this if you don’t mind this logo okay so the next one is called
I am creator calm this one basically they have a paid version and they have a
free version so you just click here start building your site and then um
basically you register and you will be led to a site like this if you want to
create a new site you just click on this and then let me see here yeah you just
click on create new site and you will see all the different landing page
themes that you can choose from and their theme design is not bad actually
they’re pretty clean modern and I actually really like them so the one I
chose was this one you can preview and you can edit so I click Edit and then this is the editing page so you can
basically click on sections and they will give you all these different
options and you will click on just different areas and different
elements and you can modify this according to how you like again this
interface is gonna take a little bit of time to get used to but it’s not too bad
to work with and then so here features and pricing you cannot use your own
domain again as usual but you can use theirs and create your own name and
again use bitly to shorten it and hide that you cannot have email addresses
basic sport you have access to their entire template and three forever so
this is actually a pretty good deal again this is I published I chose this
theme and I published it and I don’t see any of their branding here actually this
is the domain that I can actually use and shorten and this is looking really
really good so I recommend that you try this
I am creator calm and use it for your campaigns or your website or your
business that you’re starting just try out the free version first and then if
you want more features you can always upgrade the next one I got for you is
you craft comm again this one they have a free version basically if you click on
their info their pricing here you see free website get started so you click on
get started and then you register and then you will be led to the the
templates page so this is why it happened I registered I chose a package
I chose a free package and now I’m on to the templates page so pick a template
here and then again you can
preview and you can select so I picked one template and this is the one I
picked this is again not so bad I mean it looks dynamic it looks very
professional you can totally use these different different three landing page
providers to create like a full website not just a one or two page landing page
so I used this template to test and then I published it so basically this is what
I got yes it’s not bad however you will see
this branding below I mean it’s kind of out there it’s not too bad but it is
here so compared to this one I am creator landing page this one doesn’t
have anything you crapped on that they do at their branding here just like the
landing lion so yeah these are my favorite landing page
providers actually one more mix com I’m sure you all know about mix com so you
basically sign up and then they have really really good templates that you
can pick from again this you can use it for free
if you want to connect your own domain you have to paint but if you don’t mind
using their domain with your name and just using bitly to shorten it this
could be your option too so basically I picked one and I published it and here
this is what you will see basically and honestly I like their
templates but I don’t like this this up there on top is spread in your face
I just don’t like it so I this is not my first choice my first choice would be
you craft calm it’s my number one pick because not only do you get to make a
limited number of sites you can also connect a limited number of custom
domains did you hear me a limited number of custom domains which I think it’s
amazing and I haven’t seen anything else that offers connecting custom domains
like this for free so that’s the first reason I like it second one is that they
have an exceptional customer service I tested this I tried their 24-hour
online chat I emailed them with some questions and they just responded right
away so whenever you’re making your landing pages your website if you have
any questions you can just connect their online chat 24 hours and they will
answer you so I think this is great and their landing page templates are
actually pretty good they have a lot for you to choose from and yeah I mean what
more can you ask from a free landing page provider really so this is the
reason and the most important reason is that it is free forever and you can
connect unlimited number of custom domains one drawback though is as I’ve
talked about this earlier you will see their branding but if you want to get
rid of that you can actually upgrade for a reasonable monthly fee if you look
here they have this pro website service and it’s only $10 a month when
you pay annually but you get all these features you still get everything that
you get from your free service along with a lot more so I think this is worth
it then they also provide a 14-day free trial as well so you can try it see if
you like it um so here you go so you can go ahead and sign up try this see if you
like it and comment below and let me know what you think I will leave that
leave the link of these landing page providers below if you liked this video
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video and give me some comments about what other things you would like to hear
about know about find out in my next video thank you so much for watching and good luck and I will see you again soon


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