Best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing! 🤑

all right my friend Cameron Malcolmson
here in 1 for you on free traffic strategies and we’ll just keep it
straight to the point and simple so in this here one
I’ll just pretty much gave you my recommendation because of I’ve tested
this here and it’s worked for me and then I’ll have you to other
strategies which are great strategies but I haven’t really tried and tested
them but you can test any one of three to your heart’s content because I’ve
seen examples of all three of them working really well and the main that has
worked well for me because I started with that one was Facebook Iives and just the reason behind this here is
because you’re putting up value on your Facebook page and naturally when people
get something from you they’ll be inclined to give you something they feel
it’s called the law of reciprocity and if you keep giving away stuff on your
lives people will come towards you so it’s kind of an interesting one but it’s worked
really well for me, it’s got me leads and sales on my business from doing facebook
lives that’s number one strategy you can do giveaways and stuff like that there
which would help to get shares to get your shares and get the viral side
another one which is a great one which I’ve seen a lot of people doing is
YouTube and just giving a simple call to action now it just takes a bit of time to
build up the channel authority and that there this is one that my mentor uses
all the time and he gets all almost, nearly all his
traffic from its free traffic from Facebook and YouTube and YouTube is a
great place because you can always see that people search out your videos
now you need to be good at search engine optimization just a few tips that
would be like for your head headline of the video would be like a long tail keyword and then you would want to have like a 300 word 2 to 300 word
description in your video and then you wanna make your video kind of engaging
and like that people would like to watch it so that YouTube ranks you naturally
as well number 3 as medium and I watched a webinar and they were talking about
a guy that was using medium and then I came across medium on a training
course I used so this is pretty much blog posts and people write in blogs and
this is free to do as well and you can go and start your own setup your
own through the publishing and at the end of the post you just Want to leave a link and give away something there for an exchange for an email address and you
can you can get a lot of free traffic from here and I I’ve only done about
probably five blog posts on here so far and I’ve got interaction and stuff but
haven’t had any opt-ins yet because I haven’t really put much time and effort
and this here at the minute but for example there’s a guy he would write about a 20-minute blog post maybe once or twice a week on here and it was to do with I think it was maybe self or something or startups or tech something to do you with like entrepreneurial stuff and he was writing about a 20-minute blog post and at the
end of the blog post he was giving a little call the action where he was given away a
little cheat sheet thing an apparently like from each blog post every time he writes a blog post he was getting getting thousands of people opting in because he
had built that up so well but like built such a following on medium and that
was the three that was the three free traffic strategies that I have for you
in this video in the main one that’s worked the best for me to date would be
Facebook lives and that would be my main recommendation have a great one I
hope you enjoyed this one I’ll catch you again soon yeah

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