– [Woman] Gotcha! – Ah! (acoustic guitar music) – Hey guys! Do you guys
remember the campaign that we’ve been doing with
Chicos to help inspire women to be bolder and not older? Well today I am in the mood to feel bold, but first I need a change. That’s more like it! I am 32 years bold! So the last time we did the
Bolder Not Older Challenge, we went to a fun place
where the kids dared me to do all sorts of things. I rode go-karts for the first time, we
played arcade games. And today I’m going to go to a place that brings out the kid in you. Because you know what? Age doesn’t matter. (pop music) – Chuck E. Cheese! – I don’t know a better
place that you can feel bolder not older than Chuck E. Cheese’s. – I feel younger already! (singing gibberish) – We are at Chuck E. Cheese,
and the kids are super excited. I gotta chase everyone around
to show you what they’re doing We haven’t even gotten our food yet, and they’re already playing games. – [Dad] There she goes! (children yelling) – I found Steven, Derek, and baby Blake. – Dude, I already finished the mission. – How’d you finish it already? – [Dad] Are you Batman? Hi
Blake! Are you Batman, Blake? – I bet it’s super easy to drive a car with Blake on your lap. No one gets more excited
about games than Steven. – Jump jets, jump jets, ooh this is cool! – I was actually gone for a little while, and I came back and look
at what’s going on here. Parker’s still on the train. Are you still riding the train? She’s in heaven. – Tickets! – Parker’s gonna be bold
and ride this crazy swing! – [Mom] You gotta be safe so buckle up! (scared laughter) – She’s so brave. – It’s almost done, I’ll hold your hand. – I guess she’s not that bold. – I’m bold enough. Hello! – You won’t believe what Parker just saw. What is it Parker? – Toy! – It’s a toy? I think
it’s Chuck E. Cheese! He’s big. Do you wanna
stand by Chuck E. Cheese? – No. – Say “Hi Chucky!” – Hi. – Too cute. – [Dad] Are you driving? – Yeah dad look at me! – [Dad] She’s too fast. – Gimme gimme! – We found tickets! – We’re gonna get something awesome. Good. Tickets! – [Dad] Whoa! You’re rich! – We’re rich! – Oh Taylor took a picture! Let me see it. (all laugh) – [Derek] Oh my goodness! – What a goofball. Taylor took her turn on the spin wheel! – I think Jordan and I are
gonna be super brave and bold, and ride the tallest
ride at Chuck E. Cheese. – It’s huge! Let’s do it! I’m so high up! Starting it…now. I’m super bold. This is awesome! This is so, so not scary. It’s relaxing. Thanks, giraffe. – I am all alone at the dinner table. Everyone else is playing games. And here I am, by myself,
with two large pizzas. I guess I’ll enjoy them. – Their little heads are so cute. (both scream) – Finally I’m not alone here. I’ve got Steven, Derek, Blake. Taylor you gonna eat? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay. Oh, here
comes Jordan and Mom! Now we can all eat. – Skee-Ball is my favorite! Payton always beats me at Skee-Ball. (hip-hop music) I got 19,000 points! Beat that, Payton. Let’s get serious. – [Dad] She’s getting bolder. – I’m showing my age! (hip-hop music) – You won’t believe what Parker just saw. What is it, Parker? – Toy! – It’s a toy? I think
it’s Chuck E. Cheese! He’s big. Do you wanna
stand by Chuck E. Cheese? – No. – Nothing can make you feel as young than trying to keep up with your kids playing hide and go seek
at a Chuck E. Cheese. I’m gonna seek! – And we’re gonna hide! – I’m gonna eat some pizza and
give them a minute to hide. Ready or not, here I come! (hip-hop music) That would be a hard hiding
spot. But guess what? I found Uncle Derek! He
wasn’t actually hiding. He’s counting all of our tickets for us while we play hide and go seek. Have fun Derek! These kids can be super
sneaky, so I need to look hard. (hip-hop music) Not there! I don’t think anyone could fit there. – You found us! – I found you! That was a good hiding
spot, but not good enough! I think I heard Parker. There’s a lot of tables
for them to hide under. This is tricky. Where are they? Gotcha! – Ah! – I found Steven! Now I have to find three other girls. I guess they decided to
dance instead of hide, but I found Taylor and Jordan. Where’s Payton? Have
you guys seen her yet? I found you! – Best hide and seek game ever! – Now it’s time to get some
prizes with our tickets! – This is the part I dread the most: cashing the tickets for prizes. The kids love it, but they
never can make up their minds. (hip-hop music) – We had so much fun going to
Chuck E Cheese and being bold! – Be bold. – Taylor’s being bold. – We played hide and go seek! – And we played tons of arcade games. – And we ate pizza! – And I wore my 32 Years
Bold shirt the whole time. – Our Instagram signer is Kirby! – And our shout-out is Abbie. – Our question for the day is: Who do you think had the best hiding spot? – Subscribe to our channel! – Comment below! – It’s a big fun time! – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow! – Bye! (acoustic guitar music)

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