Best Mattress Protector: Purple, Casper, Nectar, Nest bedding, Brooklyn Bedding, Saferest

today we are going to test the best
mattress protector if anybody wants a glass of wine they are on the memory
foam so we did our research and we tried to
pick you know the mattress protectors that would protect you from fluids food
snacks dust my bedbugs so we are going to put them to the test to see if they
do work and they do the job the way they are described I have gathered some of
the cheap ones expensive ones this is also something that people try to look
online if you want this is what I personally do and I compare prices so
this price matter in this case probably so we’re about to find out right here we
have picked one of the Amazon top sellers this one is called saferest it
should protect from against fluids dust mites and bacteria and I have the
perfect example because I have a three-year-old and she still and the
potty training process this is what we mean by fluids keep in mind that these
are all queen-size mattress protectors so right here I have the Brooklyn
bedding one we’re going to compare them also in fabric and material so right
here also this mattress protector is supposed to keep fluids and your
mattress clean from fluid and equates bedbugs and dust mites and bacteria as
well some of them also are supposed to keep you cool as well so they are
cooling mattress protectors as well as mattress protector switches during the
rest of the job besides just keeping you cool right now I have one of the top
sellers as well purple mattress protectors we all have seen the purple
and with a sasquash I do have something I
I do not have a sasquatch but I have kids and it’s the same results when it
comes to eating and snacking in the middle of the night and bad including
you know Oreos Doritos everything that has beautiful colors that stain so we’re
about to test that out as well but purple is one of them you know top or
best names out there in the market you see the the box they will compare theirs
to the competitors we have new Casper one of the well known names or brands
out there on the market there you have a little window where you can feel if you
purchase it at Target you can find the home so I turned it not just online
getting a waterproof protector with 360 degree grip we’re about to find that out
and what it means there we have also nest bedding nest
Bedding was also known for their one-stop shopping including their mattress
protector this one’s just not just a mattress protector it’s a cooling
mattress protector I think the blue here means the cooling part so we’ll open
this up and tell you exactly more about it as we tested and right here we have
the nectar mattress protector for sure it’s a little thicker than the other
mattress protectors I can talk just visually but we are going to put them
all to the test best mattress protectors value versus efficiency this is what we
are about to find out soon you okay I don’t think I need to hear this
but I will nothing good sign no regardless the fact
that I was not a big fan of the feel of the mattress protector itself and the
fabric it kept this foam mattress clean all right let’s move on to the next one
no but I’m gonna do it just for the camera nothing no I think Queen all
right as promised but it’s like I mentioned and the more tooth thick to be a
mattress protector it’s more of a comforter to me but kept my mattress clean all right we’ve got about to find out good wine so here’s the thing
this mattress reminds me back in the days when my my kids were babies this is
exactly almost the same fabric and material I used to have over their crib
mattresses and I washed those crib mattress protectors for ever okay nothing nice and clean now the trick
here is that because of this fabric you need to be careful when you remove it so
you don’t make a mess on purpose so you need to be nice and gentle and gather
the fluids in the same spot and you know nice and clean kept it nice and
protected another thing about the purple mattress protector is I have noticed
this is this mattress is thick really really thick on the edges and the edge
of the protector was able to go all the way down so it is stretchy that’s a good
thing and this does we decided to mix it up a little bit just so to show you the
variety of accidents that could happen so again make sure you are careful just
roll it up when you are removing your mattress protector it has like liquid on
it and nice and clean but I will put a paper towel just to show you it’s so good mattress protector
according to Amazon reviews it’s the top seller mattress protector on Amazon gather all the snacks a little almost don’t
want mattress was done through their terrific body here thumbs up nest
bedding this mattress protector is a cooling much cooler than just a mattress
protector now they do its job at keeping my hybrid mattress here nice and clean
about to find out there you go you just no need to a paper towel on but as you
can see it is still nice and clean now the best part here is how to keep the
match detectors themselves clean can we put them in the washing machine
are they going to lose their you know quality over time so this is what I’m
going to do now is I’m going to wash them as I follow the instructions and
find out for you


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