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– Today I wanted to
review a purple shampoo if you’re going gray and you
need to take the brassiness out of your hair. You need purple shampoo. I have transitioned three years ago to my natural gray hair. This is all my own
natural gray hair color. I’ve actually have some other videos on tips and tricks on how to transition to natural gray hair, and I’m going to link that
in the description box. So if you are going gray, or you’re thinking about going gray, make sure to check those videos out after you are done watching this video. If you’re wondering how in the world I found out about shampoo,
this purple shampoo, I found out through internet. I actually had to research because I was transitioning at the time about three years ago. I was transitioning to
silver hair, or gray hair, and what I did was in order
to make my hair blend, I went and bleached my hair out. Because my hair was brown. I always dyed my hair brown or black. So when I was growing out my gray hair, my roots were out to here and it was white here
and then it was brown from here down. I didn’t like the way it looked. So in order to get it to
blend more with the gray, I went and had my hair bleached out by my hairstylist because I
wanted to keep the length still. When I got my hair to the blonde, it turned out really yellow. And I could see now I had
yellow against the gray. And I really disliked that too. I felt like it was
almost worse than having brown and white hair because
it just didn’t look right. So what I ended up doing, I went online. I researched how to take
out brassiness from blonde. And that’s how I came
across purple shampoo. I first started to use
it just for the blonde. And once the blonde grew out, I keep using it for my
silver hair, or gray hair, because gray hair, come to find out later, turns yellow. And I kept getting this
yellow tint in my hair and I was wondering why
am I getting yellow? I have white hair. So I researched that again, and I figured out that your hair does, if you have gray hair, it
does tend to get yellow if you are over-exposed to the sunlight, if you do hot tools, if you use a lot of
hot tools on your hair, just anything pollution,
anything that you know, just day to day things can cause gray hair to turn yellow. And so I kept using the
purple shampoo ever since. I’ve been using it once a week because it really keeps the gray really nice and crisp and white. Now I went out and I
bought this purple shampoo, it’s called Niacin. I bought it from Amazon, because I heard a YouTuber talk about this and I was very curious because I wanted to see
if this was any different than any other purple
shampoo I’ve used in the past because I’m looking for a purple shampoo that would not be as drying, and it would actually look shiny. Make your hair look shiny
without drying it out. And it gives you a nice crisp look. And so I went out and bought it and I just tried it. And I wanted to let you
know what the claims are on this purple shampoo, and what I actually experienced. If you’ve tried Niacin, let me know in the comments below, because I’d love to know
what your thoughts are about this brand and this product. I actually use both
shampoo and conditioner because I wanted to use a full system instead of just buying
a shampoo by itself. Because in the past, I’ve
used several purple shampoos in the past and I’ve always used instead of buying a
conditioner that comes with it, I always use hair treatment,
masks, and conditioners. So I never actually really
bought the whole system together. So this is my first time
trying them both together. So on the bottle, it says paraben free and it says that it has
olive oil and honey, and it claims to moisturize
and add shine to hair. And then on the bottom
here, it says no salt. I’m not sure why it says no salt. I didn’t even know that
shampoos had salt in them. I’m not sure why it says no salt, but maybe salt is not good for hair. If you know what salt does to hair, leave a comment below,
let us know, let me know. If you know about that. Now the claims on this, on the bottle, is that it gives you pearl highlights and it neutralizes the brassiness. It says it’s recommended to put it on, leave it on for five to 10 minutes. If you have long hair, you don’t need a lot of this actually. It didn’t, I probably used a quarter size and I do split my hair in two and I put quarter size on this side, and a quarter size on that side, because I just wanna get my entire head saturated with the purple shampoo. Then I left it on for 10 minutes while I washed my body. Then I rinsed it out. And then I put in the conditioner. Now the conditioner says
that it’s like a mask, so it’s supposed to hydrate your hair and it gives you more hydration and puts it back in. And I left that on for
another five to 10 minutes I would say. I think it was more like five minutes. So altogether, could have been about 10. Actually, altogether it
was probably 15 minutes on my hair. Now what I got, after I washed my hair, I brushed my hair out just
to see if it detangled or if my hair was really dry. After shampooing, my hair
was a little bit dry. Once I put the conditioner,
the treatment mask in my hair, my hair became soft and really nice. I really like the way it felt. And then I brushed my hair and pretty much all I did was straighten this strand in the front. And that’s all I did. I haven’t done anything. I haven’t put any kind of oils in my hair, nothing like that. It’s very shiny, it looks really shiny, on camera you can even see it. It looks really shiny and healthy. It does have a little bit of fly aways because I have curly hair so I do get the fly aways anyways, so I have to really straighten my hair if I want to get the
fly aways to calm down. But I didn’t do anything here, I just let it air dry. I was really impressed with the way my hair is feeling right now. The only thing that I want to recommend is that you test out
this product on your hair if you have, if you’re going gray and you’re going to use this product, make sure that you do test
strand it on your hair for five minutes and then
if you need more time you increase it, because I noticed that some of the strands were a little bit more kind
of blue, lavender color. And then some strands were white. So you might wanna be careful if you’re going for just white, you don’t like the effect
of having too much blue or kind of a lavender in your hair. Decrease the amount of time
you leave it on your hair because it actually did turn my hair a little bit more lavender, kinda bluish. Which I don’t mind
because I was planning on doing semi-permanent hair color on the bottom of my hair anyway and I do that often, so I don’t mind having a
little bit of color in my hair, but if you do mind that, if you don’t like that kind of a effect, you have to test it out to see how the color
will take on your hair. Definitely do a strand test, figure out your time before you put this all over your hair. This was about, they were each about, I wanna say less than $20. So they’re up there in the price. It’s not an affordable brand, it’s not a drugstore brand. It is more of a high end product. Wanted to let you know
that that’s the price, around $20. That is it. If you are going through your transition and you need some inspiration
or some words of advice, I do have other videos on YouTube, on how to transition to gray hair. I will put the links
in the description box. Be sure to check those out. And get some tips on those videos. Thanks so much for watching. If you try this Niacin, leave a comment below. Let me know how you,
what your thoughts are, how you like it. Let me know if it worked for you, if it didn’t work for you. What if it did and didn’t work for you? Share with everyone in
the YouTube community. And share it with me. I love to hear what you
have to say about it. And thank you so much again for watching. I hope that you enjoyed this video. If you liked it, please
give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to
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