Best Type Of Pillow for Sleeping with Neck Pain, Pinched Nerve, or Herniated Disc

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist. Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course. Today Brad we’re going to talk about the best type of pillow for sleeping with neck pain. pinched nerve, or herniated disc and/or herniated This is a big problem for a lot of people, they’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, and the Pain won’t allow them So we’re gonna show you positions and things that you can try. We’re gonna give you lots of tips and it’s good maintenance Yeah, prevention as well Even if you’re not having problems you’re gonna want to try these things because you don’t want to end up with a neck problem Right if you are new to our channel by the way, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, painfree and we upload everyday Also go over to Facebook and “like” us, please because Brad and I as children were not liked, probably even picked on a little bit, and now we’re trying to turn that all the way around Maybe you weren’t picked on, well probably later on yeah Didn’t have karate when you were a kid Alright, so the first thing, we’re gonna give you some guidelines. The first thing what you’re trying to do is We’re gonna go over three main categories here Brad. First thing is you’re trying to get the neck in neutral. Yeah let’s go over neutral. It doesn’t make any sense, neutral, first gear second gear. You know what I’m talking about. So Brad stands here right now He’s actually got pretty good posture, his ears are kind of lining up with his shoulders And that’s where you want to see him. So here’s the shoulder, you can hardly see the ear because He’s got it lined up correctly. Show them incorrectly Brad Right so at night when you’re sleeping This is the same thing. You want to have your neck in this good position, not in this bad position And can you see how if you’re sleeping on your back and you use one thin pillow, you should be able to keep in a good position, but if you use two thick pillows It’s gonna push them right forward Alternatively, if he’s on his side, so now we’ll face this way Brad, now you can look again here to have good posture He wants to be right in the middle but look at the huge gap there So if he slept without a pillow yeah, he’d be way over and it’d be that stress on the neck all night long so and Quite often when you’re on your side, one pillow doesn’t do it does it, he’s still gonna bend in to the side So we’re gonna use two pillows and that’s gonna keep him Just take my word for it, two pillows is gonna keep him in the right position Yeah The goal is that neutral position and keep your neck healthy. By the way I read Brad that 70% of people sleep on their side, so it is more common to sleep on the side, so when you’re on your side You’re gonna want to come up with a thicker pillow, fill in that shoulder gap What about sleeping on your stomach Brad? Well, you know We’re not big fans of it. No we’re not. If you’re gonna sleep on your stomach the ideal thing would be that you have one of those holes like on a massage table Then you keep your neck in neutral, but if you’re on your stomach and your head has to be all the way, what we call in end range, it’s gonna be there for that’s okay, but you leave it there for a length of time, hours at a time, it could cause problems. I’m assuming stomach sleepers without knowing it, they probably turn their head right to left I don’t know, but yeah I don’t know how else you would do it. Your head’s all the way in one direction So if you’re gonna sleep on your stomach, I’d try to keep it limited and I would try to use a softer pillow because you certainly don’t want to be on your stomach and bending up like this Some sleepers don’t use a pillow. Oh yeah sometimes they even put their hands there or no pillow at all I shouldn’t say make fun of this but I could just imagine someone sleeping all night with their head to the right, and then they get up in the morning and they’re stuck Yeah a lot of headaches occur with people who sleep on their stomach. If you’re getting a lot of those neck headaches that may be the cause of it So that may be something to think about Tips for trying to get good posture when you’re sleeping One thing you could use Let’s do the towels. Yeah, we’ve got a number of little tricks you can do here. Bob’strying to decide which one first. Oh, okay, so what you can do, this is just a little thing to try to help keep your neck in place at night. You take a pillowcase and you fold it in half lengthwise, so I went this way, I fold it in half, and then I fold it in half again. You do a lot of laundry don’t you Bob yeah? I really got my act together don’t I. And then with it in this position you can just actually take it and put it around your neck Like this and then tape it in place or pin it in place Be careful with that pen Anyway this gives you just a little bit support, but it helps hold your neck in place at night We’ve had some people that like this I’ve used this with my people who have vertigo, after I do treatment and they’re not supposed to look down, I put this around them and it’s just a cheap neck collar Otherwise you got to go spend $15 and you only use it for a day The other thing you can try is when you sleep on your back or on your side there’s a little bit of curve in here, so to fill that in you can take a roll towel First why don’t we go the cheap way. Okay, so now if I’m sleeping on my side I’m on my side like this, and there’s kind of a gap here I can put the towel here And I can actually slip it in the pillow itself and put it right here And there it’s kind of in place, gives me a little extra support These are things you try Brad and see if it works and this For my patients that like it they know that does make a difference when they have that support in that neck and I’m sure there’s ones that say I don’t like it at all, right? Right or it might be just the size of the roll Experiment with that too and also if I sleep on my back And I take the one pillow, look how that fills in that gap really nice Brad They do make these two, that’s a McKenzie one, a Mackenzie cervical roll They’re just more comfortable because the cushion is more consistent, and it feels good But you know if this works, this is going to work better. Yep. It is softer Yeah, a lot of times once you put it in the pillow it stays there Again, it’s gonna give support for my neck. I’m gonna mention one pillow. Where are we at Brad? Nursal, I’ll make sure this is in our products below there It’s a memory foam, so it’s really nice and soft. Brad and I and his wife, we all tried this and it’s got a zipper so a washable cover cover, and it’s hypoallergenic and Your wife liked this curve didn’t she?
Yeah, because most of them go straight across and if you look at it from this angle, there’s a dip in here, which then inherently makes that roll. You don’t need a roll there. It’s built right into the pillow itself, but this one also has a spot here, which your shoulder fits into there when you’re on your side And then it’s a personal thing actually. It really is. I I liked it sleeping on my side I didn’t like it sleeping on my back. I’m not gonna be one that says go out and get this because pillows are very very personal Beyond trying to get your neck in the right position, how much softness or hardness you want or firmness That’s really individual It depends on your body, it depends on your mattress, if you’ve got a firmer mattress or so there’s a lot of variables. Did you guys like it or not? This? Yeah we gave it an A. Not an A+ but an A. Nice, are you a side sleeper or do you sleep on your back? I’m flopping Bob. Yeah I like to sleep on my sides, but my back doesn’t allow it, so I have to go to my stomach. So anyway that’s the long story. That’s the Nursal it’s $35.99. You can give it a try if you think that that’s something you want to try. All right the next category we’re looking at Brad, if you’re getting pain going down the arm or getting We got to take the stress off the nerves, so one way to do that is by the way when you’re sleeping on your back You got the thin pillow here and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go ahead and I would take another pillow Brad and put it right here and support that arm It just makes a big difference, it really does. It’s amazing what some of these little things can make a big difference like this going around your neck you wouldn’t think it makes a difference But you try and it’s amazing, this is another one, and if that isn’t enough you might even try to put one by it beside you and another one here For some people that’s what it takes. If you’ve got to go to your kids bedroom and take their pillows for your good night’s sleep That’s right Do what you got to do because they’re kids and they can take it yeah They’re tough So the other thing, you’re gonna lay on your side, the same thing, I would try to avoid laying on the arm the nerve pain is going down. You go ahead and you put one pillow beside you, this is the arm that’s giving me trouble, and another one up like this and again to support it. Again you can almost put two there Again lots of pillows I realize, but it makes a big difference if you can, yeah there you go, fold it up in half If you are gonna lay on the painful side Which we’d highly not recommend that you do, you could take a smaller throw pillow Create the canal here and put the arm in here and that gives a little, it’s not as difficult or stressful I should say on it They do make a sleep wedge with a hole for your arm on this. We have not tried it But I’ve seen them on So we’ll have to try those out and give the word on this one. Yeah, all right The other thing, somebody had asked Brad how do you watch TV at night in bed or how do you read a book? So our recommendation on that is That’s the sleep wedge. Google sleep wedge, there’s a lot of them that’ll come up That’s the one that they have a hole for the arm, too. That’s the same. I’ll put this in our products section – these aren’t that expensive But a great thing to do is to just put a pillow like this and now I’m in pretty good posture But I can read or I can watch TV Normally, what happens if you don’t have this you put an extra pillow or two under your head Then you get the head forward out of neutral position we’ve been talking about and it’s not desirable. It’s not comfortable and that’s the third category we’re gonna look at is comfort itself and and Again, if you sleep mostly on your back, I would probably get more of a medium pillow not as firm. If you’re on your side, I’d get probably a little bit of a firmer pillow You know I realize there’s down pillows, there’s feather pillows, there’s foam pillows, there’s memory foam. There’s synthetic There’s a website called sleep like the It actually really kind of Talks about pillows and beds and mattresses, and it ranks them all So that’s a good deal. Yeah, it is and it’s objective right so All right, I think we were ready to quit, aren’t we? I don’t know should we stop? We’re probably boring them to death Sleep well is a big thing. Yeah. Thanks for watching. Keep the neck healthy.

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