Best Way To $100 A Day Online CPA vs CPS Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys we’re gonna be talking about cpa marketing versus cps marketing of course
these are both gonna be affiliate marketing topics but they’re definitely
be differences between these two i’m gonna cover in this video we dive into
my computer and i’m sure you guys the key differences between CPA Burgess cps
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gonna dive into my computer right now so I can cover some of the key differences
between the two go over them both in detail and hopefully by the end of the
video you guys can know which one you like best which one you think you might
want to start doing and with that being so let’s I’m into my computer right now
and start this video off alright guys we’re now in my computer as
you can see on my whiteboard CPA versus CPS marketing I got CPA on the left
EPS on the right I’m gonna pull that big box down a little bit a little explain
some of the key differences some of the key similarities between the two I’m not
gonna waste any more your ass how much I start this video off we pull the first
box away in the beginning guys the first thing I have on here it’s pretty much
explaining exactly what each of these things are if you do not know yet so I
got a CPA marketing or just CPA is this equivalent it just stands for cost per
action what a cost per action is and what actually it’s talking about
specifically can be a lot of things industry lead generation and underneath
I put a few examples to you guys just to give you guys a better idea of exactly
what I’m talking about so the action could be downloading an application on
your phone on your computer it can be completing a survey and signing up with
your email or entering your phone number for something else and of course there
are even more action you has to do this with I just won the list a few things
you guys like a very good general idea I have two that like I’ll back over to the
right side we’re just gonna BCPs which is gonna equal or it’s gonna stand for
cost per sale of course guys this one’s gonna be a little bit more basic British
pretty much saying any time somebody purchases a product service maybe it’s a
course maybe it’s coaching whatever it is it’s gonna be every time a person
actually makes a sale or purchases something guys that’s gonna be the very
key different straight off the bat cpa is cost per action CPS is cost per
sale may be two very different things I’m gonna pull the Box down a little bit
more now and go over someone like the actual the key differences in
similarities between the tube but that being said I’m gonna pull it down little
by little something that’s going on right here guys sharing of the bat cross
fraction and then see costs per sale the very obvious thing is gonna be you’re
gonna earn money and you’re gonna be a paid based on that action over every
time somebody actually enters their email into an opt-in page and signs up
or completes the survey that’s when you’ll actually get paid whereas on the
other side you’re like actually be earning based on sales you only get paid
when somebody actually goes through the entire process and ends up purchasing a
product boards or service like I said above that’s gonna be the key difference
between the two right there I’m gonna pull the Box down a little bit more not
waste too much time and then one of the big differences between CPA versus CPS
it’s gonna be very obvious as soon as you start one or the other but with CPA
you’re gonna have very significant lower commissions whereas on the other side
with cost per sale the Commission’s are gonna be a lot a lot higher and that’s
simply just because of the next thing that I’m gonna go over I’m gonna pull
that down which is with CPA mark and you’re gonna have a lot higher
conversion rates whereas with CPS cost per sale you’re gonna have a lot lower
conversion rates and the reason for that guys is with CPA marketing and cost per
action getting somebody to sign up for like an email newsletter is getting
somebody to enter their phone number in or you just download an app it doesn’t
cost that person anything it’s completely free to do and because of
that it’s you’re gonna get a lot higher of a conversion rate whereas on with
cost per sale somebody actually has to be spending money and purchasing a
product service or course or whatever in order to attack you to actually get paid
your conversion rate for cost per sale is gonna be that much lower
whereas with CPA cost per action your conversion rate is gonna be a lot a lot
higher because let’s just say for example you send like a hundred people
over to an opt-in page or a landing page or a company who’s selling late to say
beauty products and makeup stuff you guys can actually get like on average
all right like forty percent of people will actually sign up into an email
address and then sign up for that particular email newsletter signup
whatever it is and then every time sunny signs up you’ll get paid based on that
action you guys will have like a forty percent conversion rate let’s just say
they’ll pay you like 50 cents every single person you get to sign up for
their email newsletter or whatever it is you have 40 people at 50 cents that’s
like well like $20 I think which of course is not bad but then we go over to
CPS cost per sale whereas somebody actually has to purchase something
getting somebody actually purchased something let’s go back to the same
example of using the same hundred people the same number with cost per sale when
you’re actually selling up physical purchase when you’re actually selling a
product or service to somebody the conversion is gonna be a lot lower
in most cases when your shirt let’s just say you’re selling a product to a
hundred people realistically an optimal conversion rate
or the conversion rate that you’re probably gonna get unlike average it’s
probably only gonna be like one to two percent which of course is gonna be
significantly lower than cpa which is it’s pretty much exactly I just
explained but the thing that saves cost per sale the reason it’s still so good
is because you have so much of a higher Commission your Commission will be that
much higher but when you might actually only need to sell like one or two of
these products to actually get a commission of like 30 or $40 as
commissions on affiliate products means from like dollars all the way to like
thousands of dollars depending on the product the service or the program with
that being said you guys can easily make like a twenty dollar Commission based on
just selling one product if not even more you guys can of course make like
fifty dollars per sale as a commission which is that of course even if the
offer just came running out like a 1% rate and you only make me like one sale
per hundred people you sent to that offering if you’re making $50 a
commission based on that 1% sale you’re still gonna be making more than you
would with CPA because of course like I said before guys you sent a hundred
people to a landing page to sign up for an email newsletter you get 40 people
they pay you 50 cents curly that’s only 20 dollars whereas on the other hand
with a 1 percent conversion rate and only one out of every hundred people
virtually I’ll just say it’s like a hundred dollar product you get a fifty
percent commission you’ll don’t have $50 or course guys that’s one of the reasons
I like CPS marketing and cost per sale a little bit more is because of course
you’re gonna have significantly lower conversion rates but your commissions
are gonna be way way higher in most cases that’s not true in every single
case but in my experience at least the commissions for cost per sale are gonna
be way way higher with a lot being said I’m gonna pull the Box a little more
guys alright guys now the box one the last things I have on
here is that CP a burst CPS with cost per action networks gonna be a lot more
exclusive I’m gonna top to your CP networks can make it honestly a little
bit difficult to even get in you’re gonna have to apply go through like a
two or three step process just to get approve and actually into the network
I’m done require phone interviews we can last like 10 to 15 minutes whereas with
CPS networks cost for sale networks it’s gonna be a lot more open and available
to pretty much everybody that’s most likely just because the CP network’s
want to keep their affiliates as top tier and as high quality as possible and
they want to make sure they’re actually sending high quality traffic and actual
people actual traffic real visitors for these to these leads to these offers
whereas with cost per sale networks it’s a lot more open you know things like
clickbank amazon associates other networks like that are very opened it’s
because you’re obviously gonna be driving sales to them and for them
you’re gonna be earning the money regardless they’re not gonna really care
whether where it comes from as long as they’re getting paid they’re gonna be
happier course whereas with CP networks they need to be at least a little bit
more selective with who they actually bring in to be affiliates or their
network because of course they want to maintain and continue to be a top to
network with the most high quality affiliates possible because of course
that’ll get them better offers from better companies and better your
promotions but of course guys you guys can still go either way it’s not
impossible to get into these cpa networks it can be a little bit
difficult sometimes I feel like a hassle especially if you’re applying for like
more than one at a time you can feel like a lot what if it isn’t that bad at
all I might just be hyping it up a little
bit just because I’m more of a CPS marketer I only mess around a CPA that
much I definitely have some experience with it but my personal a personal
preference is definitely gonna be with cost per sale marketing just because I
like the higher commissions lastly though guys I’m a poll box moved out one
more time it’s the last thing on here but the last thing I put down at the
bottom this goes for both them of course I put both of them are viable profitable
and scalable business models of course that’s very important guys scalability
is definitely something you’re gonna want to take into account when you’re
actually choosing a business model but the great thing about both of these is
it doesn’t really matter which one you choose they’re both are very profitable
both these can earn millions of dollars a year every single year and they’re
both completely valid business models as an they both work there are tons of
people making these exact business models work so at the end of the day
really comes down to what you guys want to do personally what your personal
preferences I already told you guys mine cost per sale marketing just because of
the higher commissions I like that personally but there’s no reason you
guys can’t be CPM marketers if you choose to be it’s really up to you guys
with cpa marketing you’re definitely gonna need a higher quantity of traffic
than with cost personnel marketing again just because of how much lower the
Commission’s are but how much higher the conversion rates are you’re gonna need
to send more more quantity more people to those leads so those offers know
where to match up as in to earn about the same of a cps marketer you might
need to send like two times five maybe and five times the amount of traffic
they are but you’ll definitely be getting paid roughly the same and you
can make it work but all that being said lurgha’s hopefully just give you a
pretty good idea of what cpa marketing is and what cps marketing is some of the
key differences and the pros and cons of both well all i mean some other guys i
pretty much wraps up this video so if you enjoyed definitely drop a like on it
and guys definitely definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day
and with all that stuff out of the way hope you guys enjoy the video my name is
anthony villa and i will see you in the next one I am out peace


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