Best Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2019

what’s going on everyone Attan here
and in today’s video I’m gonna share with you the best way to make money
online with affiliate marketing for beginners in 2090 all you have to do we
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your video alright first thing first make sure you watch the whole video here
because I’m gonna share with you some important information and I learned the
hard way I spent thousands of dollar with so make sure you stick till the end
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below at the end of this video but for now let’s have a look at the best way to
make money online with affiliate marketing in 2019 for beginners let’s
get started okay so first thing first I’m going to
explain a little bit here affiliate marketing is actually in my opinion the
number way to get started with as a beginner and in overall to make money
with it’s really simple it has its benefits you don’t need to create your
own product you don’t need to hassle with anything of that they all you have
to do is actually more or less to promote other people’s offer now
unfortunately a lot of people fail with affiliate marketing because they don’t
implement on a few things important things that I want to share with you
here today so hopefully you will grab this important information here and
implement it in your business to get started with affiliate marketing so you
can succeed there and I learned this the hard way I’m
going to explain to you here also why so let’s get started to have a closer look
at this so I typed earlier here traffic and that is of course what we want the
next thing you’re probably going to say that it’s really simple we want to drive
traffic to an offer and I’m actually going to put it inside here the offer
because I’m going to explain to you right here we want to have an opt-in
page some people call it a squeeze page and this is how it looks basically when
you click the link from my number one recommendation you’ll find a pretty
similar sites like this and you can see here that in exchange for your email
address I want you to opt-in here I’m giving you a free video case study there
I share with you how I made 420 dollars in less than 24 hours and how you can do
it too okay so you have to opt-in to see this
another thing this is actually on my my IM my site and it is an it as
an exit so before you leave you will save this squeeze page it is a free
report this is a PDF it works actually it is pretty much the same principles
that I’m sharing but it is on a PDF instead of a video case study here so it
doesn’t really matter okay you need to have something out of value here you
need to create your own report or your own case study or whatever is going to
be in exchange for the email address so if you’re asking me why I’m going to
explain to you really really simple why here okay so there you have it so we
want people to opt-in because if we have sent them straight to the offer here I
can guarantee you that 99.99 percent you would have never seen that traffic that
you have spent money on or effort on to see those people again okay
you don’t know where they are coming from you just know that you have sent
people to the offer and you never know what’s going to happen so that is why we
want to go to the process and we want to do it this way with an opt-in page we’re
talking about email marketing I learned this the hard way as I said earlier for
those of you that have been following me you probably heard this story but if
you’re new here I actually started without doing email marketing I started
to promote offers in Facebook and all of sudden one day when I woke up I’ve spent
thousands of dollars I just realized that they have closed that page they
never explained I never did anything wrong in my opinion but I could never
get it back so there I was I felt really really lost that day to be honest with
you I spent so much money hand of course effort time to do that
and that is where I actually started to build an email lists and I realized why
everyone was talking about the money’s in the list money’s in the list and I
realized it so I focused on email marketing and later on became even a
solo ad vendor to learn everything about email marketing and that is how I
continued installer to see results of course so email marketing number one
number one way to go as an affiliate marketer no matter what if you’re
sending traffic from your YouTube videos Facebook or whatever I highly suggest
you I highly highly recommend you that you should send it to an opt-in page and
build your list there and you do that with an autoresponder of course and
opt-in pages like this that I share here earlier okay so what you need to do
later on basically is that we need to also do a follow up sequence because
even if people obtain and the see the offer here straight away they will
probably never buy okay a few people buy straight
away but most are just opting in and they want to see the offer and that is
why this is so important here with the follow up sequence because if you do
create some good content in your emails you actually people are going to start
to like you they’re going to trust you I’m sorry for the ugly writing here and
then they will start to buy from you so that is how it works okay now we are
going a step beyond here and two separate actually as an affiliate
marketer and other tip is that you can offer a bonus okay so this is a huge
benefit so that people are going to purchase from you instead of any other
affiliate marketer and a few days back I did the review here which was I am
checklist review vol 19 with Kevin now I’m including a unique bonus package
here okay when if you purchase through my link of course I am checklist which
is in my opinion a no-brainer because you can see it here on my site I do
include daily list profits only these sells for 27 alone but I also include my
pro video training which is a business in a box I cover everything you need to
know on how to get started with everything inside here okay so you get
this as a bonus if you purchases this I want to make it as an irresistible offer
and no-brainer for you to purchase it okay so the big the big plus is that you
don’t want to create your own free report for example or you want to
include a bonus so you don’t know how and what to include well I have the
solution for you because if you grab I am checklist volume 19 look at this use
as a bonus for your affiliate marketing promotions now
have it you don’t need to create anything at all all you have to do is
just rebrand it even if you don’t want to rebrand it you can just include them
as a bonus package so you purchase this and you can use them in many many ways
because you are getting PLO rights okay it stands for private label rights so
there I have solved the solution for you that it doesn’t take you very long time
to just download this and use them as a bonus okay so there you have it you can
also create a free report but best of all is I think you can use this as a
bonus so you can value this for definitely seventeen dollars and tell
your subscribers that if you purchase whatever you’re going to promote you can
actually get a bonus package I am checklist vol 19 exactly as I have
right here okay so I did a full in-depth video review here where I’m showing you
everything you’re going to get and I’m also telling you the bonuses that you’re
going to get here okay you get more bonuses but I think those two that I
have here these are my own courses so these are actually unique bonuses but
you can actually mention it as unique bonus also just rename it rebrand the
iron checklist and you are definitely good to go there so that is another
biggie to actually make money as an affiliate marketer and while it may take
you a little bit more effort to actually do these types instead of just sending
straight to the offer you can quickly realize and see the benefits of doing it
here because people have subscribed to you they will probably start to trust
you like you and they will buy from you again and again if you handle this right
okay I’m not saying that you’re going to bombard every day fat loss product the
next day and make money online and so on but be smart here okay promote a few
products be very wise include bonus every now and then and you definitely
are going to make money as an affiliate marketer now if you want to find out
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