Best way to promote affiliate links for free in 2018 – Affiliate Marketing Tips

– Hi guys, in this video
I’m going to talk to you about two ways you can promote your affiliate links for free. A lot of newbies often ask me, “Anthony, what’s the best way “to promote your
affiliate links for free?” So in today’s video, I’m going to be answering that question. But before we start, I’m Anthony Rousek, and I’m from I’m passionate about
helping newbies get started in affiliate marketing. So make sure you subscribe to my channel, and click on the bell notification button, so you can get notified
when a new video out when I release them. Alright, so let’s get started. (exciting upbeat music) So obviously you need to
have a chosen affiliate offer to promote to get approval
to promote these products. And they can be a digital
product or a physical product. But today, I’m going to talk to you guys about how to promote digital products. Firstly, make sure you
choose a product that is good because if you’re gonna choose
a bad product to promote, and if you make sales you
can actually lose money because if that person
buys the product from you and its a bad product,
they’ll want a refund. So it’s really important
to choose a good product and I’m gonna give you a
couple tips to avoid these. So the first two ways I highly recommend to promote an affiliate offer for free is one, do a blog review of the product and number two, do a
video review on YouTube. Properly blogging allow a lot of you guys to have the money to invest
in self-hosted blogs. So you can use free tools such as Blogger, Medium, or however I highly recommend
to get a self-hosted blog because there’s a couple
reasons why you need to do this. And the first reason is that
you want to brand yourself. And if you start doing both content, people will want to know who you are, and they’re going to start
buying from people who you trust. The second reason why you want
to have a self-hosted blog, is because if something goes
wrong with your platform such as WordPress, Medium, or Blogger, or you did something wrong,
you can get shut down, and you’re gonna lose all your
links and blogs and websites. So you don’t really want that to happen. Having your own self-hosted
blog is the best way to go. Another problem with this method is that it’s gonna take a bit
of time for your blog reviews and your reader reviews to get ranked into the search engines. It’s not gonna happen overnight
so you must be willing to put a bit of effort and a bit of time to get this happening
using this free method. Plus, another thing is that,
you’re gonna be competing with so many affiliates out there. So if you’re gonna start
promoting your digital products I would highly recommend
to provide bonuses and incentives to give away. If you feel there’s something
lacking in the training, which often at times
there is something lacking in the training, you can
provide something to your buyers that will make them want to
buy the product from you. So if all these things
I spoke about today, it’s not really that complicated. But if you’re new, it can be
quite daunting and complicated. So I’d like to invite you to check out my free training course,
Commission Hijack, where I get to show you
how to rank your affiliates and blogs on to search
engines, create bonuses, and how to get started
with affiliate marketing, so you can promote your
affiliate links for free. So check out my free training
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a new video is released. I hope you have found
this one informative, we’ll see you on the next video. This is Anthony Rousek, signing off. (exciting upbeat music)

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