BEST Ways to START Affiliate Marketing for Beginners!

In this video I’m gonna share with you the absolute best ways to get started with affiliate marketing, no
matter what budget you’re at. So whether you have $0 and you
wanna get started for free, I’ll teach you the best
way to do that today. Whether you have $100,
I’ll tell you the best way to invest that Benjamin, to
get the most bang for the buck. And if you have up to $1,000
I will teach you the best way to invest that money, so
that you have the right tools to get started with affiliate marketing. Stay tuned. Hey, what is up guys? ODi Productions here, I am
back, it’s been over a week, and I wanna just let you guys know why I took a very short
hiatus and where I’ve been. Life has been crazy lately,
I’ve been super busy, and there’s two big major life
updates that’s happened to me that I wanted to share
with you guys today. So the first life update
is just my surroundings. If you guys look around,
let me just do a quick pan, I just moved into a brand new apartment. I’m the first person to
ever live in this unit and it is as you guys
can see, a corner unit. Still living in Chicago,
best city in the world, I’m from San Diego originally for you guys who don’t know my background or my story. I was born and raised in San Diego and I went to UCLA for a few years, actually until I was a fourth year where I had a three
five GPA my senior year. Dropped out of UCLA to
pursue online business and entrepreneurship, and it’s
been about two or three years since then, and honestly, can’t complain. So basically my channel,
if you guys are brand new, if you’re a new visitor or subscriber, basically I’m a full-time entrepreneur. I’m 24 years old, my name is
Odi, go by ODi Productions, and this channel is all
about teaching people how to get into online
business entrepreneurship and make passive income
through affiliate marketing. So if you guys don’t know
what affiliate marketing is watch all my other
videos because you know, I’m gonna get more in
depth with this video. However if you’re brand new,
you never heard about it, basically affiliate
marketing is just referrals. You refer people to products and services, and you get commission if they
purchase through your links. So that’s as simple as I can make it, but basically to get on with this video, that first life update is the apartment and I’ll give you guys a quick, quick tour because you guys deserve one. But the second life
update, which I’m so happy, so proud to share with you
guys, is this guy right here. Check him out. Taco, Taco, hi! Hi Taco, say hi! This guy right here, his name
is Taco, he’s 10 weeks old. He is a French Bulldog
also known as a Frenchie. He is cream-colored and
he is absolutely adorable, and he is just so amazing honestly. You know aside from the new
apartment and everything, he’s brought me so much joy in
such a short period of time. He’s so great but he’s still a puppy, so you know he’s still
learning a lot of things, but you’ll see him in a few of
my future videos from now on. He’ll probably make guest appearances, but he’s officially gonna be
the mascot for my channel. But to give you guys that
quick, quick apartment tour, if you guys wanna check
this out we’ll start here. We’ll start with the front
door and then we’ll move in. So walking into the apartment,
I got all my stuff right now, it’s a little messy but if we
take a quick left right here, guys check out this bathroom. Got some of Taco’s stuff right here but basically you got this
white marble on the shower, this mirror you know, I’m not
trying to flex on you guys, but this mirror is a couple
racks right here, no joke. This, like literally this mirror is, I don’t know how much it cost but it’s pretty, pretty pricey. But it is the nicest
mirror I’ve ever seen. I am a mess right now cause
I just moved in today. I literally just moved
into my place today. It’s been so crazy but I
wanted to make this video for you guys cause I’m dedicated
and I want to share this with you guys because honestly,
you guys are you know, a lot of my success comes
from helping other people and basically I wouldn’t
be here if it wasn’t for all the customers and
the people who I’ve helped. So anyways as you guys can see, pretty epic view right there. I mean corner unit, floor to
ceiling windows everywhere. Here’s the kitchen, super dope. I mean you got the Gordon Ramsey stove top right here with the range. I mean I’m not chef but looking
pretty official right now. Here’s the balcony, I’m
gonna step out real quick, it’s getting a little chilly
here as we head into winter, but actually it’s not too bad,
it’s about 50, 50 degrees. So this is my balcony look out below, check it out, it’s nice
to get some fresh air. Especially cause never really got too much fresh air in my old place. But let’s go back in here, so
yeah this is the living room. Pretty large, it’s a lot
bigger than my old place, if you guys have seen my other videos. Now the view is amazing,
but my view at my old place is the best in Chicago,
in my humble opinion. I’ve toured over a dozen of
these apartment complexes. But here is where the magic happens. Just kidding, here’s the bedroom. I got my queen bed, got the bed frame, waking up to that it’s
gonna be pretty nice, lots of sunlight. And here is my closet,
which is way bigger than… Way bigger than my old closet. This one’s actually walk
in, my old closet wasn’t, but you’ve got so much
room here, it’s crazy. Someone could literally
sleep here honestly, if they wanted to. Anyways, that’s the quick apartment tour. I’m sure I’ll get into
more of the apartment later in future videos. Maybe I’ll do an official tour once all the furniture is set up. I mean everything’s a mess right now, I literally just moved in this morning. So anyways that’s it as
far as life updates goes. I just wanna to keep you guys informed cause a lot of people, if you’re interested in my personal life, and you wanna know what’s going on, you wanna see my lifestyle,
this is it right here guys. And 100% funded by affiliate marketing, which is all I do. I don’t do any sort of
other online business other than affiliate marketing. I don’t do drop shipping, or Amazon FBA, or stocks, or anything like that. I really just chose one
thing and I stuck to it and honestly if you
just focus on one thing, you specialize, you become a
master, you become an expert, then stuff like this can
happen to you with time. Anyways, let’s move on the actual advice. Let’s move on to the meat
and potatoes of this video, which is, “What is the best way “to get started with affiliate marketing?” Alright guys, so I get this
question literally every day. Every day, every day, it’s every day bro, I get this question, people messaging me, “Hey man, I like your
videos, blah blah blah. “I just wanna know, what’s the best way “to get started with affiliate marketing?” Well, first of all, sarcastically
what I wanna say is, “If you’ve watched any of my
videos I give you so many ways “to get started with affiliate marketing “and I literally have
videos where I teach people “how to get started with
affiliate marketing.” However, this video had to be made because the question’s
gonna keep coming up, so this will be my definitive answer for anyone who asks me,
“What is the best way to get started with affiliate marketing”. I’ll tell you right now,
and I’m gonna tell you guys three ways actually,
because I’m a generous guy. No I’m just kidding, I’m
gonna tell you three ways because people have different budgets, and people come to me all the time and they have different budgets. The most common one is
probably people who are broke or they say they’re broke, and
they either don’t have a job, they’re a college student
they don’t have much money, and they wanna get started though. And the good news for you is unlike a lot of other
online business models, such as drop shipping, such as Amazon FBA, where you do need to invest
up front to get some product, to get your Shopify
website up or whatever; you can get started with
affiliate marketing for free. Free, $0, free 99, it
doesn’t get better than that. There’s no other online business model where you can get started completely free, as in nothing, nata. So yeah, there is that. So I’m gonna tell you guys the best way to get started with
that and then after that I’ll teach you the best
way if you have about $100, if you have a Benjamin. I’ll teach you the best
way to invest that. And if you have up to $1,000,
so let’s say $500 to $1,000, I will give you the absolute
best way to get started if I were to get started literally today. Alright, let’s get it. Alright method number one for
people who are dead broke. You have $0 or you don’t
wanna spend anything. This is how you get started
with affiliate marketing. Step one, start a YouTube channel. There you go. Step two, upload videos on that channel, that are related to affiliate
products and content. So this can be reviews,
it can be comparisons, it can be tutorials, but
basically you wanna create content that is going to promote these products, whether directly or indirectly, and then you’re gonna promote them through your YouTube channel because YouTube is
completely free to start. Now, what are the benefits of
starting a YouTube channel? Alright so, people ask
me, “What’s the best way?” This is the best way guys,
this is the best way. You need to start a YouTube channel because the other methods,
using stuff like ClickFunnels, which does cost $97 a month
after your free trial runs out. You can get started with
YouTube for free today. You have no excuses and
for people who are like, “Ah, you know I’m shy, I
don’t wanna make videos.” Suck it up, cause you’re
asking the best way to get started with affiliate marketing. I’m telling you the best
way, it’s YouTube, why? One, it’s free, two,
it’s a video advertising, which is the most effective
form of marketing these days and it is the future of advertising. It’s video guys. So everything is headed this
way, YouTube’s completely free, and then on top of that, number three, for YouTube the thing is, you
can sell people so much easier through video and YouTube
will actually get you views for free, depending on
the quality of your video. But YouTube will actually drive people and get traffic to your videos. So you know, if you do
videos, you’d do like a review on an Apple MacBook Pro, you
could have zero subscribers, but if your video happens to be good, they could make it a suggested video and over time you can
gain some organic traffic, and start getting views over time if you keep making this good content, promoting it through whatever
free methods you want to, or paid, and basically over time, you’re gonna be getting views for every single video for free. Cause you’ll get subscribers, you’ll get people who
watch the suggested video who are just browsing on
YouTube, so many ways. But basically you get a
lot of organic traffic so it’s pretty crazy, and
honestly YouTube for me has been such a huge component
of affiliate marketing because video sells people so much easier than sending them to an
advertisement and to a landing page. So I’m a big proponent of YouTube and if you’re getting started today, start a YouTube channel. You can do so many different ways. So I already mentioned
that you can do reviews, you can do comparisons,
you can do tutorials. Now another way you can do
it is through personal brand. Now, I’m seeing a lot of
these channels pop up lately, but they’re very effective. Basically if you are an entrepreneur and you’re getting into this to basically go full time into entrepreneurship
and online business, you can start a personal brand YouTube. Now this is a YouTube
where you actually showcase your highlights, your failures, your journey, and your successes with entrepreneurship,
and online business. And through this, you can actually become an affiliate marketer for many different entrepreneurship tools,
such as Click Funnels, Shopify, all sorts of different things. Jungle Scout is an example for anyone who’s familiar with Amazon FBA. You can promote any of these tools as an affiliate through
your YouTube channel. So that right there, great,
great, great way honestly. You can honestly take this
to so many heights and you can earn so much this way,
if you do it the right way. If you invest and you make
quality videos like this and you know, you invest in your camera, you practice, you practice
your video editing, you make it better, then you can really, really earn a full-time income with affiliate marketing if you work hard. So anyways that’s number one. So start a YouTube channel
if you have no money. You have no money, for
anyone who’s complaining that they don’t wanna make
videos or whatever, suck it up. Beggars can’t be choosers. You asked for the best way if
you’re broke, YouTube, done. Let’s move on to number two. So number two, if you have $100. Now I already made a video
on this and what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna
direct you to that video, but I’ll give you a quick
synopsis right here. So number two is you’re gonna start an affiliate marketing website, and the type of website
that we’re gonna create is called a niche authority website. Now these days it’s
possible to make a website for less than $100, much
less, probably closer to $70. You can have a full,
functional, custom website that looks good, it’s ran on WordPress, and it’s basically, it has a custom domain so it doesn’t say, or, or, or anything like that. It literally just says
blah blah blah dot com, that you choose. So this right here is the
best way to get started if you have some money,
because when you have a website it opens up so many doors in the world of affiliate marketing. When you have a website
you can get approved into the affiliate networks. Much easier when you have
an actual, legit website. Now if you only have a
YouTube channel chances are you might not get into
certain affiliate networks. So that’s something that
you have to watch out for. So that is my advice, now the video, I actually have a video on my channel. You guys are so lucky, I just made a video I think two uploads ago, where I walked a college student, I walked her step by step, my friend Sam, how to start an affiliate
marketing website, an affiliate marketing
business for less than $100. I actually show that
step by step, by step. So I’ll link it right here,
you guys can watch that. If you wanna invest a little bit, and I honestly recommend that you do if you have at least $70 to spend, create an affiliate marketing website. Create a YouTube, combine them, boom. Honestly that is a great,
great method right there, and that is the best
way to get started today if you have little to no money. Whether you have no money at all, you have $0, or you have
$70, start a YouTube channel, start an affiliate marketing
website, combine them, boom. Alright guys, the third method for how to get started
with affiliate marketing. This right here is for if you have, let’s say between $500 to up to $1,000 to invest in affiliate marketing. Now I think that there
really is diminishing returns if you surpass the $1,000 investment, because with affiliate marketing
one of the biggest benefits of this business model, is you don’t have to pay
for products or services. So there’s almost no expenses. The only thing you do spend for is a little thing called advertising, and maybe for certain online tools such as ClickFunnels, whatever. But basically if you go past the $1,000 there’s not much to really
buy other than more ads, which is good or bad depending if you know how to actually
run profitable campaigns. If you don’t know how to
run profitable campaigns you could spend $10,000 and lose money, or make no money, break even. But basically if you have up to $1,000 this is what I would do. I would, if I were starting from zero, if I were starting from scratch today, and I knew nothing, ‘ope sorry Taco. I accidentally bumped into the little guy. What’s up Taco, how’s it going? Hi! Guys, real quick take a look outside, look how epic this sunset
is, look at all those colors. It’s getting dark right now,
starting to get nighttime, but just gonna show you guys
a little bit of the view. I mean my last view from my last place is the best in Chicago but I am not complaining at all today. But anyways, back to the video, okay. So the third method,
this is what I would do if I had between $500 to $1,000. So the first things I would do is, I would do the first two things, I would start the YouTube channel, I would do either a personal brand page or I would do sort of focusing on reviews in a certain niche,
such as let’s say tech, which is actually my first
company for anyone who’s new. You guys don’t know that I
started, that was my first affiliate
marketing website and company, and that specialized in home recording, and I actually eventually
landed on the niche of doing headphones, and doing professional headphone reviews, which you guys can watch on my channel to get an example of that. So yeah, I would start a YouTube channel focusing on a certain niche, so that you can promote certain affiliate products and services in that niche. Now number two is I
would create the website. So another example,, I actually made the website for that and I combined it with my YouTube channel. I would send people from my
YouTube videos to my website, so they can look at other
content, other reviews, and hopefully make other
purchases or clicks on my Amazon Associates
links through my website. So I would do those two things first. I would get the YouTube down,
I would get the website down, I would get the branding
down and everything. Now the third step that’s
gonna take you one step ahead or further away from all the other people who are just starting out, is you need to invest in a mentor. You know, I’ve said
this in so many videos. So many videos and I
keep coming back to it because it’s true, because it’s real. If you have the money you
need to just pay someone else to teach you their methods, their ways, their plan, the blueprint basically; because you’ll be spinning your tires if you just try and do things on your own. Because the way it works is
it’s kinda like an engine. So if you have all the
parts for an engine, let’s say you have everything,
you got all of the parts, you got the best parts in the world. You got a 2.3 liter Supercharger
and you got this v8, and I don’t really wanna
get too much into cars in this video, but basically, let’s say you have the best
components in the world to make an engine that
produces 1,000 horsepower. Alright, you have all the ingredients, so this is basically what people do, is they go and try and find the parts. They try and find the parts online. And now this is what people try and do when they look for all that free info, is they look for all the parts, alright? And they’re like, “Oh okay you
need to have a landing page, “okay you need to run paid traffic, “okay your paid traffic
needs to have retargeting, “you need to have an email
list, okay blah blah blah.” So people are like, “Okay
I have all the parts, “now I should see the success”, but it doesn’t work like that. Because you could have all
the best parts for the engine, but if you don’t know
how to put it together you’re gonna make zero horsepower. So you could have all the parts
for 1,000 horsepower engine but if you don’t know how
to put it all together, you don’t know how to work a wrench, you don’t know the plan, you
aren’t an expert mechanic, then your engine’s gonna
produce zero horsepower. It doesn’t matter what parts you have. It doesn’t matter if
you have a Supercharger or a huge turbo, basically,
if you don’t know how to slap it on the engine,
it’s not gonna benefit you. So basically if you
can invest in a mentor, whether that is investing in their course, investing in their mentorship, investing in one on one calls with them, investing in buying them lunch so that you can pick their
brain for 30 minutes, investing in books,
books like Kindle books, books on Amazon, books from the library to learn more about marketing,
learn more about business. There aren’t really any
books on affiliate marketing specifically because
it’s such a new thing, that they’re not– Everything that’s read in
books is usually kind of old to be honest with you guys,
cause books are on the way out. But you can still read books that are generally about business, marketing, because affiliate marketing,
keyword, marketing. So if you know marketing you know how to do affiliate marketing. It’s simple as that,
it’s just taken online. So that’s my advice right there. If you can find a mentor
and I’m not saying me, I’m pretty busy guys. I already have dozens upon dozens, if not hundreds of students
who I am already helping out, and mentoring, and teaching my method. So I don’t need more students and plus, I make money from
affiliate marketing guys. I’ll be real with you guys,
I do affiliate marketing, and that’s why you don’t see me desperate to sell courses
or anything like that. In fact I actually turn people
away from taking my course because I’ve gotten a good
sense now when I message people, and I respond to comments, messages. I get a good sense if
someone’s looking for a get rich quick, and
the second that I realize that they’re looking for
some sort of get rich quick, done for you type thing,
where they don’t have to work, and $1,000 will just appear
in their bank account, I say, “Hey you know what? “This isn’t for you, please carry on.” Honestly, I do that
because I don’t really… You know I’m not hurting for the money cause I already do affiliate
marketing full-time, I don’t rely on it, but yeah. So that would be my
advice, use someone else. Leverage an expert or
a mentor’s expertise, his experiences, his mistakes, his failures; leverage all that. Because if you’re gonna do it on your own it’s gonna take you five years. It took me five years to
get from zero to this point. It’s gonna take you probably the same amount of time, if not more. Because if you have no skills, I actually had skills when I got started. I had skills when I got into it. I had web development skills,
I already knew about sales, I was reading all about business, and it still took me a while. So if you have zero skills today and you don’t have a blueprint,
you don’t have the recipe, you don’t know how to
put the engine together; it’s gonna take you years just
to get to a full-time income. Just to get to that point. And if we’re talking excess
or doing extremely well, then it’s gonna take you
even longer than that. So anyways, that is my
honest, honest answer. I’m telling you guys, you don’t
need to spend over $1,000. If you have more money don’t spend it on buying all sorts of different tools and running all these campaigns, cause if you don’t know how
to run the right campaign, or you don’t know how to
run paid traffic correctly, you’re gonna waste all your money. You’re gonna be spinning your tires and you’re not gonna get any sales, or you’re gonna get a very
minuscule amount of sales for the amount of money you spent, which means a negative ROI. So that is my honest
answer, you guys asked it, you wanted to know the best way. Most people who ask me this are broke and they wanna get started for free, start a YouTube channel. People who have about 100 bucks to spend, start a YouTube channel and an
affiliate marketing website. And if you have $500 to
$1,000 invest in a mentor, and start the YouTube
channel, and make a website. Get your bases covered and yeah, that’s a pretty good foundation for affiliate marketing in
2017 and beyond, alright. Alright guys that wraps up this video, I hope you enjoyed it. If you found it useful
please drop a thumbs up and a comment letting me know, because it means so much to me. I personally read and respond to as many comments as I
can every single day. So if you guys really, you
know if you enjoyed this video, please, please drop a
thumbs up in the comment, it takes two seconds and I
appreciate you so, so much. If you guys have any
questions or comments for me, definitely leave in the comments below. So before I used to tell
people to DM me on Instagram, which you can still do today
if you have a private question, or you wanna ask privately
at ODi Productions, odi_productions, you can contact me. But the thing is my Instagram
is getting super backed up so if I haven’t gotten
back to you I’m sorry, it’s not because I don’t
like you or anything, but it’s because I’m just
super, super, super busy lately with my personal students who
are my number one priority, and then you know, life in general. Just moving and creating
content for YouTube, improving my course, adding
new lessons, and everything. So if I haven’t gotten back to
you, leave the comment below, that’s where I’ll probably see it and respond to you more quickly. So last but not least, for anyone who’s interested in the course, I got some good news
and I got some bad news. So the good news is the course has been extremely,
extremely, extremely well. It’s been doing extremely well, been getting so many new students, and I’ve been seeing so much success. I’ve been seeing people start their affiliate marketing
businesses right before my eyes. I have students who
literally within two days have an affiliate marketing
website, business, and brand all created, and done up, and online within just like, two days. And it’s just blown my mind
that these students who, they’re getting these results, and they’re taking this action, they’re getting these results. It used to take me months to get to the point that they’re at, that would take them just one
week after taking my course. So it’s pretty crazy but the bad news is the price of the course is going up for the second time this Friday. I already warned you guys that I would be increasing the price of the
course for a second time. I’ve already increased it one time, but I’m actually increasing it for the second time this Friday. And I don’t know how much longer
the course is gonna be open because once I get a
certain amount of students I’m gonna cap it, because I
wanna focus on those students and actually help them achieve
results and their success. So if you’re interested in the course, if you’ve been looking at
it, you’ve been on the fence, you’ve been thinking about
it, then I would suggest you hop on that immediately because the price is not only going up, but it may close in the near future. So that’s just the truth,
I hope you guys enjoy it, figured I’d give you
guys a heads up anyways. Hope you enjoyed the video, I’ll catch you guys on the next one. Take it easy, peace.


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