Beware Running Ads To Amazon Product Listing [Brand Challenge Ep4]

Hello James Greaney here from and in today’s video I’ll be explaining to you about running ads
from off Amazon on to Amazon to increase your sales I’ll be just letting you know
a few things that you should be aware of before you start doing this so all of
this came about because as you know I’ve put together a video explaining my
strategy at the moment in regards to running ads building an audience and
different things like that and you get access to that when you purchase this
journal so what happened was someone who had purchased this journal went on a
call with me this morning and just asked me in more detail about the strategy and
why I’m now running my ads to my website so not running the ads directly to
Amazon I’m running them to their accountability kit website and basically
he was just asking about this so I said I might as well just shoot a video
because I know that many more of you have went out and purchased this for
that I’m very grateful and yet you might have the same questions or you might be
just starting your own brand and wondering about running ads where you
should be running them too and different things like that so that’s just what I’m
gonna explain in this video ok so there’s just a few things that you
should be aware of when runnin ads to Amazon the first thing you should know
is how Amazon’s algorithm work and without going into too much detail of
Amazon’s algorithm and how I believe it works two of the biggest drivers of how
Amazon ranks your products and which customers Amazon shows your products to
is determined by your conversion rate on your list and which is basically the
amount of people that see your list and that actually go on and purchase your
product so I’ll just give you an example if a hundred people land on your product
listing on Amazon ten of these people go on to make a purchase then your
conversion rate is 10 percent so this is a big driver of how many people Amazon
will show your listing to if your listing is converting high that Amazon
will show your listing to more and more customers because they know that more
and more their customers are actually gonna go on and purchase from your
listing rather than your competitors listing who has a lower conversion rate
and the second biggest driver is sales so
again sales is a mass of driver on Amazon and I don’t know the exact order
of how these work I have my beliefs on us but I know that sales is a massive
driver so even if your conversion rate is low but you’re making a lot of sales
Amazon will show you to more and more of their customers because they know this
is a product that is purchased frequently on their site and they do
show your product listing to more and more of their customers in loads of
different places and even email and out your product to different customers that
they know would be interested in your products so Amazon really do go and push
your product harder to more sales that you’re making so why does all this
matter and that’s for one reason because you should know when you’re driving
traffic to your Amazon listing what you’re driving at for and when I first
set up my listing all the traffic that I was driving was being driven to my
listing and the whole idea behind this was to get sales to get sales from the
audience that I had built to convert aren’t my listing because I wanted
Amazon to see that sales have started to come in that this product is actually a
popular product that people want this product whereas if you just weren’t
drive in any traffic then Amazon wouldn’t drive any traffic because they
simply look at your listing no one’s bought us no one’s interested in it it’s
just not a relevant listing whereas first when you start driving traffic to
us you build up the momentum you let Amazon know that your product is a
popular product and then they therefore start showing it to more and more people
why now I have stopped driving all my ads to my Amazon listing is because your
Amazon listing isn’t the best place to test at it’s actually a really difficult
place to test your ads and if you’re running ads on Facebook if you’re
running ads on Instagram YouTube Google any of these places then you have to be
testing your ads you can’t just be throwing money at your ads and not
testing them not knowing how your ads are converting and what’s happening to
the traffic after you show the traffic the pages that you’re showing them and
to do this on Amazon is practically impossible
when you send customers to Amazon they can go anywhere they can go and purchase
other products on Amazon they can simply bounce straight off your listing they
can go and click on a product that’s shown on the same page as your product
they can do loads of different things they could add the product carat but not
actually go on and purchase it and you won’t know any of this because you don’t
get this data whereas when you drive this traffic to your own website you
will know exactly what the traffic has done when they’ve reached your website
and this will allow you to tweak your website even further and more
importantly to tweak your ads even further to improve the conversion rate
off your ads and allow you to retarget people who have actually gone on clicked
on your ad viewed it but not purchased for whatever reason they’ve not
purchased it for and then you can always change it in time like just because you
run your traffic from your audience to your website today you can run it to
your Amazon listing tomorrow you can change things about all of the time but
it’s important to do your testing on your website not to try and do your
testing on your Amazon listing as it’s just too difficult to do it this way so
I literally just wanted to put together this really quick video today just to
let you know then things and I know that a lot of you will already know this
stuff and I’m sorry if I’ve repeated it a few times both yeah I just wanted you
who may not know about us to know about us that the best place to test your ads
is on your own website gather all the data see exactly what the traffic is
viewing when they go to your website and tweak around your ads tweak around your
website to constantly improve its conversion rate and then send your
higher converting traffic to your Amazon listing for bursts of sales any time you
feel the need to do that but the most important thing if you haven’t already
start doing it is built in your own audience because you know Amazon is
great and will promote your products to customers that would never see your
products if you weren’t on Amazon but it’s not the be-all and end-all there is
loads of other places to sell your products and you can sell them anywhere
as long as you have the audience if you don’t have the audience
then it’s very difficult to actually grow a band because you’re totally
dependent on someone else’s audience and you’re always going to be paying for
someone else’s audience whereas when you build your own audience yes you will pay
for your audience upfront but you’ll be constantly able to communicate with your
audience and sell new products to your audience as time goes on and if you’re
wondering the offer is still open at the moment so if you do go and purchase this
off Amazon again you can purchase it from anywhere in the world but it has to
be off Amazon to code at UK send me the order number and I will send you on the
video that I’ve put together explaining the entire tactic behind building your
own audience and using Facebook and Instagram to do this and if you haven’t
watched any of the earlier three episodes in this series this is episode
number four then you can go back and watch it I’ll leave a link down in the
description below to the earlier three episodes of this series that I’ve put
together called the brand challenge so if you haven’t marked something you can
jump down there check it out now hope that your days gone well look forward to
speaking to you on the next video


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