BIG FREEZER MEALS PREP DAY! Large Family of 10 💗

Hey, guys. Welcome to my April
freezer cooking. We’ve got a mountain of
bananas, a mountain of potatoes, getting the noodles
rinsed because I’m finally getting that baked spaghetti. No, I’m not. I’m going to bake mac and
cheese because I always say I’m going to do it. I’m never going to get to it. So I’m kind of
accidentally already in the middle of doing
a lot of cooking, and I haven’t filmed yet today. We’re a couple hours in because
I’ve been doing it gently and it kind of snuck up
on me that, like, oh, I’m in the middle of this now. So I’m going to pull some things
together here and then give you a rundown of what we have gotten
done on this super mega freezer cooking days that I’m doing in
April for the next up to six weeks for our family. Something that’s
been in the works is I’ve been doing baked
potatoes in the oven because my big turkey roaster
and my electric pressure cookers– I’ve been doing meats
and other things in them. But you can do baked potatoes
in those tools as well. So I’ve just done baked
potatoes in the oven. And I’m just pulling
these over here. Look how pretty that one is. We’re going to do– one of
the things we’re doing today is twice baked potatoes
for the freezer as one of our upcoming freezer meals. I’m going to show you
guys how I’m doing those. And I just finished about 12
pounds of lean ground beef in the 14-quart electric
pressure cooker, so I’m rinsing this out now. And then I’m going to get about
10 pounds of this boneless, skinless chicken
breasts going, and I have about another five pounds
going here and the Instant Pot. So it’s nice that all these
tools can just kind of help me gently get
going with my freezer cook them without officially
saying I’ve started yet. But again, I’ll give
you the rundown. But it’s been a few hours
of things along here. And then I also
just got more water on for the next five
pounds of elbow macaroni. And that’s just me draining
my grease from where I did the ground beef. Now we’ll get the chicken in. So what I’ve been doing is– we had 40 pounds of
potatoes in here to start. Anyway, so the potatoes,
they’ve been washed and scrubbed earlier by Zion. Sorry, I don’t remember, if
I said that already or not. But you can tell we’re
getting to the bottom of our big 30-quart bowl. And so my little
system has been I pour a little bit
of olive oil in here and I roll the potatoes in it. I then slice them
and then I place them on one of these baking pans. So that’s just my small one. And now I’m going
to fill up this one and get the next truckload
of potatoes going. So I got the three pans there
of potatoes in the oven. What I do is, besides
rolling them in the oil and slicing them, the
oven is heated to 350. And I’m going to
now set my timer for an hour in about
15 minutes because this is a big old pile of potatoes. And things are really quiet
in the background now. Let’s see. What time of evening is it? It’s almost six o’clock. So Travis and most of the
kids are back chilling out and watching a movie. We’ve done a whole lot of
household chores earlier today. We started the day by Travis
going and picking up a Walmart grocery pickup haul for me. I did a big haul to Costco and
Sharp Shopper the other day. But then everything
that was left I just sent Mr. Travis
to pick it up for me. And so the kids and
I just went through and got a lot of things
done in the house because we didn’t have our
standard four-hour bust through the house top-to-bottom
big clean earlier this week, so we just did it this morning. I have sat down
and taken a break and I’m trying to get
back to my groove. So one of the things I did on
my break was I went through and I just wrote
out what I’ve done and what I’m trying
to do on my whiteboard so I can hopefully share it
and articulate it with you. Look at the white board here
to see what’s happening. I wrote down the things
I did earlier today. So in the middle of our cleaning
time and hustle and bustle this morning, I also,
probably starting around noon, worked on getting
these things going. So I’ve cooked 18 pounds
ground beef in the roaster and I did 12 pounds
of ground beef in the electric pressure cooker. I did 10 pounds– it was five pounds of
frozen chicken breast twice in the Instant Pot. And I did 10 pounds
of chicken breast in the electric pressure cooker. This was my larger
pressure cooker, so I did all 10 pounds together. Zion washed and prepped 40
pounds of potatoes for me. And we have baked that
40 pounds of potatoes. I actually got one pan
getting ready to come out. And then I have boiled
and rinsed with cold water 10 pounds of elbow macaroni. So the other meals
that we’re going to be doing between
today and tomorrow is I’m going to do twice baked
potatoes for the freezer. We’re going to do pepperoni
pizza English muffins. I’m going to have– probably get Naomi set
up to do those this time. And I’m thinking I’m
going to also get– this is why I have two
things with question marks. I don’t have homemade pizza
on my little meal plan list for the next six weeks. But you know what? If we have some homemade
pizza dough in the freezer, I’m sure there will be a
time when we’re like, hey, let’s have a pizza night. So I may get that go in. What I’m stuttering
around about with that is I need to check how
much flour I have because, yeah, Mr. Travis might
be going back out again. We’ll see. I’m going to also do some egg,
sausage, and cheese breakfast cups. Those are just where you
mix the egg, the sausage, and the cheese and put them
in a little muffin tins and bake them up. And then those can be frozen. I’m going to do burrito
pie for the freezer. We’re going to do not
only baked mac and cheese, we’re going to do baked
beef mac and cheese. So we call that beef-aroni. And we’re going to do chicken
Parmesan for the freezer. We’re going to do tater tot
casserole with ground beef. And I’m going to do a
baked chicken spaghetti. Also coming up
baking-wise, I want to do some banana bread
muffins and pumpkin bread. I put a question mark with
the freezer sandwiches. At Sharp Shopper
this week, I got a whole bunch of deli
turkey meat marked down, and I got a lot of
that pepper Jack cheese that everyone in
our family loves. I’m just not sure
right now if we’re going to go ahead and pre-make
those into sandwiches. And the what I’m stuttering
around about that also is I need to see if that deli
meat has already been frozen, I’m just going to
leave it frozen and then when we need it,
I’ll set it out to defrost. We’ll just make
sandwiches that day. You know I do love to have some
sandwiches already prepped, but I’m going to see how that
goes because today has just been a real gentle
first half of the day, prepping big items
to get them going. And then I’m hoping for
the rest of the evening until bedtime to
work on assembly. So my overall plan
is I’ve stopped saying that I shop
for a month and I’ve planned for a month
and I cook for a month, because I feel like more
and more it’s six weeks. And now, that’s it hopefully
to encourage you way back in the olden days when
dinosaurs roamed the earth and I went from shopping weekly
to shopping every two weeks. Remember I had my little Jaden
boy and my little Zion boy. And I doubled my grocery list
from one week to two weeks and I made the jump to
try to get everything we needed for two weeks. And then a few
years after that, I made the big jump of
doubling my bi-weekly list and going for a whole
month at a time. And now I can just see our
patterns growing and changing. And for Costco, it seems
like every six weeks or so I will go into
Costco and do a big haul. Of course, now that we have this
amazing convenience of Walmart grocery pickup, I can just
put an order in at any point and send Travis to
go get it for me. Or I can pick it
up when we’re out. But usually, I send him to go
out and collect those things for me. It’s actually
becoming easier for me to prep and plan more food
for longer periods of time. I just published my February
freezer cooking days in April. So now I’m filming my
April freezer cooking days. I’m doing this in
April, but I’m really hopeful that I’m going to
get these out in April. And so this is going to be
for six weeks, for all the way into March– sorry, into May let me learn
my months of the year here. And we’ve got lots of fun and
exciting things happening. But let me show you also
on the whiteboard here, and then I’ll try to get
away from this whiteboard and jump into stuff. So that’s 42 dinners
for six weeks. Out of the freezer
meals I’m making, we will have about 24
freezer meal dinners that we will spread out
over the six-week period. I’ve got nine Instant Pot
dinners I’m going to do. And then we also have– I put 9 plus what
I call dad dinners. And that’s– Travis is really
good at doing steak and chicken breast and pork and
things like that. Like last night, he did
wonderful steak for us. And we did a huge salad
and that was dinner. I don’t think– we
didn’t even do– yeah. It was just steak and salad. So it may be chicken
and rice and salad or some configuration. But anyway, and he
also is having– Travis has used the air
fryer more than I have. It’s just convenient for him. He likes using it. And so he’s ordering the little
pan inserts that go in it. So maybe Mr. Travis will do
some air fryer videos for us. But we just share more and
more of this meal stuff. So that’s our dinner meal plan. Of course, all of
these will be served with lots of veggies and salad. And then the pepperoni
English muffin pizzas– we should get about
eight or so lunches. And again, that spread
out over six weeks. I’m not sure yet
what our count is going to be for those egg
protein cups and the banana bread muffins, the
pumpkin breads. And so that will give us
nine new freezer recipes, and I’ll also be sharing
nine new Instant Pot recipes with you. So ready, set, go. I’m going to find my
motivation and get putting this food together. The next thing
I’m going to do is get those twice-baked
potatoes going. And then I’ll probably get Naomi
out here and get her set up on that little English
muffin pizza-making station. OK. I feel like I’m doing a
bad job updating you guys. I’m trucking along getting
things done and not blogging. So I’m just soaking
these pans for a minute. I did the 40 pounds
of baked potatoes in the oven between
those three old pans. So now I need to get
the last 10 pounds of chicken out of the big
electric pressure cooker. I’ve got– here is the last
of the potato mountain. But what I realized
I need to do is I need to make
some homemade pasta sauce to go with the baked
chicken Parmesan that I’m doing, which is also
low carb and all of those good healthy things. Of course, you can
eat it, though– like, the kids can eat on
noodles or I might eat it on spaghetti squash
or something. Or depending on the day, I
might eat it on a real noodle. I don’t know. But I’m going to get some pasta
sauce going in the Instant Pot while I’m doing other things. You guys will be so proud of me. If any of you have
been around long enough to know my
little can opener saga, I got a new can opener. Isn’t that amazing? Now, the can opener–
the cruddy can opener that you’ll see
in most of my blogs these last four years
is the can opener that Travis I got that
at Walmart 20 years ago, almost 20 years ago now,
when we got married. So we finally moved
up in the world. Look at this. I got two of these to show you. Mama got a new can opener
and a new double toaster. So there you go. Little things, it’s
the little things. I was at the store
and I was like, oh, I could just pick
up a new can opener. So I just got the pasta sauce
going in the IP for 15 minutes. I also added in some
oregano, some parsley, and some garlic powder. So 15 minutes on manual and that
will be some lovely homemade sauce. I’m going to get these
English muffin pizzas going. We’re going to have
them for dinner tonight, and I’m going to
flash freeze a bunch. Pretty sure I’ve got enough
to make at least 100 of these, and these will be a great– just a great little– I mean, how
convenient would it be to have English muffin little
mini pizzas in the freezer? I’m sure those
will come in handy. And so I figure we’ll probably
get about eight lunches out of them or so. And super simple. Well, things are buzzing now. But here is how those
fine English muffin pizzas turned out. And again, during
the week, if we wanted to have these for
lunch with some fruit or yogurt, our standard
little side items, we could just cook these
from frozen in the oven and they’ll be ready to go. We’re going to have them
along with our dinner tonight, though, for fun. So what we have
going on here is I have one layer of the pepperoni
English muffin pizzas. I did a layer of
parchment paper. I did another layer, and
then miss Amelia came down. She’s going to help
me do the third layer. And that way, we will just
freeze this whole big pan, we will flash freeze. And then I probably,
honestly, won’t get back to it till tomorrow. You could do a, quote,
“flash freeze” for one hour, for two hours. Mine’s going to be
until tomorrow morning because I have many other
things I have to finish pulling together tonight. But then tomorrow,
when they’re frozen, we will then wrap them
and get them in bags. This is four pans so
far, and I have enough to make one more of a
double-layer chicken Parmesan. Yum. And so anyway, we’ve had so
much going on in the house here. The kids just had a bunch
of English muffin pizzas. And I’m going to just
record and show you how I’m doing these
double-layer chicken Parmesans. Now, this is low carb,
Trim Healthy Mama friendly. I’m not 100% if it’s keto,
because I know keto isn’t exactly low carb exclusively. You all can tell me that. But anyway, it’s a meal
that I had mentioned earlier would be great over any
kind of your favorite noodle or over the zucchini zoodles
or over baked spaghetti squash. So here’s all I’ve been
doing to make it happen. I’ve measured it out. I have been doing– let’s see here if I can do
this and hold my camera. It ends up being about 4 cups of
shredded chicken on the bottom. And then, since I
have things spread out because the kids had
to invade the kitchen to have some dinner, I was being haved and
measuring in my cup here to make it exactly 4 cups. Now we’re doing [INAUDIBLE]
eyeballing school. And these are nine by 11 pans. They’re about two and a
half inches deep, though. That’s how I’m able to make
this into a double-layer chicken Parmesan. And so I’ve got my– makeshift messes everywhere–
have my homemade Instant Pot sauce. So then I put on 3
cups of my sauce. It is two layers of mozzarella. Now, if I wasn’t just
invaded by children and all of that for dinner,
then I could have had the fixings
for this meal all set up on one side
of the kitchen, like a nice little
assembly line. And that just didn’t happen
because they were all sitting over here eating pizza
in the middle of my cooking. So back over here. And now I’m going to
use the last of this, which, again, on
the recipe that will be over on, it’ll say 4 cups of shredded chicken. Now, I’ve done mostly shredded. You can dice your
chicken, cube it, do whatever you
would like with it. You know we’re all about
making things work, making them work for you. I’m going to use up
the last of this. With the 20 pounds
of chicken I did, this whole ginormous
pan was full and I have used all of that. We’re going to do
our last layer. And I did add mushrooms
in my homemade sauce. You can do some
sauce from the jar. You could even do another
kind of meat sauce. Any way you want
to make it work. Top layer of mozzarella,
and then we’re going to work on
wrapping these up. And then I’ve got to get
back to pizza making. Millie was helping me. I had some in the oven and then
everyone loved him so much, I made seconds. OK. I added on making sauce
in the Instant Pot. Did that. And we did those double-layer
chicken Parmesans. And of course, we did all this
glorious stuff early on today. So look at me go. Crossing, crossing, crossing. OK. Gonna– yeah. Naomi didn’t end up coming
and helping with that. She’s been doing other
things and that’s cool. So Amelia helped me some. So next– the next
big goals on my– I’m going to work
on getting those into the freezer, the
other pans of them. Then I need to do those
twice-baked potatoes. And then I don’t know what
else I’m getting done today. But I know all the meat
is prepped and noodles done and stuff ready to go. Because Mama’s fading fast. I’m working now on wrapping
up these chicken Parms. And I just had Zion
come and get what was left of the English
muffin pizzas for me. He’s finishing those up. Don’t feel sorry
for him, though. He’s had a lot of
glorious computer time, so now he’s using some of that
Mama– the computer time Mama credit and helping me finish
up those little pizzas for the freezer. I’m going to get these wrapped.


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