Bleaching & Dyeing My Hair Professionally in Korea!

Today, I am getting brunch with Soy at this place called B Meal And in Korean, “bimil” means secret So I thought it is really clever. Alright, let’s go inside! Joan: Hi Soy!
Soy: Hello! It was so good. One of the best pancakes places I have been to in Seoul Because the blueberries… Oh! Be careful. Cause the blueberries are in the pancake
Soy: Inside and it is like juicy. Soy: It’s so good.
Joan: It’s so you. Soy and Joan: It’s two shots. Joan: She is a happy girl. She loves coffee. Always, a good coffee date with Soy. She literally knows the best ones Soy: It was so good. And we will film a coffee corner together, so stay tuned. Soy: So much pressure!
Joan: Hahhaha No, but she have great ideas. She was like telling me all the suggestions and I am really excited. We might film like 2 or 3 so.. be excited, haha. Okay, but I have to go to the hair salon now and she’s going to meet up with her mom. Soy: Should make it like rainbow. Joan: I know, I tried but it failed. So, I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. So, you guys will see very soon. Gangnam!! Look at that! I have not been to a salon since last May And that’s because I had a bad experience with that hair salon. If you guys want to know the details, maybe I will share it. But, anyways, I am not here for Wishtrend today. I’m here for the uhm..the hair appointment. And I am super excited Because I want to bleach my hair. And try something new Cuz I have been having the same style for a while now. So, let’s go find this place. Can you guys see the map? I’m following it. It’s kinda near Wishtrend which is kinda cool. But I’m almost there. Here we are at Do Hair Let’s go inside. Under Lumio. This way And it’s on the 2nd floor. So I gotta go up. So, I’m just gonna let you know now that the detailed hair video will be up on my main channel. But you guys will see the results before Everyone subscribed on my main. So it should be fun. Very cool hair salon. I’m gonna start with bleaching today. So, say goodbye to this hair colour. Say hello to my hairdresser. Hahaha, she is so cute. Say hi to the captain. He is the captain, hahaha! So cute! Hahahaha Say goodbye. She’s wrapping my hair now. Golbin’s song. I won’t get copyrighted because it is under CJ. So, first round of bleaching done. Onto, part 2. We’re switching over. The captain is now going to do my hair. He just told me, I am going to have to bleach my hair 2–3 times. If I want the colour that I want. So, you guys will find out what it is at the end. So excited! I’m done and we’re going to shampoo now Yay! Alright. Oh, I’m so excited. Wash is finished. Hehehe, secret. I’m so excited to see how it came out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s so pretty. It was at Lumio. And if you guys go in and tell them that I referred you guys You guys will get 30% off. So, check the details to find out where it is And, yeah. I highly want to recommend them Just because they’re super nice people And they’re super hip. But the colour looks even greater outside. So, I am so obsessed with my hair right now. So, thank you Lumio. You guys, I am back home now. And it is currently, almost 9pm. Traffic was so bad so it took me longer than usual to come home I’m super hungry so I am going to reheat the food that my mom made me. No one is at home right now. But my brother is almost home from work. But, yeah. I am so satisfied with my hair. Apparently, after every wash, it supposed to get lighter. So, I am really excited To share the results throughout. Also, while I was at the salon, I was watching GD’s comeback. And I was like obsessed And listening to his entire album. And I got an email From YG/Moonshot Asking if I want to go to his concert on Saturday. So, I am going to go to his concert. And I’m super excited about it. Just because I tried buying the ticket but it sold out in minutes. So, uhm… I really want to appreciate YG and Moonshot Because, I think they saw my cushion review or something And, I’m just… I mean if this is going to keep happening, I will continue to use Moonshot products. Anyways, I want to thank these people For translating and transcribing my vlogs You guys are seriously amazing. And I really appreciate it. I will be uploading the full vlog from today’s hair salon visit on my main channel. So, look out for that. And, I will see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog.


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