Blippi and Axe Family | behind the scenes on the ranch

wait whoa blippi blippi blippi blippi I’m about to ride a horse good luck today we’re going to be filming a blimpie video on the ranch why hey guys welcome back to another ax family video we have a special episode today one of my best friends steven is here with us hi and steven is a fellow youtuber steven has a youtube channel where he makes fun and educating videos for kids and it’s called blippy yeah it’s going to be fun i’m excited to be here cool bean on the ranch in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service pretty different from your normal day yeah yeah being in town yeah but Stephen and I met each other was it sixth grade I think sixth grade yeah I got how exactly but yeah while we’re in PE class I think or something like that but we’ve known each other most of our lives and have been really good friends just growing up and now we’re both making videos on YouTube and it’s been really fun yeah yeah it’s cool watching your guys you know seeing seeing what it’s like out here you know staying in touch with you through your video so it’s fun to now be here being a part of your life so yeah and we actually used to make videos together yeah we were younger just doing crazy stuff and fun stuff a lot of trampoline videos yeah I remember you did a double front flip for something like that yeah yeah we also want to say hi to our friend Jackson hey Jackie I did good to see ya so if you guys are a blimpie fan and you’re watching our video welcome to our channel and we’re going to give you a low behind the scenes of how bloody makes this video today so come on along whoo getting the camera set up for this first shot of the video okay we’re good to go all right Steven is going to now transform into blippy hey blippy how about you go get a saddle and put on this horse so if we can use this will use this but if we can’t use this and we won’t okay so just this yeah you’re kind of putting on your hip Jack you give me slides out on your hip very easy to carry these is it this stuff first or after you think and then and then all go and then what do you want me to say um well you bring these out so so basically what we’re doing here is we’re just going through each shot that Steven wants to get for the video and we’ll do maybe one or two takes for each shot and do it a little bit different each time so you can pick the best footage for the video now we’re going to get some shots of blippy riding the horse and that should be pretty fun are you doing today Jake good the beautiful day finally got some really good weather I’m about to ride a horse she is so beautiful standing in one of our alfalfa fields it’s about six acres six and a half acres and it’s one of our oldest alfalfa fields it’s a great field it’s one of our best field all right they plan on getting off uh I don’t think so i think i might try and get the GoPro look you’re riding a horse together whoa all right what do you think that good give her a little bit slack there you go look that was so much fun let me get some cool shots of you right in here why we use fancy and the other horses out here on the ranch to move cattle right about this time not only as fancy a beautiful animal but we also use fancy as a tool I don’t know if she’s a tool but four doors oh yeah fancies actually also a workhorse to help move cattle around the ranch okay so not only is not only is fancy a beautiful animal but we also use fancy and other workhorses to move cattle around the ranch okay not only is fancy a beautiful animal but we use her and the other horses we have as workhorses to move cattle around the ranch blippy and i are going up to check out the cows yeah the fence is on got to let him know that you’re friends with him see trying to get blippy to touch the electric fence but he’s he’s too afraid to do it yeah yeah today is a beautiful day we couldn’t have asked for better weather the sky’s blue lamp on oh yeah so here’s a funny story of when Steve and I were younger we took a four-wheeler and Stephen got on rollerblades and we were at our friend Jackson’s house and I was pulling him behind the four-wheeler through the pasture it was roller blades on and we had built a jump with like I think was like some old tires and like put a board on it and Stephen was going to go and jump off the jump but the funny thing was is there’s a giant patch of grass like very tall grass but we’re just young and didn’t really think about to not build the jump in front of grass so yeah tried it three times and every single time I’d fall on that big patch of grass because little bitty rollerblade wheels wouldn’t go over the patch of grass and then the third time yeah so on his way to the ramp and he goes through this big patch of grass and just hits the ground in like tumbles he ended up breaking his collarbone we had to go to the hospital yeah and yeah it’s funny that my reaction after I broke the collarbone was like I get off him and like I think I broke my collarbone and then you guys look good yeah Roberto did it and I was like no I broke my collarbone then you guys are like yeah no I broke my collarbone and remember that was like a real a thing like anytime I got hurt look at when I split my whole foot open on the inner tube or jumping off the inner tube oh yeah yeah and after during voting and I think I was like I think I need stitches and then you guys I think I need stitches I cut my foot in it under the water so no one could see but then they need less is your foot up oh my gosh yeah someone said all right you guys ready to go wakeboarding and I was like does anyone care I say it kind of my foot it’s just like cuddle so we’ve had a lot of fun memories together doing a bunch of crazy stuff and it’s hard when your friends and family live far away but it’s awesome that Stephens able to come down here today and do a video with us so this is my first time using DJI Ronin stabilizer it’s pretty sweet whoa look at where we are we are inside a real cow barn ax family’s dinner bringing the horse and in the meantime I’m going to show you around another one normally staid hello yep not here hey is what cows and horses like to eat I even have a bloody sticker on my water bottle how long has it been there for trying to fit in here per year and a half whoa hey howdy hi doing good we’re just making the video awesome yeah what do you doing I just look at my four-wheeler yeah dragon working on tomorrow get it running see it’s a pretty cool setup what hey hats off you guys you


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