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– Hello, everyone. My name is Katie Carson. I am the Duchess of Suds
here at Royalty Soaps, and today, we are going to be making a maple blueberry oat
soap in an ombre pattern. Ombres certainly aren’t
new to the soap community. As I said in my previous soap video, basically, there are no
new designs under the sun. Everybody’s already done it at least once. But soap designs, similar to
hairstyles and makeup styles, ebb in and out of fashion. The ombre soap design was
biggest in the soap community, to my recollection, about
two or three years ago, but I didn’t do it then,
so I’m doing it now. This soap will be available to purchase on November second at three
p.m. Central Standard Time if you’re interested, and if not, hey, thanks for watching
me make it all the same. Also, we do have Instagrams. Kenny has an Instagram
for all of his self. I have an Instagram for me and my kids, and all the October marvelous fall stuff, and Royalty Soaps has an Instagram. Sometimes, you guys get to
find out over on Instagram what the video for the day is, because I let y’all pick the thumbnail. So there’s some perk to
being an Instagram follower. All right, let’s make some soap. First thing we oughta do, of course, is pour our lye water
solution down our blender. The recipe I’m using today can be found in the description box below and cannot currently
be purchased anywhere, so you gotta mix it up yourself. (electronic dance music) Now, because this is a
maple blueberry oat soap, we’re going to put the
maple part on the bottom. So this is gonna be colored brown. Gonna put in some brown oxide from TKB, which is not really necessary, because the fragrance oil we are using, which is Blueberry Muffin
from Nature’s Garden, discolors to almost black. But I want it stabilized, which is why I go ahead
and add the color anyway. I’m gonna go ahead and blend
this up with my stick blender. (electronic dance music) I know y’all are looking
at that and going, Katie, that’s not black. Just you wait, Henry Higgins, because it’s gon’ be black in 24 hours. All right, so let’s go ahead and pour this into our
two Bramble Berry molds, after this quick commercial break. It’s getting thick, which is great. That’s exactly what I wanted. In fact, I blended it a little
longer so it would hurry up, because I’m impatient, as y’all know. So I poured in some of it. Now I’m gonna take these blue soap cubes, and I’m gonna place those in. I’ve broken them up so there
would be some on each side, and in equivalent amounts. I don’t know what it is. I’ve just been really liking
the soap cubes recently. It’s a good way to add
some color into a layer that would otherwise just be
solid, especially if the layer is gonna be discolored
like this brown one is. It’s gonna go almost black, and there’s no way to avoid that, because of the fragrance oil, so add some fun colored soap cubes that don’t use the same fragrance oil. Okay, gonna go ahead and add
a little more brown on top. It’s setting up, but not very much. Got these final bits of
soap going on in top, and they are gonna be
exposed for the next layer, which is the one we’re
doing the ombre effect on. Now, I should mention, there’s a couple of different
ways you can do ombre, and I think the one
that’s the most seamless is going to be using the
Bramble Berry lab colors. They do a really, really beautiful job at creating that effect and
bleeding into the next layer without you seeing
individual layers very much. That’s the best way to do it. Another good way to do it would be to use a really, really,
really slow-moving recipe and just do a million, bazillion layers and lighten them by one
or two teaspoons of TD, but mine, I wanted to be a
little more chunky anyway. So I’m gonna do the third option, and we’ll get started on that right now, as we mix up those colors. Now we’re going to mix up the two blues. We’re gonna mix up the lightest
blue and the darkest blue, and this is what you have to do. You have to pick the
lightest shade that you want and the darkest shade, and
you split your batch in half. (electronic dance music) So you can see here this
shade is barely not white. It’s just a few little
steps up from white. But this shade is really blue. So the first thing I’m gonna
do is pour the lightest shade. I’m not gonna pour all of it. I’m just pouring a layer. We might not even cover all the tops of those blue soap cubes. Just gonna pour this
across the top, come back, pour it across on this side as well. Okay, now we’re gonna come in. We’re gonna pour a little bit of the dark blue into the light blue, and that, you see, will
darken up the light blue by a couple of shades. Now, you can go as slow or as fast, add as much or as little as you like. Like I said, I want some
chunkier layers in mine, so I’m gonna continue to add quite a bit of the blue each time. And I want this to look very dessert-like, so I’m just going to pour on top like so. It’ll probably puncture that first layer. To me, it really doesn’t matter. If that matters to you, then you’ll probably want
to pick a fragrance oil that thickens faster than
the one that I have chosen. We’re probably going to pour,
I’d say, five or six times. I’m gonna keep mixing up these
layers off of the camera, because it is starting
to move not super fast, just enough for me to wanna
hurry and not have to worry about moving my molds back and
forth in front of the camera. Okay, let me go add a little more blue. This is one of those things
where it changes per batch. It really does, because I
could be extremely precise, but part of the beauty of it, I think, is the variance in all the batches. So the one that I make today will look a little different
than the one I make tomorrow, and the one we make the next
day and so on and so forth, but it’ll all end up
around the same place. You just might have slightly
darker or lighter layers, and that makes it cool. I will say, you do wanna
make sure that when you add the next bit of soap into your batch, that you make sure that
it’s blended completely in before you pour the next bit. That’s just to help it
look a little more uniform. The fragrance oil I added
into the top of my batch here, this blue layer that I’m pouring over and over and over again, is Fresh Picked Blueberry
from Wholesale Supplies Plus. I have used this fragrance oil for years. It’s been very consistent for me. It hasn’t changed hardly at all, and it always produces
such stunning results in a soap that requires a little more time and is a little more complicated. I am mounding this up a little bit too, because I have a little
bit of extra soap left, because the soap cubes displaced it, and both Kenny and I forgot
to discount my oil amount. (Katie laughs) Okay, so I have put in as much as I can. Now, it’s time to move
onto the soap frosting. (electronic dance music) Okay, so we’ve got our
frosting bag filled up with some ultramarine blue on the sides, and then the soap batter is very, very lightly colored
with titanium dioxide. I know it looked really white, but it’s really more
of a creamy tan color. Then we’ve got apricot seed
powder in there as well, and honestly, it makes it look like whole wheat pancake batter. So we’re gonna do the
three, two, one method here. Yeah, it actually really, really does look like pancake batter. It’s kind of crazy, which is great, because it is sort of a foody soap, not too much, though, because the fragrance oil
is Fresh Picked Blueberry from Wholesale Supplies Plus. So that’s more of a, well,
a fresh picked blueberry, (Katie laughs) not one that’s been baked into goods. But on the bottom layer, that’s the one that smells
really, really foody. So I think gonna be a
really great one for autumn, and it’s been a long time
since I used a blueberry. I think it’s been at
least a year and a half. So I’m glad to go ahead and do that. So, one of the things
that Shelly actually, my sister Shelly, told me that
I should talk about on camera is my scary good hearing. (Katie laughs) She was like, you have to
tell them about that time that we were playing hide and seek. So I guess I’ll tattle
on myself a little bit. We didn’t know that I
was so good at hearing, and it’s only hearing certain things, because let me tell you, every time my mom would
call me to do chores, never heard her, never heard her once. But we were playing hide and seek, and I found my sister
Shelly in her hiding spot because I heard her breathing, (Katie laughs) and she was like, you have cheated. You didn’t see me, you didn’t find me. You just heard me. And I was like, I think that still counts. But then it got even worse, because then, they’d hold
their breath when I walked by, and I could just sense they were there. (Katie laughs) So after that, it just wasn’t fun to play
that game with me anymore. But Kenny and I were just talking about how there’s some people, like, that’s one extreme, but the
other extreme are the people who never know they’re being
looked at, ever, like, ever. Caleb is one of those people. I could stare at him
for any amount of time, and he wouldn’t even know
that I was looking his way. It’s bizarre to me. – [Kenny] Because most people, they can feel you staring at them. Not Caleb. – [Katie] Can you
distinguish the blueberries from my blue gloves?
(Katie laughs) They’re the exact same color. Every soap is going to
get three blueberries. So another topic that was
either suggested by somebody or one of my siblings told me to do it, I don’t actually remember,
(Katie laughs) was to talk about my grape. (Katie and Kenny laughing) – [Kenny] My pet grape, pet grape Larry who died. (Katie laughs) – [Katie] Oh my gosh. Was to talk about my great grandparents. So I have four sets of grandparents, and I’ll talk about my dad’s side. In my family, we like to tell stories, and this is on both sides of my family, both my mom’s side and my dad’s side. Everyone likes to tell stories. And so, many, many, many
stories have been passed down. That’s just something
that we’ve enjoyed doing. So even though I’ve never met
either set of grandparents, I actually know quite a bit about them. So my papaw, my great
grandfather on my dad’s side, apparently used to feed the birds out of the palm of his hand. He would go outside in
the mornings and call them and just feed them birdseed
and other little bits of biscuit and stuff
that my grandma had made, and they’d just fly into his hand. And I didn’t know about this
until I think I was a teenager, and it blew my mind. I didn’t know that that was something that happened outside of
storybooks and movies. My grandma worked for their local church and did lots of charity things, including going to the local school and taking lunch to the kids up there. They were the only ones
with a car in the town. So my grandma would get in the car, she’d go get food, and
y’all have to remember, this is during the Great Depression. So, food was scarce, and there were a lot
of very, very poor kids going to those schools that
just didn’t have lunch. Their families couldn’t afford it. She would go and collect any little bit that people could give, and then she would supplement, and I believe the local churches
would supplement as well. It was such a different time back then. It’s so crazy, because the
sense of community and the way that small towns worked was
just very, very different. They were in Arkansas, by the way. A good bit of my dad’s
family are from Arkansas. Then his parents relocated to Texas. I’m just gonna put this last
little blueberry on top. Hooray! Okay, so now we can put the oats on. I have some old fashioned oats here. I would caution anyone not to
use quick oats in their soap, because it will actually get cooked. (Katie laughs)
So, use the big ones. I’m gonna make sure that
every bar gets some, and I’m putting this on before
I put the syrup drizzle, because I want that syrup drizzle of melt and pour to lock it all in. – [Kenny] Now I’m starving! – [Katie] I know, I know. It is past 12:30, and Kenny
hasn’t eaten since five a.m., and I haven’t eaten since like, six. So, we’re very, very hungry. – [Kenny] It’s a testament
to the quality of the design. – [Katie] That’s right. The only part of putting
these sprinkles on top that I just can’t stand is the mess. They get everywhere. They get on the molds and on the table, and the first thing I do whenever the camera gets
turned off is wipe it all up. I have an alternate name for this, Kenny, Huckleberry Harvest.
(both laughing) I don’t know why that’s so funny. I think that’s a fragrance
oil, but I always thought that name just sounded
corny, for some reason. Like, hey, come on down to
the Huckleberry Harvest. (both laughing) Off to the side, I have a
little bit of melt and pour that I have very
strategically colored brown. You don’t want it too brown, but you don’t want it too orange, and you definitely don’t want it too dark, or too clear, or too opaque, because that won’t look like syrup. And I am putting a generous
amount of this on top. So lovely. (Katie babbles and coos) I would talk more, but I’m really focusing
on how hungry I am. (Katie laughs) – [Kenny] Sorry, I’m super laser focused on myself right now. (Katie laughs) – [Katie] Last few droplets here. Mm, yes, we are done. – [Kenny] I’m gon’ eat this soap if you don’t get it out of here right now. – [Katie] Yoink! Tell your children not to take a bite. (Katie laughs) So, we’re gonna wait 18 to 24 hours, meaning anywhere between 18 and 24 hours. Somebody asked me about
that the other day. Then we’ll cut it up, we’ll take a peak at the inside, and we’ll ask the question of the day, after this quick commercial break. You guys, I am so excited to show you the very choppy ombre that we did. Once again, if you wanna make a ombre that’s a little more seamless,
you just do more pours, and you add less of the dark
into the light or vice versa. But I wanted it to be a
very obvious gradient. That’s just the style
I was going for today. Maybe in the future, I’ll do something a little more mundane. We’ll see how I’m feeling. So whenever you cut soaps with oatmeal or anything sort of a rough botanical, I’m struggling.
(Katie laughs) My voice is shaking. You have to go really slow, that’s all. Just go really slow. (machine clangs) Okay, let’s pull one of
the middle pieces out. This is what it looks like on the inside. So you can see we’ve got the lightest blue and the darkest blue, and then it just kinda
fades on up in between. And then of course, we have that marvelous
blueberry maple oat top. I think it smells so good. So here’s the concept art that I drew, and here is the soap itself. So there was kind of that white
layer right in between here. It’s hard. I can’t exactly draw exactly
what I want with my crayons. But I think I got the point across. (Katie laughs)
The question of the day is, which one is better, blueberry muffins, or blueberry pie? I know my best friend
Caroline would say pie. She’s obsessed with pie. That’s what she’s having
at her wedding, is pie, (Katie laughs)
instead of cake! What do you think, Kenny? Blueberry muffins or blueberry pie? – [Kenny] Oh, blueberry muffins, 100%. Don’t be playing these silly pie games. – [Katie] Oh, really? – [Kenny] I like blueberries,
and blueberry smoothies, and anything blueberry
flavored can can it. – I actually think I might have to go with the pie on this one, just
because I like pie so much. But I’m kind of equally torn. I might be sitting in the I don’t know which
side to pick category. So, to vote on the question
of the day, all you have to do is click the I in the upper
right-hand corner of the screen. Cast your vote. Blueberry muffins, or blueberry pie? Thanks, you guys, so much
for watching today’s video. How did you like that ombre pattern? Pretty fun, right? Be sure you do something
fun for yourself today, whether that’s going out and
trying a new pancake flavor. I’m just now remembering this. There is a book called Poppleton, and in there, there’s a Lions Club, and they’re real lions, and he’s a pig, and they make pancakes, like
blueberry and banana and maple, and he goes with his friend Cherry Sue, and she doesn’t order any of the pancake flavors
they have available. She just wants a plain pancake. And what ensues is hilarious. So if you haven’t read that easy reader, and you’re 25 and looking
for something to do, you should go read it. Maybe you wanna try a
different type of oatmeal. Here’s something really nasty. You know those maple and brown sugar packs of oatmeal that we have? I used to dump those in bowls and just put water on them
and eat them, just like that. In fact, I still kinda do
that, but don’t tell anybody, ’cause it’s a little embarrassing. I don’t care what you do with your food. Just do something that makes you happy, (Katie laughs)
and I’ll see you on Wednesday. Wednesday, we have a
Japanese food inspired soap. So if you like that sort of a thing, you’re gonna wanna see us back here then. Bye for now! Nyoom. (electronic dance music)


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