BlueHost vs SiteRubix (Why I Switched) 2019 – Wealthy Affiliate vs BlueHost Web Hosting Reviews

alright folks how you doing today today we
take a look at BlueHost vs siterubix / wealthy affiliate (same
company there) and I used to use Bluehost and I’m going to explain some things
about Bluehost and I’m going to show you why I left and where I went which is the
obviously the SiteRubik/ Wealthy affiliate affiliate program
so basically Bluehost is a web hosting
company obviously and I’m going to talk about this today and relating to
affiliate marketing and building websites with WordPress and affiliate
marketing a lot of people recommend the Bluehost because they do have a very
lucrative Affiliate program here you can make
sixty-five dollars of each sign up which is very cool and I’ve made some money of
them as well by referring people but I use another service now but I want
to refer you to as well which I’ll show you the differences in
why I switched okay so Bluehost here getting started
you can start for $2.95 a month and of course the 30 day money back
guarantee so that’s not so bad and you get one free domain with that as well so
that’s pretty cool these are the different prices and what you get with
that I’m not gonna go over everything in here in detail you can look at this
later you could go to the website yourself check the links in my video
description here and or blog post so with that you get to one website
obviously here all kinds of stuff some some of the things here about
wealthy are about Bluehost is that they they charge you extra for other things
they do give you the free SSL certificate which is going to be this
kind of HTTPS thing up here which you’re gonna definitely want that is included
for free some things that’s not included for free when I left was the who is it
lookup this is one of my websites right here I just did a quick search and
basically what this is when you register a web domain name you have to put your
address and their phone number and all that stuff and it’s it’s visible on the
internet when you do the privacy it’s it’s your hosting company basically that
that gets put up here not your not your home address that’s a safety feature for
you so that’s extra as well okay so this is actually my my account obviously I
canceled my account so they’re asking me for you know hosting price to restart
for me would be one hundred fifty five dollars for the years $12.99 a month now
that’s because I had to hosting Plus package that’s a little different that
had backups included see they up charge you for pretty much for everything so
when you see the initial price it looks kind of low when you’re thinking okay
that’s not too bad but um I’m gonna show you some in a second we can start for
free actually and he gets so much more out of it as
well so basically the the reason I left Bluehost I was with him for like about
10 years I used them for all my websites and I used them as I said for 10 years at the beginning they were they were
awesome and here’s some of the awesome things they had they have the 24-hour
phone support 24/7 phone support I could I would call them at 3 o’clock in the
morning they’d always have like support there and it was great you know you
could talk to a live person and get the situation to figured out whatever the
situation was so that was great however by the time I left 10 years
later earth their tech support was was getting worse and worse and worse like I
had to UM thing where they were like I had a possible um virus on my site and
which I didn’t know I was looking for and they said well if if if you find any
viruses or any you know whatever you got to pay this much money to check and then
if it’s off there’s something on there where they’re starting all your websites
down until we remove it I’m like I’m like whoa you know you guys are the
hosting company you’re sick you should have security in place that I don’t need
to pay you extra to make sure my websites are good that’s totally not
cool are the things that they used to have the free who is it
thing my domain names you know every year kept going up and up in price or
every year I had to purchase my domain name and with the upsells it started
getting ridiculous for all my domains it’s like you know and you know 10 years
times there should be obviously just me natural inflation and prices change but
it was just getting out of hand of how high the fees were coming so in fact
some of the people that record do recommend Bluehost and then they feel
that marketing space like Pat Flynn for example from smart passive income and
the guys from income school they both actually recommend it but they also
recommend it you use it for your starter sites until you start getting a lot –
lots of traffic which is another thing it’s like why would you want to switch
hosting midway through like why would you want to build a website and then
once you start getting more traffic switch your hosting so I don’t know that’s just something
strange to me so again and their tech support starting going downhill in my
opinion it used to be great it’s still great as far as they can count contact
in 24/7 and but it just started going down so over a year period once my
domain started I got new hosting looking for new hosting and over a year period I
wants my domains started being unregistered I just moved them over to
and I moved their hosting over to a platform that I found wealthy affiliates
which is also the site Rubik where is it at site Rubik is and what they feel are
one the same basically here all the stuff I mentioned about the who is it
and stuff is that’s all included for free you buy your bill domain names
they’re like about $13.99 well I should have to say the prices in this video
because are gonna change over time but at the time of this video the $13.99 per
year for the dot-coms some of the other dots you know about bids and stuff a
little maybe a little more but and everything is included you get your all
your privacy all you know email addresses all that stuff and they have
super fast web hosting so once you sign up for the once I signed up for this I
have all my sites here in one place and the site manager there’s a site builder
which takes three you know basically 30 seconds to the start where president
have it up and running Bluehost does that as well they have a
quick install WordPress as well one thing about Bluehost is that you can
install other content management systems besides work place really quick but if
you’re doing affiliate marketing I definitely recommend WordPress it’s you
know what everyone uses and it’s quick and easy to understand and it’s it’s
free other things within the my hosting now
and by the way use the links in the video down here
there’s you can sign up for free and you get two free websites right off the bat
the subdomains so but there’s no credit card needed or nothing just you just
start right away and not only do you get the free websites you get
a bunch of free training here as well for learning affiliate marketing which
is awesome you get level one here getting started
and even if you’re an experienced user I was but when I first signed up there’s
so much information here and there’s a huge community of people here that will
help you out as well and you can network with it’s it’s it’s it’s a lot so this
is the lessons I’ve included the ten lessons here just gets you set up and
running setting up your website getting set you know SEO ready for SEO search
engines creating the initial content interested in keywords and stuff like
that and then basically by the time you get through this you’ll definitely know
this is going to be for you or not so and you don’t have to pay a dime for
this it’s free and even if you don’t want it you just you still the free
account here it doesn’t expire or nothing and then there’s also training
to promote this is called affiliate bootcamp this actually promotes wealthy
affiliate itself kind of like how the Bluehost had its own referral program
affiliate program blue wealth affiliate does as well and the
cool thing my referral program is it’s ongoing you keep you may keep making money it’s
read as a for example if you if you sign up on my link I’m gonna make money and
this all as long as you remember I’m gonna make money so which is really cool
with the Bluehost is just a one-time fee which is cool too people make lots of
money with the Bluehost if you want to promote that but some
other things here comments on your sites they have a really cool comment system
here hold on have a door something’s up my tour all right some other cool things is a
comment assisting here we have a like I said there’s a huge community and said
wealthy affiliate and we have a ways of leaving comments and one in other sites
which is awesome because you get real comments real feedback we have actually
a website feedback as well a content writing platform this is awesome too has
free photos and stuff like that this is where you get your domains you can check
the your site health and stuff like that let’s go here real quick drum let’s jazz
calm this is one of my sites your some of the details this is my login and things like that I
could change the password in a second and don’t even have to worry about it
and just login I have access to my FTP server you need to client for that
so some of the other things within the hosting here which I will get back to
the hosting it’s a site speed a lot of times when you use in WordPress if they
install all these plugins and all this nonsense to try to get your set your
site faster they have a priority technology that they built so you don’t
have to use any of those those extra plugins that you see out there I’ve used
them I tried them you know – too many plug-in to your site will slow your site
down so this is a benefit another benefit the free eight or the free SSL
as I’ve talked before that’s the HTTP that’s free with Bluehost as well but
you have to turn it on their site blocker this is for spam site protector
this blocks all the spam so you don’t need to all the plugins again and we’re
pressed and I don’t get too much spamming occasionally but not like I
used to so pretty cool again this is your site
speed here you can check these at different times there’s a desktop a
mobile version it’s a different blog posts that I have and you can check it
on Google its page or just refreshed here or check it here as a speed so as
you can see this is super fast the last time I checked it other features the site health they’re
always checking how the comments side feedback I talked about that earlier
security I talked about that and support we have a 24/7 support here as well it’s
not over the phone it’s by email you have a male thing up here you can write
to the tech support or it’s over here support site support right here as well
so pretty cool here’s what’s all included again with when you do pay
because it isn’t like I said you get the free service but then when you do pay
you get 25 domains you still to pay for the book domain names but you could host
25 domains let’s be clear about that within the
hosting of this everything else is included though all the stuff I talked
about the classes all these all these web classes the community here access to
all that is included and there’s a lot more classes here too by the way and
this is um completely awesome I mean I’m not gonna go into this too much way too
much skill in here I just in this video but you also get 25 free domains which
is this which is the subdomains of course you have the hosting speed
they’re actually hosted on the Amazon platform they’re the website space you
get 30 gigabytes which is more than enough bandwidth there you go data and
you get win one-on-one marketing mentorship of course community access
absolutely get website feedback the comments the health unlimited emails
daily backups that’s another thing that um
Bluehost was charging me extra for when they when I first joined him they
weren’t but then they started and it just was like I said the prices are
getting out of hand so for me this is basically why I switched and not only
was it one of the best things I’ve done as far as hosting my websites is it but
there’s so much here in a community of wealthy affiliate that it’s completely
insane you get your own blog here as well
people write blog posts and stuff like that have their own profiles it’s kind
of like having a really good networking in mind or Dakota mastermind group of people and I saw his
actually collar he’s one of the cofounders he posts a lot he does most
of the training as well there’s live training as well live events every week
so if you’re in the affiliate marketing space I highly recommend this over the
Bluehost or any other web hosting out there because that’s just hosting this
is hosting plus all this other stuff that you’re gonna need and there’s just
so much stuff here so it’s the same this is some of the live events they do live
every Friday let’s see here yeah subscribe to this one and they have all
the archives too so you can watch you know pretty much any of the old backups
or the old videos also also the research don’t even go into that this is included
as well I think with the free membership you get 30 free searches but this is how
you find lots of things your keywords for your blog posts so you want to find
low low competitive keywords so you can get higher rankings in Google
there’s affiliate programs in here like it starts affiliate programs raw tips
and niches and stuff like that when you sign up for wealthy affiliate for them
and you pay you get a paid membership you get little Jack’s keylight for free
and I’ve been using it they actually just started doing this recently there’s
the other keywords you start stolen here I think it started I don’t know if it
was last six months ago about you guys but about that of course by the time you’re watching
this it might be a lot more about more time that’s passed but like like say I
want to search for keyword in here let’s put in blue hosts or something doesn’t
really matter Bluehost review now it’s on this interface here I could
also go right to a jacksie which I’ll do in a second so basically here there’s
how many times a month it’s been searched this is how much traffic you
could expect if you get on the first page of Google and such and this is your
competition security top cuted this is your competition so you’re pretty it’s
pretty not it’s not a really great keyword to use Bluehost review and be
looking for something else I’m going to check all these you so there’s different things here and
like I said there’s the full version of Jack
list as well I’d like to do lots of research and then I can rate my blog
posts but I have I have enough keywords enough titles and stuff like that it’s a
lot more stuff going on than that but anyways so pretty cool like I said I’ll
leave links in the video description below and check out the blog post
there’s definitely my website here that I built by the way I’ve built this whole
website with this is one of my other websites that I built with all the
training at Wealthy Affiliate as well so check it out
sign up and again if you do sign up actually you I’ll be greeting you with
in my autoresponder here you’ll see me that’s my profile here if you do sign up
I hope the contacting you relatively quickly after you sign up so that you
look out for this guy obviously the cheque picture might be
changed by the time you get there but my user name is greg 2112 and so pretty
cool that is all for now and I will talk to you soon

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