Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read Tag!

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be doing the ”Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read Tag” And I’m really excited to do this because… …I don’t know, you know? I’t’s really fun to talk about the books you love and things that you really like… …and really interest you but it’s also really fun and really telling about what books you don’t care about. And like what thing you’re just not interested in. This tag was created by Marissa from littlespider9 and I love her channel. So I’m gonna link the original down the below. Definitely check it out and let’s get started. So the first confession that we have to make is a really hyped book you’re just not interested in reading. And for me that’s 13 Reasons Why. Now you maybe wondering if I’m not curious to read this book, why do I own it? Funny story. So from time to time publishers send me stuff in mail. Sometimes I ask for it. Sometimes they tell me they’re sending to me. Sometimes it’s a damn surprise. And this was one of those occasions. I got this box which was really cool. It had little popcorn and it had… … like candy in it. And it was for celebration of this Netflix show coming out. And because, you know, it was Penguin that sent it to me. They wanted to send me the book as well And I opened it and I was like [whispers] ”Oh, no” [Whispers] Oh, no. [Laughs] I’m just not interested. It’s so sad, it’s uh, mmm.. No. No. So the next confession is ”a book series you will not be finishing”. Ladies and gentlemen… Divergent by Veronica Roth. I read this ages ago. It was years and years ago. I read it back when everyone else was reading it when the hype was still fresh. And you know what? I liked it. This is not one of the situations where I don’t want… …to read the next book ’cause I hated the first book and like the series doesn’t deserve my time. I really enjoyed the first book. But I suck at waiting. Guys, I don’t if you’ve noticed but I don’t read series. And the reason is because I hate waiting. I can’t do it. Not it’s only is it painful for me to wait. Not only… …is it frustrating. I find it frustrating when I finished a book and that’s not the end, that’s not the conclusion. And I have to wait. What’s that about? Not only that. But I also like by the next book comes out I’ve forgetten. Like the important key little secret details that could come up in the next book. And I’ve just kind of, I’ve moved on. I’ve moved on. So by the time Insurgent came out I didn’t really care anymore and… …now years have past and I feel like I get it. I’m done. The next confession is ”a classic we’re just not interested in” So this is interesting because I’ve wanted to read this book like for years and I still… …kind of want to read it. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. But every single time that I look at this book and think ”Hey, I should read that.” I also simultaneously go ‘ughhh’. The beginning of this book starts with these letters. And they’re a little confusing and kind of boring and I never make the past the letters. I’ve tried picking this up a few times. And I don’t get past the letters and I don’t get to the interesting part. And now the book, when I look at it I just think of those letters. And how i’m gonna have to read the letters. And like I don’t wanna skip the letters because what if there’s something important in the letters. Maybe one day but right now probably not. Next confession is ”any genres you don’t typically read.” So I feel a little wary talking about an entire genre that I don’t want to read. Because I don’t really think it works that way. Just like music. I don’t typically listen the country music… But there are some great country jams out there. So when I say the genre I’m about the mention take it with grain of salt because I’m not saying… that I would never pick up a book from that genre or that I’ve never enjoyed a book from that genre. It’s just when I thought about this question and I really like scanned of the genres I could think of This is the one that I seemed to read the least of. And it’s supernatural/paranormal. It doesn’t connect with me. It’s really hard for me to explain. But when I try and read one of those books like books that are in that genre it is so difficult for me to accept the world. I can’t sink into it and it is really frustrating. Because I’m sure there are so many great stories in this genre. But like I said you never know. And the final confession is ”a book on your shelves you’ll probably never read” This question is so stressful because no one wants to admit that there are books on there that have been sitting there… …forever. And that will continue to sit there forever. But I took a good hard long look at my shelves and I tried to be realistic with myself and I… picked ‘My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories’ edited by Stephanie Perkins. This can only be read in the winter so it already it’s got a limited time stamp on it. And then I just find myself thinking ”Do I really wanna read a short story collection?” Do I really want an anthology or would I rather like get deep into a whole new book? And I just keep not picking it up. But you never know. This could be the year when I finally read ‘My True Love Gave To Me’. One of the things I love about this tag it’s called Books I’ll PROBABLY Never Read. There is… …still a opportunity there. So that is the tag. Thank you so much to Marissa for creating it and for tagging me. I’m going to tag my friend Charlotte from Chareads. She used to have a great booktube channel and she just brought it back full force. She’s making great videos. So I’ll link her down below. Check her out. Down below let me know about -which question do I wanna ask you?- Tell me a really hyped book that you don’t care about. I just think it’s kind of scandalous and exciting and it would be fun to read your answers. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I will – of course – see you in my next one. Alright, Bye. Subtitles by Sırma Çalışıcı (snasrm) [haha girl why are you such a shameless self promoter? xoxo, your editor.]

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