Bottle Puzzle – Can you get the Ring out?

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mr. Puzzle. Today, we will have a look at this bottle puzzle here, which is called the Power of the Ring puzzle, which is, from my point of view, maybe a little bit exaggerated. But anyway, the puzzle itself comes in this box. It’s made by the company Eureka, European company located in Belgium. The difficulty rating here is three out of a maximum of four stars. And the target of this puzzle is to remove this ring that’s inside the bottle, and connect it to this cord, from the, from the bottle, and get it outside. And back again, of course. The puzzle itself contains four main parts. One bottle made out of glass, the wooden stick, which has two holes inside, one standard hole, and one long hole over here, the cord, with two attached balls, one smaller ball and one bigger ball, and the ring. And this ring is a metal ring, and this ring we need to get out of the bottle. How can we do that? Well, if you look at the puzzle in detail, it must have something to do with this long hole here, of course, and it must have something to do with these two balls having a different size. How to get the ring out of the bottle I will show you after the spoiler break. Okay, here we go. So. If you try to pull the stick out of the bottle, it will get stuck here on the top. It’s not possible to get these out because you cannot align these balls in a way that they are positioned right, right behind of each other. So they always beside of each other and they will not fit the bottleneck. Okay. Another thing we can do is we could try to somehow get the ring from this side, of this part of the cord, to this part of the cord. Because this ball here is smaller than this one. The ring is too small to fit over this ball, but it’s big enough, or at least it seems it’s big enough, to fit this one. But how can we get it to the other side, since the cord is guided here through this hole? So you cannot just move it over there. Well, there is a trick, and it’s pretty interesting. So first thing I gonna do now is I want to clamp the big ball here and move the ring downwards like this. And now I take advantage here of this long hole, since I could, can place the ring inside of this long hole, which can be a little bit fiddly. Oh! First try! Very nice. I pull it out now. Since it’s in the hole I can pull it out of the bottle, and it’s still not free because it’s still connected to the cord. But, I can now get it to the other part of the cord with the small ball. And this is how I gonna do it. I gonna pull out here the ring, and push in the stick at the same time. And now I will be able to put the ring here over the top end of the stick, slide it down again. And now, we remove it here, from the cord, with the big ball, and at the same time, we attach it here on the other side to the cord with the small ball. And then, we gonna put it back in. And now I get it off the stick again. And it will slide over the small ball. And now the ring is free. I can still get it not out, but, I only need to place it now, again, in this long hole. It can be a little bit fiddly. And if I do so, I will be able to get it out of the bottle, and the ring is free. Puzzle is solved. So, what’s very interesting on this one is that you need to get the ring outside of the bottle, you will move over here, get it inside the bottle again, release it from this cord, and then get it out again. That’s a very nice solution. So it’s a combination of skill game and puzzle, from my point of view. Not the most difficult puzzle maybe, but the the handling makes it much more difficult, as it actually is, as it would be without the bottle. And yeah. To assemble it again, or to re- sorry, to reassemble it, we gonna put the ring again first inside the bottle, same as we did before. Now it’s in the bottle loose again. We gonna elongate the cord a little bit here, on the side of the small ball, just as we did it now. Put the ring on the ground, small ball on top of it, and it will already fell on the small ball. It’s now attached to the cord again. We gonna move it, same as we did with the big ball in the beginning, we gonna move it closer to the long hole now. Oh, came off again. Next try. Okay, here we go. Get it closer here to the long hole. Get it inside of the long hole again. Requires some luck and skill at the same time. To get the ball away and again, ah, here we go. Now, I pull it out again, same as before, grab the ring, since it’s still connected to the cord, push the stick inside, get it over the top, and push the stick out again. So now it’s free again from the cord with the small ball, but connected at the same time, to the cord with the big ball. I push it back in, get it off the stick, let’s give it a little bit more free play, so. And we are back in the initial condition. So, what I like on this puzzle, as I mentioned, is that you need to not only handle it inside but need to handle it inside, outside, inside again, to get the ring out. So it’s a nice solution. My personal rating regarding the difficulty of this puzzle is a three out of five, since, actually, the trick itself is not too hard, so it would be lower, but the handling itself it’s difficult. Therefore I give it a rating of three out of a maximum of five. I will put you the link in the description where you can buy it, it’s available all over the world. This one is about fifteen dollars, I think. And if you liked this episode, and interested to see more in the future, I appreciate if you give me a thumbs up, and subscribe to my YouTube channel, as well as to my Facebook channel, which is, which is release, or which was released just a week, or some weeks ago. And you will also find a link to, in the description. And as always if you have any questions, complaints, wishes, ideas, let me know in the comments. I will read all of them, and consider if your proposals are worth to make some, like the last time, some blind solve thing episodes or whatever, and until next time, keep on puzzling!


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