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– I was gonna say something
else but I’m just gonna, clamp my tongue I’m not gonna say that. Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel it’s your girl! It’s yo girl, Jackie Aina. Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie
Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie! For real though it’s been a while since, like I hate when I even
have to say that in a video, I hate when I have to have
that moment where it’s like it’s been a while guys! It’s because I’ve been traveling so much! I miss you guys so much
to be completely honest I think I really just
needed some time to like, take a couple days off
and regroup from all the traveling we’ve been doing,
but I’m doing better, I hope you are too, I’m not
gonna lie also my periods coming up so I’m a little
emo this week, okay! But today I’m feeling much
better and in much better spirits and I’m more ready than I ever
have been, alright hold on, to talk about and feature my
baby, Bretman Rocks, wets, what’s it called? Is it the wet collection? Bretman… This video I’m also doing
in partnership with Olay, they just launched these
Olay mists and I just wanna say to the congregation thank
you because first of all I love facial sprays, and
the fact that now we have a bougie drugstore version
of it, is really amazing. So I’m gonna get into
that a little bit later, we’re going to be doing
this video more get ready with me style more than
we are review style ’cause I just kinda wanna sit
down and chat with you guys, I feel like I haven’t done that
in a long periodically time. So without further ado let’s
go ahead and get into the beat, but first, I know you’re
here because you like me, don’t lie and say it’s not true. So you might as well subscribe! You know you gonna come
back in a week, you know you got my videos on autoplay,
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let’s go lemme switch lenses and show you what my pores
have been putting me through this week. So first I’m gonna start off
with the Hangover RX primer, from Two Face today I’m going
to target, to take pictures, don’t ask, it’ll all make
sense later I promise you. Filming this the day before
thanksgiving, it’s actually cold today in LA it’s like
weird like it actually feels like fall, but I’m
also high key here for it! What I wasn’t here for was
the fact that I was rejoicing in the cooler weather this
week and almost stepped in some dog poop! Listen to me dog owners,
okay, please clean up after your children, and
by children I mean your poodles and doberman pinschers thank you. All right so we’re all
primed, before primer, after I bake, and after
the final step I love using these when I travel, as
you can see they have been well oh actually, wait there’s
not even a dent in these yet. I swear to you every time I
see these in my room I spray my face, Dennis loves them,
Dennis’ elbows loves them. So these are the Olay
calming mist, there’s one for energizing, one for calming,
I like to kind of think of one for like after a chemical
peel, or after I’ve used like a scrub or an exfoliant,
and then the other I use on my normal not so like
sensitive skin days, you know what I mean like
when you’re skins normal. But the scent of the
calming one, my friends… It is a national staple, it
smells so good, to me the smell makes or breaks a
product especially if I’m gonna be spraying it
on my face frequently. Y’all remember that episode
of Oprah where Tom Cruise was jumping up and down on
the couch professing his love for Kate, uh what’s her face,
that’s me about facial sprays. Anyways so the benefits
include, of the calming are aloe leaf and chamomile extract,
which as we know aloe is good for like calming and
dry skin especially after scrubbing my skin is
exceptionally dry after using an exfoliant so I’m
constantly all throughout the day just refreshing my
skin, and it really helps with the tightness and
the dryness that I get, this one also has vitamin
b3 and leaves the skin with a healthy beautiful glow,
perfect size they are TSA friendly I always always
always put one of these in my travel backpack… That was just the lid don’t worry. And then the energizing one
has vitamin c and bergamot don’t know her, but apparently
it’s extracted from the peel of fruit, and this
one also has the vitamin b3 and again you get that
glowing skin benefit. You’ve actually seen me
mention these on Instagram and insta stories all the
time, it’s almost kind of like a running joke about how
like I spray myself and then I go find Dennis and I harass
him but he really actually does love them so I’m gonna
have to get him some of his own ’cause he ain’t
using mine no more. These are available at Target,
they will also of course I gotchu will be linked down
below in the description box. Just one more spray, just one more… One more don’t judge. I wouldn’t consider this a
makeup setting spray, think of it like the final step after
you’ve done your foundation if you’re anything like
me you probably layered on like ten pounds of finishing
and setting and translucent powder, sometimes you just
need something to kind of break that all down and
make the skin and the base look more lived in and more
natural and less powdery, it’s funny ’cause you like
put on all this powder and then you don’t wanna
look powder anymore. Think of this as a final
step like a finishing, not really like a setting. I’m gonna try some of
this liquid glass honey. She smells really good from
Farsali, I just got this in the mail, I don’t know
what it does, don’t care. Okay, I do care. It says use as a radiating
skin serum or primer before make, ooo. Smells really good, oh it
smells like, what are those little things called, sweet,
oh, it smells like sweet tart. If you layer your skincare
products such as your spray, your primer, powder, spray
again, your skin’s just gonna look way more radiant
especially if you have dry skin, kay you’re gonna need all the moisture you can get. Absolutely obsessed with
cream and liquid highlighters right now, I go back and
forth between liquid glow from ABH, the rose gold one,
or puerto vallarta from NARS but I’m also known to use
the occasional south beach actually south beach was like my OG fave. So we’re gonna start by adding
that into the cheek bones. Gonna show the turkeys what
time it is with this glowing thanksgiving skin, that
sounds more painful than it actually is. This just gives the skin
this nice curve when you turn to the side but I’m
gonna keep it short and sweet ’cause I know y’all are here
for Bretman so lemme just keep going, look at that profile! Don’t be coming for my sideburns though. Alright you know the drill, it’s chai. I shoulda named one of
my born this way shades after game of thrones,
that’s what I shoulda did. Speaking of which, I’m gonna
re-watch all seven seasons all over again, I started this
week, I’m already more than half way done with the
first season, yeah I think I just need to refresh, and
it’s crazy because like, I’m realizing there was a
lot, like an insane amount of foreshadowing in the first
season that I completely forgot about, spoiler
alert okay close your ears. Y’all I did not know, or maybe
I knew but I just forgot, I had no idea there was
references to white walkers in the first season, but
like as early as the first episode they had the white
walkers, forgot all about that! You guys if you think it’s
worth me starting on the books, holler in the comments. Side note, shoutout to NARS
they just added like another nine shades to the radiant
creamy concealer line, and you know before
anybody says anything slick the first radiant creamy
concealer expansion was back in like 2016 you know
before it was like trendy to expand your shades, so
I don’t wanna hear nothin’ about NARS not bein’ for
the culture from day one ’cause they actually have,
they actually have been check your receipts guys. Use a little bit of
chocolate, the new shade, as a corrector. (coughs) Blending my way downtown, walking fast… (coughs) Bit of the Laura Mercier
translucent setting powder. And then we’re just going
to put extra along the outer corner of my eyes just
just, just for any potential fallout, doin’ them brows
ya ya ya, nobody cares. I was gonna say somethin’
else but I’m just gonna, clamp my tongue I’m not gonna say that. Okay so as you guys know for
the eyes, and other parts of the face we’re gonna be
using Bretman’s collaboration with Color Pop, came in
this cute little caboodle… It’s very heavy, it’s very heavy. And there is two sections of the collab. He has the wet set which
I guess is more cools and water shades, icier frosty colors. And then he has lit, which is
more the fiery warmer shades this is such a leo thing,
that’s why I love Bretman too because he’s a leo and I just
really love the fact that like he just remains humble,
like he stays in his corner, on his island, in Hawaii,
I mean like what’s there not to love about Bretman. And I’m actually really happy
that they decided to collab with him ’cause I feel
like he just, this was just a long time coming. So this is what the wet set
looks like, this is what the lit set looks like, I’m leaning
more towards an eye point with my silver wig ’cause
I wanted to go blue so we’re gonna use the wet set today. They also came out with these
two, what are these called? Gliteraly Obsessed, oh they’re
for the body, I don’t know about y’all, I’m definitely
not putting glitter on my body, like I don’t
know what in the Coachella y’all think this is, I would,
oh I don’t know if there’s like a warning about these
being used for the eyes. I would probably tread lightly for that. I was planning on using these
for the eyes, there’s no warning label, let’s see,
let’s read on the box. Okay, there is a warning,
all right people this is why you read the box, and it
does say for body use only. Now we all know that there
are gonna be people who probably are not gonna listen
and use it on their eyes anyway but I’m going to be
the bigger example and use my platform responsibly and
I don’t wanna put you guys in danger or you know I
ain’t trying to get sued or nothing like that, so I’m
just not gonna, I’m not even gonna go that route. The red one is called she
lit, she lit she lit she lit she lit, ayyy and what I like
about these they’re for people who you know, glitter’s
really messy, okay. The blue one is called oh my gosh I’m wet. Bretman you are so inappropriate. Ew this is really chunky… I’m not gonna lie it
feels really gross when you touch it it’s all wet. But anyway that’s what it
looks like and you know these are fun… Getting back to what I
was saying earlier is that you know glitter is just
really messy and loose and it gets everywhere and
it’s really hard to clean up. I think these might be
a nicer alternative to traditional you know, dry
glitter that just ends up in all the unwanted places. He has two blushes, I’m going
to put on the blush now. Oh she’s blushing… I really appreciate how all
of Bretman’s collabs are like chocolate girl friendly
because you know Bretman has a nice little tan, but
you know compared to me he’s definitely light,
everything that he’s ever put his name on has been
versatile and like multi-useful for every complexion. So I appreciate the fact
that these blushes are not dusty, this color looks
bomb it’s called stop it! And this one’s more of
like a burnt orange. I’m a huge fan as a chocolate
girl of orange blush, it looks so natural on us
and to me it looks the most, it just looks the most
natural in my opinion. I’m actually gonna apply
stop it to my cheeks first. Thought I detected a scent
there I was like Bretman! Don’t be tugging on my heart
strings I really thought… Ohhh. Y’all see that? Gorge, side note, how do you
swatch blushes, like no one wears blush like that with their finger. And you’re not gonna pack
it on like that so… We’ve got two lip kits in this
collection, I can’t believe Bretman Rock invented liquid
lipsticks, lip glosses, and matching liner. So there’s a lit set and
then again the wet set. Lit has a lip pencil in the shade, dukes. Dukes is a dark plum, then
there’s red matte liquid lipstick called wig, you know
I’m here for this one. And ohhh that’s really pretty,
it’s almost kind of like a pink red, hmm I was not expecting that. The gloss is called I see
you, I feel like that’s him dragging my pores, I feel
like he sees my pores and he’s just like rubbing it in. So this is what you get when
you order the lit lip kit. Thank you for giving us
dark lip pencils by the way, you guys I was so happy
when I saw the wet set and I looked down and lo and
behold there’s BFF3, BFF3 is actually my favorite
lip pencil from Color Pop for all of my nudes, so
this is a current color, it already exists, but
Bretman just included it in his collab. Finally lip pencils that I
can actually use, most of the time I just assume by default
that they’re gonna be ashy because history has showed me
that that’s actually correct. There’s a ultra satin lip in
this kit and it’s in the shade she cute, I prefer their
ultra satin lips if I remember correctly, yeah I do I think I do. This is definitely the more
bouncier texture the more, less drying texture of the
matte liquid lip collections from Color Pop, the matte
like ultra matte or whatever that one is called it
really intense and this one in my opinion is a little
more bouncier and fluffier so I like the fact that
he went with this formula. This just looks like beautiful
pool water, it’s blue. I don’t know is this one of
those like teeth whitening glosses or something but it’s
in the shade kumquat, okay. Getting really creative, it’s
not actually blue when you apply it but there’s got
blue reflects so you can’t really see it, it’s kinda
pointless even swatching but this is the kind of
gloss that someone would use to make their teeth look really white. I like this though this is
really creative, the glosses smell really good, not unpleasant. Moving onto the shadow I
promised you guys I was gonna give you a wet set look so
we’re gonna start off with ewa beach, which is this
brown transitional skin tone shade and the only reason I
know how to pronounce ewa beach is because I used to live in Hawaii. Otherwise you woulda thought
that said ew-wa, ew-wa! Just look it says it’s spelled,
focus please thank you, see how it’s spelled e w yeah mhmm. Yeah, stay woke. Pop that into our crease,
oo I need to zoom to mirror honey, pop ewa beach into
your crease and then start blending upwards. This is actually a pretty
nice cool tone brown, it’s quite ashy, next I’m gonna
take I’m chillin’ which is this mid tone blue shade, and
ima, ooo, she’s spicy joe! And hopefully we see how
this one ends up blending out like once we start patting it off. This is a very much so pool
side summer shade, I like how it’s pretty, it’s kinda
neon, do you see that doesn’t that look like some kinda
symbol or something. Alright now switching to
blending brush you guys I’ve really been liking
the morphe m513 lately, and I’m gonna swirl some of
that color into the brush. Swirl! Blend out around the edges
this is definitely one of those it’s gonna turn darker I
already know it’s gonna turn darker, it’s gonna do
it, it’s gonna do it. It’s cool it’s gonna do it
we’re just gonna blend carefully and then point your brush
this way so you don’t accidentally sweep off more
than what you can, so you don’t bit off more than you can
chew, remember when your mom used to tell you that,
you’re gonna bite off more than you can chew your
mouth is gonna write a check your face can’t cash, I’m
not gonna front I did expect this color to be really hard
to blend and for it to be patchy so far it’s not,
because we know uncle Bretman was in the lab making
sure that the girls got what they needed, I’m gonna
start sweeping it inside my bottom lash line, so
we get kind of this shadow hugged effect, fishy is green,
do I want that actually… Maybe I wanna go more actual
turquoise, lol I’m crying. That’s really pretty
would that mesh well hmmm. And then we have mood which
is more of a cobalt blue. Those are beautiful, I
think I should actually do lol I’m crying. I’m gonna wet the brush a bit. Ooo, y’all hear something? That is going on absolutely
beautifully, I really love the way that this blue is
transitioning into the dark blue. We’re actually going to go
to mood now, the cobalt blue shimmer and kind of as a
transition color between these two I’m going to apply mood
between our outer v color and our lid color. Just to make that transition
a little smoother. As if this blue look could
get any more gorgeous we’re now gonna take a
little bit of a risk and jump into the silver aka thickems, all right so ima take thickems, she’s
real icy, real silvery and right in between these two colors. Thickems! She did it she did it she
did it she icy she silver she icy, Bretman ice me out,
ay Bretman ice me out ay. Nah but for real though ima
place this color real carefully. This look is turning out
very drip drip splashable and I’m so pleased about it. Okay now we gotta reapply lol I’m crying. Ima take lsd which is, I don’t
like that name, Urban Decay. I do wish these pallettes
came with the mirror, I think they would’ve been the
perfect perfect size but it’s fine it’s not gonna make or break. And then I love a cobalt blue
lower lash line so I’m gonna go back to mood and blend
that out along the bottom. First I’m gonna apply it with
the tight ankle brush ’cause we don’t want it to get out
of hand honey, then with a pencil brush I’ll just
very gently sweep that out. For my lash I’m gonna take
insta hume, from Baddy B Lash, while the lash glue dries
I’m gonna take skinny legend which is this shade right
here, but to me it looks like yogurt so instead of calling
it skinny legend I’m gonna just call it yogurt land. And I’m gonna take yogurt
land and pop that in the inner inner inner inner innermost tiner. What the hell kind of word is that… Ima put it right here okay a little dot. Okay I may or may not feel
like something’s missing, I’m gonna go to finished,
which is the powdery blue shade, look at me using all
the colors in the pallette. And I’m actually gonna pop that… That’s white. Gently pop that, I was not expecting that. I’m not gonna lie I wasn’t
expecting it to be this robust but I’m not mad at it either. The quality, the pigmentation,
this is definitely a pallette that is chocolate
girl friendly, and it’s got everything you need it’s got
a transition color in there, it probably could’ve used
like one dark matte blue or dark eggplant green or
something really like dark. But I’m not gonna hold them
to it, it is, I actually like most if not all of the other
colors in this pallette. Oooo! Do you see my eye from the, girl… For the lip we should
definitely keep it soft, so using BFF3 and she
cute from also the wet set we’re just gonna keep it
consistent, so we wanna create a nice ombre transitional
shade, and I’m really filling my lips like basically halfway through. All right I’m gonna take
she cute and go right in peachy nude! So that ended up working out
quite nice, start heavily in the middle and then start
to blend it out if you’re ever afraid of the color being
too light, you can do that. And do I wanna add highlighter? I sure do! Baby where’s our highlighters,
I’m actually so shocked there’s no highlighter. I wanted to get something
that’s a little more icier and pink so I switched to
sexpose and I’m gonna start right at the highest point of
my cheek bone, I kinda thought the blushes were gonna
clash with the icy blueness of the eyes but it goes really
well with the lip color. Then we’re gonna finish it
off, offset off, with our Olay mist again, not too
too much though don’t get carried away. And my favorite part, is
that slow release nozzle. Seriously it just makes or
breaks how the product dispenses and feels on your face,
there’s nothing worse than like a really faulty spray
nozzle and there’s dots and chunks on your face and
then it breaks up front… Just you just did all
that work for nothing! That is the final look. I just look! I just, I just look too good I’m sorry. Okay bye. I really hope you guys
enjoyed today’s look. Congratulations again to
my baby Bretman on this collaboration, you deserve it! And yes I would, yes I would recommend it. Definitely a two thumbs up from me! As far as I’m concerned. And again if you wanna
check out the Olay mists if you haven’t already,
shoutout to everybody that’s been tweeting me about these products. And Instagraming me about
these products and tagging the brands you know that
actually helps me and if you ever wanna support your
favorite influencer, not just me but just anyone in general,
tell the brands about the products that they’re
recommending you it really kind of helps put you know,
like give that influencer some recognition, so I
appreciate you guys for supporting not only me but
all of my partnerships, and you guys these are bomb. I’m gonna put links once
again in the description box down below, but before I head
to target, and before you head to bed you might as well
watch the next video okay. I’ll put it right here, you
know you ain’t got nothing else to do, oh you still
haven’t clicked okay. Don’t worry I’ll wait.

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