Ahoj. This is Zdenka. If you own Canon
M50, how is it going so far? I’ve had my camera for over a year now and I’m
really using it a lot. I’m truly enjoying the camera. I do have a lot of
accessories but there are still some accessories I don’t have and I wish I
had. So as I was doing the research and I was studying all the products, I
immediately thought of you. Maybe you would like to see that list as well so I
thought I would share it today in this video. Let’s go. And if you are new here, my name is Zdenka Darrula. I have been working as a photographer since 2007. I make photo and video tutorials, tech reviews and creative camera challenges. So if that’s
something you’re interested in, you might consider hitting the subscribe button. Remote, batteries, glass projector, camera protector, flesh, strap and so on. Which one is first? Okay. Number one. Canon BR-E1 Bluetooth remote. When I am taking selfies, I just connect my phone to M50
and that’s how I’m taking photos of myself, but when I am recording a video, I
don’t want to use Wi-Fi on my phone. I simply don’t want to block it so I don’t
use it and it’s quite annoying if I have to always hit the start and stop button
on my camera. I have to literally go there and do it. Yeah, I really wish I had the
remote. Let’s talk about the obvious. Batteries. As we already know, these guys
don’t last for too long so there are few options you can get. Option A there
is fairly new product available it is this battery grip. Some of the users
claimed that they were able to use the camera as much as eight to twelve times
longer. Really? I would love to test that out.
Option B. There is a kit which allows you to power your camera from an AC outlet
if you have long studio shoot and have camera on a tripod it might be for you
and this is the first one. It is Glorich ACK-E12 replacement AC power adapter
or USB Drive cable ACK-E12 mobile power supply plus DR-E12 DC Coupler LP E-12
dummy battery DC grip which is adapter kit. Option C is just getting extra batteries. I have them and use them, they work great and they were cheap. Wasabi power LP E-12 battery and it is a 2-pack and it comes
with USB charger. Accessing the doors to the batteries or just getting a memory
stick on this camera can be a big problem if you have it on a tripod. There
is a small rig cage available with a built in QR plate for arca-swiss on
the bottom. 1/4 and 3/8 threaded holes are on the bottom for different
tripods and monopods so you can mount whole bunch of things to it like microphone or monitor. We already know that it is a very good idea to keep screen protectors
on our phones. Well the same thing applies to Canon M50 and it’s screen.
There is this tempered glass screen protector available. It comes in two pack
to keep your screen scratch free and if you want more protection for your Canon
M50, sort of like a bubble wrap, then there is this silicone cover which
comes in many colors. Black, white, blue, pink, red. Well, this camera is called Canon EOS Kiss M so why don’t we just try all
these colors. No? Okay, moving on. Camera strap which came with the Canon
EOS M50 is not very practical. It’s very small, very tiny and it takes a long
time to put it on and take it off and put it on and take it off. Fortunately,
there is a better solution. It is Peak design slide light camera strap and you
can quickly put it on and off with the help of little anchors. Canon M50 has
built-in flash and i know we never really talked about it on this channel.
You know what? Maybe we should talk about it on this channel, but next time. Anyhow,
it is always better to get an external flash and you can always get the Canon
external flash but if you’re on a very tight budget, check this out.
TT560 or TT570 speed light. I think it is about $30, super
cheap and I read from people online that it works pretty good. Let’s mention
video light. Since Canon M50 is tiny camera, you can also get miniature LED
light. It covers 15 foot area and includes mini bracket. Or you can get big
one. I get this one which is CN160 it is dimmable and I also use it for light in
the background or on the table. I use it usually to lit the products whenever I’m
showing them. So these are some accessories which you might find useful.
I know I did. I’m considering getting a few of them. I listed all the links to
all the products in a video description below, so feel free to check them out and
all I have to say now is hit the thumbs up button if you liked today’s video,
subscribe to all future videos like these. If you have any questions, comments or simply want to say hello and I will say hi back, you can do so in a comment
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